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Episode No. 20 - Out of Darkness, Hope is Born

written by Michael Waller (TomSpeed)

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Published: 30 Jul 2003 | Size: 88 KB (16541 words) | Language: english | Rating: PG-13
Average: 3.7/5   3.7/5 (139 votes)

based on stories and characters created by Winnie Holzman

Part One -- The Invitation

Location: Clemson University, Clemson, SC. Outside Angela’s modest faculty apartment, early February.

(Angela is checking her mail. She is wearing a red sweater that matches her crimson-glow hair. Frost covers the lawn surrounding the mail kiosk. She opens an envelope. It is an invitation to her 10 year high school reunion.)

Angela VO* It’s amazing how when you know something is going to happen and you are still surprised when it happens. Like when a rainbow appears out of nowhere after a rainstorm. I knew I would eventually get an invitation to my tenth year high school reunion. But it's shocking to hold it in my hands.

[Cut to Angela in apartment talking on telephone to Patty.]

Angela – I’m not coming. There’s no way that I’m coming. Reunions are just a way to rub in that you are getting older.

Patty (in the Case living room, Three Rivers) – Honey, you are getting older.

Angela – Thanks, Mom. Really.

Patty – No problem. I’m not alone in the getting older department anymore. Your father simply refuses to age. He’s sickening sometimes.

Angela – I hate Dad sometimes. I really do.

Patty – Angela! You know you don’t hate your father. And, you know how much I hate hearing you say that. [Pause] The reunion is not until June, right? You have plenty of time to spruce yourself up a bit.

Angela – Thanks, Mom. It won't take me four months to get ready.

Patty – Plus, you are not teaching a seminar this summer. You have the time off. You should come home. See your friends.

Angela – I’ll think about it. I don’t want to make a decision now. I have papers to grade. I also have a class to teach in about [Angela looks at her wristwatch] a half an hour. I have to go.

Patty – You should think about coming home. Will you?

Angela – I will think about it. I can’t make any promises. Bye.

Patty – Bye, Angela.

Part Two -- Angela's Arrival

Location: Pittsburgh airport, middle of June. Angela is standing on the escalator as it brings her into the terminal. She is wearing dark black sunglasses. She sees Graham sitting down in a plastic chair reading the paper below her.

Angela VO* Some people always are stuck with the thankless job of picking up friends and relatives at the airport. In our family, Graham is the designated taxi driver.

(Graham looks up from his newspaper. He sees Angela approaching him. He folds the paper and gets to his feet.)

Graham – Angela! I’m so glad you decided to come. It’s been a long time. (He approaches Angela and hugs her.) How are you doing kiddo?

Angela – Dad, I’m 27 years old. I’m not a kiddo anymore. (She hugs him strongly. They part.)

Graham – You will always be a kiddo to me. (Graham and Angela walk towards the baggage claim area.) How long are you staying?

Angela – A week or two. I’m not sure.

Graham – Well, you are welcome to stay as long as you want. Your room is just the way you left it. I even moved all of my exercise equipment down to the basement. (Graham sees the luggage Patty and he bought Angela two years ago. He picks them up off of the conveyor belt.) I’m glad to see you are finally using the luggage we bought you.

(Angela and Graham are walking to the elevator that will take them to the terminal’s exit.)

Angela -- Dad, you didn’t tell anyone I was coming did you?

Graham – Only a few people: Rayanne, Sharon, Rickie, and your sister.

Angela -- Did you tell Brian?

Graham – Brian Krakow? No. I haven’t talked to Brian in a long time, honey.

Angela – Jordan?

Graham – I talked to Jordan last Saturday. He rebuilt the carburetor on the station wagon. I wasn’t sure you were coming home then.

(In the parking garage, Graham stops before a five or six year old red Saab convertible.)

Angela – This is your car?

Graham – Yes, it is my car. I picked it up a couple of months ago. Don’t you just love it?

Angela VO* It’s finally happened. Graham has had a midlife crisis. I knew it would happen one day.

Part Three -- Dinner with the Chases

Location: The Chase House. Dinnertime. Graham, Patty, Danielle, and Angela are sitting around the dining room table.

Danielle – Dale Carter hit three home runs last night. It was amazing. I knew that trade we did in the off season would pay off. I don’t want to guarantee the Pirates will make the Series this year or anything, but I would not be surprised if we won the division.

Graham – That’s great! I knew that trade would make things happen.

Angela – Danielle gets a PR job with the Pirates. Dad becomes a rabid baseball fan.

Graham – I’ve always like baseball. I used to play baseball at the Y.

Patty – When was the last time you went to the Y?

Graham – Patty, I don’t go to the Y because I have all of that exercise equipment.

Patty – Yes, you have all of that exercise equipment that you moved from Angela’s room to the basement.

Graham – I use it.

Danielle – Dad, I can get you a good price on a new free weights set.

Graham – You can’t have too many free weights.

Patty – So, Camille called me the other day. She told me you have a short story in the New Yorker. I had to go out and buy a copy. Why didn’t you tell us you had a story in the New Yorker? It’s a big deal.

Angela – It’s not a big deal, Mom. They liked it. They bought it.

Patty – You do this kind of thing all of the time. You are so secretive about your life. We have to pry things out of you.

Graham – Patty.

Patty – It’s OK. Angela hasn’t changed at all.

Angela – Mom.

Patty – We love you, Angela. We are proud of you. You just make it so hard for us to show you how much we care about you.

Angela – I know.

Patty – You live in South Carolina for heaven’s sake. That might as well be in South America.

Angela – You can fly down to visit, Mom. I hear you don’t need a passport, shots, or anything.

Patty – You don’t invite us.

Graham – Angela, I was thinking of inviting your friends to the restaurant on Friday night. It will give me a chance to show you how I redecorated, and you can have some food from the new menu.

Angela – That sounds nice. I mean, I don’t want you to go to any trouble.

Graham – Trouble? It will be no trouble at all. Anyway, when is the last time you stayed long enough to eat at the restaurant?

Patty – You fly in and fly out. It is great that you are staying a little while.

Part Four -- Phone Call for Jordan

Location: Chase house, late at night. Angela is in the living room, staring at the telephone.

Angela VO* How can you call someone after you haven’t spoken to someone for three years? What are you supposed to say? I can’t believe it’s been so long. What if he hangs up the phone? I think I would. I know I would. (She picks up the telephone’s handset and dials. The telephone rings.)

Jordan – Catalono.

Angela – Jordan?

Jordan – Angela? Damn. Where are you?

Angela – Home. I didn’t wake you, did I?

Jordan – No. I was up watching Letterman. You are here? In town? I’m coming over. Now.

Angela – No. Don’t come over. It’s late. My parents are asleep.

Jordan – You’re not in high school anymore. Who cares if you wake your parents? You won’t get grounded or anything.

Angela – That’s not the point. It is late. I’m not even sure why I called you.

Jordan – You called me because you want to see me.

Angela – I (Angela sees Graham coming down the stairway.) have to go. Don’t come over tonight. I have to go. (Angela hangs up the telephone.)

Graham – Hey, Angela. I thought I heard someone down here. Do you want something to eat? (Graham is carrying a recent issue of the New Yorker.)

Angela – Sure, Dad.

(Angela and Graham go into the kitchen. On the way, he casually drops the magazine on the dining room table. Graham takes some leftovers from the refrigerator. Angela sits at the table and idly starts to turn the pages. She opens the page to her story.)

Angela VO* The more things change, the more they stay the same. Jordan’s on the phone scheming to get over here. Dad’s heating something up in the microwave. I wonder sometimes why I chose to move so far away. Then, I remember that the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Graham – I was hoping that you would have brought Shelby with you.

(Graham and Angela sit at the dining room table.)

Angela – Shelby?

Graham – How are you and Shelby getting along?

Angela – Dad.

Graham – (imitating an announcer’s voice) Graham Chase strikes out with the bases loaded.

Angela – You’ve been listening to Danielle too much.

Graham – I’m guilty. So, about Shelby…

(Angela throws her wadded up paper napkin at him.)

Angela – I refuse to tell.

Graham – You didn’t kill him, did you? This story [Points to Angela's story] isn't autobiographical.

Angela – He was very much alive when I last saw him.

Graham – Good to hear. You haven't seen him recently? Has anything happened?

Angela – It’s too complicated to explain.

Graham -- OK. But you know that you can talk about what happened to me, right?

Angela – I know.

Angela VO* I know that I can talk about anything with my Dad. But there are many things that I can’t force myself to talk about with him.

Part Five -- To Whom Can You Talk?

Location: Chase house, morning. Angela and Sharon are in Angela’s bedroom.

Sharon – You could have RSVP’d. Coordinating a Reunion is not an easy thing to do.

Angela – I was not even sure I was going to come until last week.

Sharon – The invitations were sent months ago. Many people responded right away.

Angela – I know. Part of me did not want to come. Reunions are not really my kind of thing. It’s like people have to act like they are someone else. They have to act like they have changed in some way.

Sharon – You have changed. I mean you’ve changed fundamentally. You moved away from home. You got a few degrees. You teach. You write.

Angela – Stop it. You make me seem like some type of super hero. I haven’t changed that much. (Angela pauses for few seconds) I called Jordan last night.

Sharon – You did not call him. Angela, what in the hell were you thinking? It seems like you have an unhealthy attraction to that man. He ruined your high school years. He ruined half of your college years. You go away for months at time. You avoid your family and friends. Then, you seek him out after how long? Three years?

Angela – I didn’t seek him out. I called him. It doesn’t hurt to call him.

Sharon – It does hurt to call him. Calling him will lead to seeing him. Seeing him could lead to something else. Next thing you know, you will be kicking yourself for starting all of this mess over again. But, you are not going to listen to what I have to say about Jordan. So, I’m not even going to discuss him anymore. However, I think you should talk to someone. Maybe you could talk to Graham or Patty?

Angela – I don’t think they could be much help. Plus, it would make them feel too good about themselves. They always tell me to come to them when I feel like I need to talk. I think that is part of their master plan for controlling my life.

Sharon – They don’t want to control your life. They want to help you live it. Maybe you should call Brian?

Angela – No one seems to know where Brian is these days. I talked to his parents a month or so ago.

Sharon – You talked to Brian’s parents? Are you insane? Well, if you talked to Brian’s parents, since they are both shrinks, you might be insane.

Angela – I’m not totally insane.

Angela VO* -- Not totally insane. Did I admit I was partially insane? What is insane anyway? Partial insanity? It was insanity to decide to come to the reunion.

Sharon -- Maybe you should go see Rickie?

Angela – Rickie? You cannot be serious.

Sharon – Yes, I am serious. Anyway, isn’t Rickie supposed to help people? You need help. You can’t go around calling men who are bad for you.

Sharon – Well, you should talk to Rickie.

Angela – I’ll think about it.

Part Six -- The Wayward Heart

Location: outside of a church, later in the day. Angela stands on walkway that leads towards the front doors of the church. A breeze tousles her hair.

Angela VO* -- I can’t remember the last time I went to Church. Sure, there were those few times when my parents and I went to Church. But those times were few and sporadic. Probably the last time I was in a church was when I walked out of marriage class with Father Cory and Shelby.

[Flashback to Angela, Shelby, and Father Cory sitting Father Cory’s rectory office. Father Cory is saying, “Marriage is not something to be taken lightly. You should believe with all of your heart that your marriage will last forever. You should believe that you have made this solemn bond.” Angela looks at Father Cory. Then she looks at Shelby. She rises from her chair. “I cannot do this,” she says. “I’m sorry.” She walks out of the office. Shelby rises to follow her.]

(Angela takes the steps slowly. She opens a door to the church. She touches the font of holy water in the narthex and crosses herself. She opens one of the second sets of doors and enters the sanctuary. The sanctuary is naturally lit by sunlight cascading thorough the stained glass windows. Candles are lit here and there. She sees a woman exit one of the confessional booths along the back of the church. The woman is crying. Moments later, a priest exits the confessional. He approaches Angela.)

Rickie – (softly) Angela.

Angela -- (softly) Father.

Rickie – Let us go outside to the garden.

(Rickie takes Angela hand. They walk out of the church to the garden in back of the church. They sit on an iron bench, which is surrounded by red and white roses.)

Rickie – I’m so glad that you decided to visit. You didn’t come to see me last time you were home.

Angela – I’m sorry Father.

Rickie – Angela, call me Rickie. I’m still the same Rickie. Don’t let this collar fool you.

Angela – It’s hard. I mean you learn to be respectful. I never really have gotten a chance to get to know a priest. You know. And now one of my best friends is a priest. It takes some getting used to.

Rickie – I know. It took me some time to get used to being a priest. However, given time and hard work, I think I’ve learned pretty well. What brings you here, other than seeing me?

Angela – You know that I have worked really hard professionally. Sometimes, there aren’t enough hours in the day. Teaching, writing, dealing with students and committees – all of those things add up. They take a toll on me.

Rickie – I know. I feel the same way sometimes with my work and responsibilities.

Angela – I don’t want to compare myself to you. My concerns are probably nothing when compared to yours.

Rickie – They aren’t nothing, if they are concerns of yours.

(Angela stands up. She walks away for a couple of steps, then she turns to face Rickie again.)

Angela – I did not want to come home. I tried for a long time to shake loose of all of things around here. There are things here which are unhealthy for me emotionally. Dangerous things.

Rickie – Unhealthy, dangerous things or people?

Angela – Good question. Do you know that one of the first things I did when I got home was to call Jordan? That was such a stupid thing to do.

Rickie – Well, I don’t know if it was a stupid thing to do. It might have been unwise to call him before you have thought about the consequences of calling him. Maybe you should really take some time to think about what you expect to happen and how likely your expectations could harm you.

Angela – You are right. I will try to think things through. It’s hard to think about things your heart wants. Your heart just wants to do what it wants.

Part Seven -- Morning in the Park and Brian's Rejection

Location: A park situated halfway between the church and the Chase house. Angela is walking along a path that borders a playground on one side. Angela stops on the path and watches a few small children playing on the slides on swinging high on the swings.

Angela VO* -- Actions have consequences. Your heart does what it wants. If only your heart knew what consequences come when it does what it wants.

[Flashback to Graham watching young Angela and Brian swinging on the swings. “I can go higher!” young Angela shouts. “No you can’t, I can go higher!” young Brian shouts. “Watch out, kids, you might lose your grip and shoot all the way to the sun!”]

Angela VO* -- If you shoot to the sun, you will get burned.

(Angela sits on a bench facing the playground.)

[Flashback to Angela and Brian, 15 years old. Angela and Brian are sitting on a bench along the path, facing the playground.

Brian -- Do you know how hard it’s been for me to want you for so long? You can’t even imagine how much seeing you chase after Jordan killed me more and more each day.

Angela – How could I know? You didn’t tell me. All of this time, you never told me.

(Brian takes Angela’s hand.)

Brian – I’m telling you now. [pause] I love you. I have to tell you now.

Angela – I don’t know what to say. Brian, I’m sorry. This is too much for me. (Angela takes “The Letter” out of a pocket of her dress.) You wrote this letter for Jordan to give to me. You denied writing it. Then you said you did. Now you say you love me. Deep down, I guess I knew that Jordan couldn’t write it. I wanted to believe that he could write it, you know? My heart wanted to believe he could write it.

Brian – So, does that mean that you love me, or not?

Angela -- I don’t know. It’s not as simple as throwing a switch. Yesterday, I loved Jordan. Today, I love Brian.

Brian – I know it’s not simple. (Brian releases Angela’s hand.)

Angela – You should have written the letter as yourself.

Brian – What would you have done if the letter was signed by Brian Krakow instead of Jordan Catalano? Would you have torn it up into a thousand pieces?

Angela – Stop it. I wouldn’t have torn it up. How can you say something like that?

Brian – How could you fool yourself into believing that Jordan wrote that letter?]

Angela VO* -- I fooled myself because my heart wanted to do what it wanted to do.

[Flashback to Angela and Brian talking in her bedroom a few days later. They are sitting on her bed.

Angela – You want me to choose between you and Jordan? How can you ask me to make such a choice?

Brian – Asking the question is easy. Making the decision might be more difficult. You know, I wish I could say that it’s OK with me if you date Jordan and me. That would ease my mind. But I can’t say that. I don’t believe it.

Angela – You are standing up for yourself now? Isn’t a little late?

Brian – Is it?

Angela – Yes, it is. Brian, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.]

(A young boy runs up to Angela)

Nathan – Auntie Angie! Auntie Angie!

(Angela stands up and hugs Nathan. Rayanne approaches them.)

Rayanne – Hey, girl friend. Nice to see you finally made it into town.

Part Eight -- If I Had a Hammer

Location: The Park.

Nathan – Mommy, can I play on the swings now?

Rayanne – Sure, honey. Give Auntie Angie and me a kiss before you go.

(Nathan stretches to kiss Angela and Rayanne, who are kneeling, on their cheeks. He runs to the playground and the swings. Angela and Rayanne sit on the bench.)

Angela – He is a beautiful child, Rayanne.

Rayanne – You bet your ass he is beautiful. Look at his mother.

Angela – You are so known for your modesty.

Rayanne – True, very true.

Angela – What are you doing here?

Rayanne – I was on my way to see you. I wanted to take Nathan to the park for a bit. Then, I was going to invite us to lunch at your house. I figured that Graham would have some tasty leftovers hiding in the fridge.

Angela – Aren’t you working at the bank today?

Rayanne – Nope. I told Steve Banning, Mr. Branch Manager, that I wanted today and tomorrow off work. (Rayanne waves at Nathan as he goes down a slide.) What are you doing here? I figured you would be home writing some slasher novel or something.

Angela – You read the story, too? You write one story in which someone gets killed and all of a sudden you are a slasher novelist.

Rayanne – Sharon told me about it. I love the part when Susan takes her husband’s hammer out of the tool shed to kill him. That was his favorite tool. The hammer his father gave him is used to whack him.

Angela – Yes, I thought that would be ironic in some demented way.

Rayanne – You didn’t kill Shelby did you? I mean, I don’t have to call the South Carolina State Police and report a possible crime.

Angela – You are the second person to ask me that question. I did not kill Shelby. He’s alive and well. I think.

Rayanne – Wait! You think he is alive?

Angela – Why would I kill him?

Rayanne – Well, you did practically leave him at the altar. I seem to recall he staked out your apartment for awhile.

Angela – I didn’t leave him or practically leave him at the altar.

Rayanne – It was close though. I remember you inviting me to a wedding.

Angela – We didn’t have a firm date set.

Rayanne – Well, if I had some guy following me around, I might have to get his dad’s hammer, too. (Rayanne rises from the bench) C’mon, let’s go play with Nate.

Part Nine -- Angela and Brian Make a Date

Location: Chase house, early evening. Angela and Sharon are listening to music in Angela’s bedroom. Sharon has taken over Angela’s desk with reunion preparation stuff.

Sharon – Thanks for letting me bring this stuff over, Angela. There are only two days left until the reunion. Tonight is Eric’s poker night. So, right now, there are about five drinking men drinking, lying, and carrying on at my house. I would not be able to get any work done now.

Angela – No problem. (Angela walks over to the desk and picks up the yearbook for their senior year in high school.) I left my yearbook back in Carolina. (Angela starts to idly turn pages.)

Sharon – I had some pictures blown up to put around the gym. The photo guys did a great job. You will love them.

Angela – You didn’t blow up any pictures of me. Did you?

Sharon – I most certainly did use some pictures of you.

Angela – Please, didn’t you want to use pictures of good looking people? Which pictures did you use of me? I need to prepare myself.

(Angela and Sharon sit on Angela’s bed with the yearbook between them.)

Sharon – Let’s see. Here’s one. [picture of Angela, Rickie, and Rayanne standing next to Angela’s locker talking] Here’s another one. [picture of Angela running on the track during PE class] I like this one. [picture of Angela sitting a long table in the library] These are great pictures, Angela!

Angela – Sure they are great. (Angela leaves the bed and goes over to the window.) I was the most beautiful girl in school. No one could hold a candle to the fabulous Angela.

Sharon – I wouldn’t call you the fabulous Angela, but you were definitely attractive. (Sharon looks up from the yearbook at Angela.) You still are attractive in a weird, hot, reclusive writer/teacher kind of way.

Angela – Gee, thanks.

Sharon – Here’s probably the best picture of you in the whole yearbook. [picture of Angela and Brian at the senior prom]

Angela – Which one? (Angela returns to the bed and looks at the picture.) OK. You are right. Even I think that’s a great picture.

Sharon – See. I told you so. How did you end up going to the prom with Brian?

Angela – Jordan and I had broken up for the second time.

Sharon – That’s right. Jordan did not want to go to the prom because he had left school, right?

Angela – Yes, that’s how it happened.

[Flashback to Angela, age 17, Jordan, age 19, 1997. They are talking at the garage where Jordan is now working full time during the day.

Jordan – Angela, look, I can’t take you to the prom. I’m here eight, nine hours a day six days a week. I have night school when I’m not working. I’m swamped with stuff here. I told you that I wouldn’t have that much time for you when I moved out of my dad’s house.

Angela – You don’t have time for me? I know you don’t have time for everyday stuff. But this is the prom. It’s supposed to be one of the biggest nights of my life.

Jordan – I know, honey. Really. I just can’t commit to something like that now.

Angela VO* -- Just like that I knew that Jordan and I were on opposite sides of wall. I was on the childhood side trying to climb over the wall. He had already climbed over it. I’m not sure how eager I was about going to the prom. It was just a dance. I’d been to dances before. But this was the last dance of high school. So, I felt some need to go to it. Also, I was getting angry at Jordan for being so busy all of the time. OK, I’ll admit it – I was getting lonely, too. No boys asked me out because I still saw Jordan from time to time. When I asked them out, which wasn’t often, they usually said no. The times I did go out on dates were awkward. It was like I was part of high school life and I wasn’t part of it.]

[Cont. Flashback and Cut to Angela, Patty, Graham, and Danielle in 1997. They are eating dinner.

Angela – It’s stupid. Really. The whole idea of people getting excited about a dance is stupid. Like the prom will change our lives. I’m not going. That’s all there is to it.

Patty – No one has asked you?

Danielle – No one has asked her because she is too ugly.

Graham, Patty – Danielle!

Danielle – Well, all I know is that I get asked out on dates a lot. I’m not going to have any problems finding a date for the prom.

Angela – You just might have a few problems, Danielle. Things might happen that you won’t have any control over.

Patty – Maybe you should ask Brian Krakow?

Angela – Brian? He hardly ever talks to me anymore.

Graham – Well, Brian and you are still friends, right?

Angela – Yes. We still talk sometimes about school and stuff.

Patty – Well, there you go. It can’t hurt to ask him.

Angela VO* -- The only thing that can be hurt is my pride if he says no.]

[Cont. Flashback and Cut to Angela and Brian in the Chase living room later that night. Patty, Graham, and Danielle have given them privacy.

Brian – You want me to take you to the prom? You have to be kidding me.

Angela – I’m not kidding.

Brian – What makes you think I don’t already have a date?

Angela – Cut the crap, Krakow. I know you haven’t dated anyone since Susan Gallow moved to Washington.

Brian – Are you checking up on me, Chase?

Angela – Please, don’t flatter yourself. I just know. It’s like so known around school. Anyway, what are you going to do on prom night? Sit around and do nothing? You could go out and have a good time. You could go out with me.

Brian – Fabulous. Just fabulous. OK. I’ll go. Sure, I’ll go. Why not?]

Part Ten -- The Art of Being Quiet

Location: Chase house, later in the evening. Graham and Patty are preparing for bed.

Patty – Did you ask Angela about Shelby?

Graham – Yes. She did not really want to talk about him.

Patty – It's strange that she hasn't said anything about Shelby in months.

Graham – Well, they probably broke up. If they did break up, it’s better the split happened before they got married.

Patty – I just hope she’s doing OK. I worry about her so much. (Patty sighs.) I don't think I should butt in where I'm probably not wanted.

(Patty and Graham get into their bed. They turn off the lamps next to the bed.)

Graham – She knows you love and care about her. She will come to you if she needs you.

Patty – I hope so. [Pause] Graham, what are you doing?

Graham – Just letting you know that I need you.

Patty – What about Angela? She’s here…in the house…in her room.

Graham – We’ll be quiet…for a change.

Part Eleven -- Calling Brian Krakow

Location: The International Desk of the Atlanta Journal, several months earlier. Brian is working on a new story.

(Telephone rings at Brian’s desk.)

Brian – Brian Krakow, International.

Sharon – Hello, Brian? It’s Sharon Cherski.

Brian – Sharon?

Sharon – Hey. How’s it going?

Brian – Oh my God, Cherski. I haven’t heard from you in a long time. I’m fine. How about you?

Sharon – Great! Hey, the reason why I’m calling is that as chairwoman of the Liberty 1997 Reunion Committee, I’m pleased to invite you to our 10th Year Class Reunion.

Brian – Class reunion? You have to be kidding me. No one goes to those anymore, do they?

Sharon – I hope so. Otherwise, I’m wasting a lot of time and effort putting this thing together.

Brian – Sorry.

Sharon – No problem. Anyway, I got your telephone number from you mother. It took some doing, too. They are never home. I kept leaving messages, but no one returned them.

Brian – Well, their answering machine eats tapes. I’ve been meaning to get them a digital answering machine, but I haven’t got around to it. I’ve been too busy.

Sharon – So, you are coming to the reunion, right? They gave me your address. An invitation should be on its way to you.

Brian – Sharon, I don’t know. Reunions are just not my thing. Besides I’m –

Sharon – Busy. I know. Get your butt up here for the reunion. You are the valedictorian. You have to come to the reunion. It’s like a national law.

Brian – Oh, it’s a law?

Sharon – Yes, it is. I wouldn’t want you to go to jail or anything. So, you better make plans to be here.

Brian – OK. I’ll check my calendar when I get the invitation. I’m not making any promises that I will be there.

Sharon – It’s in the third week of June. Be here.

Brian – OK. I’ll think about it.

Sharon – Don’t think, Krakow. Do.

Brian – Sharon, I have another call. I need to run.

Sharon – OK. You should consider strongly coming to the reunion. I don’t want to have to call the police or anything.

Brian – Geez. Hold off calling the cops, OK?

Sharon – Sure. See you later.

Brian – See you.

Sharon – Oh, by the way, Angela is probably going to be here.

Brian – Angela?

Sharon – I just thought I should let you know. Bye, Brian.

Brian – Bye, Sharon.

Part Twelve -- Brian's Return and the Arrival of Susan Gallow

Location: Pittsburgh airport, third week of June. Brian is getting the keys to his rental car.

Brian VO* -- I cannot believe I agreed to come to this reunion. I need to have my head examined. Well, maybe my parents will be home. It can be convenient having two psychiatrists living in your house. Of course, it can also be a pain in the ass. (Brian walks through the terminal towards where his car is parked.) Oh well, I’m here. I might as well make the most of it. (Brian gets into the rental car and starts his drive home.) I wonder why Sharon told me that Angela might be here. Did she think that would be some type of incentive for me to come? I haven’t even thought of Angela in months. It’s funny, though, that Sharon’s suggestion has thoughts of Angela rattling around in my mind.

[Flashback to Brian and Angela from Brian’s POV

Angela – You want me to choose between you and Jordan? How can you ask me to make such a choice?

Brian – Asking the question is easy. Making the decision might be more difficult. You know, I wish I could say that it’s OK with me if you date Jordan and me. That would ease my mind. But I can’t say that. I don’t believe it.

Angela – You are standing up for yourself now? Isn’t a little late?

Brian – Is it?

Angela – Yes, it is. Brian, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.]

Brian VO* -- I as so angry when I left Angela’s house. Words failed me. I wanted so much to do something, anything to make her want me. I couldn’t do anything. I couldn’t say anything. All I could do was go home and throw stuff around in my room. My parents thought I had gone insane. From that moment on, I was determined that I would keep Angela Chase out of my thoughts as much as I could. I wasn’t going to be attracted to her like a moth to a flame. I’d fight it. It was hard for me. So hard. I couldn’t avoid her, especially since I was a yearbook photographer. I had to stop myself from taking pictures of her. Then a new girl came to school, Susan Gallow.

[Flashback to Brian in social studies class 1997. The bell for the end of class rings. As Brian is gathering his books, a girl approaches his desk.

Susan – Hey, Brian.

Brian – Hey. You’re Susan, right?

Susan – Yes. You’ve read Malcolm X, right?

Brian – Sure, ah, yes, a few times.

Susan – Great, because I was wondering if you could help me with my term paper. I need to get a different perspective.

Brian – Sure, I’d be glad to help.

Susan – Great! Do you want to meet me at Sam’s Coffee Shop after school?

Brian – Oh, I just remembered that my copy of Malcolm X is at home.

Susan – No problem, I have my copy.

Brian – OK.

Susan – So, I’ll see you at Sam’s?

Brian – Sure.]

Brian VO* -- It started just like that, simple and easy.

[Flashback to Brian and Susan in Susan’s bedroom a week later. They are sitting on her bed working on her term paper. Susan leans her face into his. Brian pulls back for a moment. Then he leans his face into hers. They kiss softly, tentatively.

Brian – Hmmm.

Susan – Brian?

Brian – Oh, it’s just that…This is embarrassing…That’s the first time I’ve ever kissed anyone.

Susan – Get out of town. (She gently pushes Brian away.)

(Brian starts to get up from the bed.)

Susan – Hey, wait a minute. Don’t go anywhere. (She pulls him back down.) I think that’s kind of sweet. In fact, I’m honored that I’m the first girl you’ve kissed. (She kisses him.)

(Brian kisses her. They’re kissing changes from being tentative to passionate.)]

(Brian smiles as he passes a slow moving car.)

Brian VO* -- Just like that.

Part Thirteen -- Angela and Jordan Say Goodbye

Location: Chase house, early Friday morning. Angela is sitting on the front steps reading a book.

Angela VO* -- Sometimes, it’s nice to get up early in the morning. It’s easier getting up early when you are on vacation. Getting up early to teach an 8 AM class is a different story all together.

(Graham and Patty come out of the front door. They stop on the steps at the foot of the steps.)

Graham – Do you need anything? I’m going into the restaurant early.

Patty – Honey, really, if you need anything, let us know.

Angela – I’m fine. I don’t need anything. I just thought I would sit out here awhile.

Graham – You know, you can take my car for the day, if you want. Your mom can drive me to the restaurant on her way to the print shop.

Angela – That’s OK. I’m not going anywhere. Rayanne is probably coming over later today. You guys go ahead.

Patty – OK. See you tonight.

Graham – Is Rayanne coming to the restaurant tonight?

Angela – Sure. She’s bringing Nathan, if that’s OK?

Graham – That will be fine. I just added a child’s menu. Do you know what’s on it?

Angela – What?

Graham – Burgers and fries. (Graham leans down and kisses Angela on the cheek.) See you later, kiddo.

(Patty drives away in the station wagon. Graham drives away in the Saab. Angela goes back to reading her book. A tow truck pulls up alongside the curb. Jordan gets out of the cab of the truck.)

Jordan – Angela!

Angela VO* -- Oh, I thought I was going to have a nice, quiet morning.

Angela – Jordan! Hey!

Jordan – So, how are you? You called me a couple nights ago. I haven’t heard from you since. (Jordan looks around for Graham and Patty’s cars.) Are your parents home?

Angela – No, they went to work.

Jordan – Cool.

Angela VO* -- Cool?

Jordan – What do you have going on today? I was thinking of knocking off work a little early. Or maybe go in a little late?

(Angela says nothing.)

Jordan – It would give us a chance to catch up. It’s been what? Three years?

Angela – About that long, I guess.

(Jordan sits on the step next to Angela.)

Jordan – You haven’t been, you know, avoiding me, have you?

Angela – No, I haven’t been avoiding you. I just haven’t been in town that long at any one time. In fact, I didn’t even make it home for Christmas last year.

Jordan – That’s a bummer, missing Christmas with your family and all.

Angela – Yea, it was.

Jordan – Oh, I heard you were getting married.

Angela – I was going to get married. But it didn’t work out.

Jordan – Too bad. Listen, why don’t you come out with me this afternoon? I’m thinking about driving into Pittsburgh.

Angela VO* -- It would be so easy to say yes. I’ve done it many times before. You just slip back into that groove that feels so right.

Angela – I don’t think so. I have a lot of work to do. I’m working on a new story.

Jordan – A new story? I thought you were on vacation.

Angela – I’m here for the reunion.

Jordan – The reunion. Oh, yea. I forgot about that.

Angela – Are you going? It’s tomorrow night.

Jordan – No. We night school guys aren’t too much into reunions.

Angela – You could go. I mean, you did graduate with the class.

Jordan – I know I could. But I don’t want to go. I hate formal events like reunions, weddings, funerals, and stuff like that.

Angela – OK. I remember your philosophy. If you happen to be there, it’s cool. No set plans.

Jordan – That’s right. The only set plans I have are opening and closing the garage.

Angela – Well, maybe I’ll catch up with you before I leave town?

Jordan – We’ll see. You know where to find me.

Angela – Sure. I do.

(Jordan rises from the step.)

Jordan – Anyway, Angela, it’s good to see you.

(Angela rises from the step. Jordan moves to hug her. Angela pulls slightly away. Jordan hugs her anyway. Angela moves closer. Jordan kisses her cheek. Jordan moves to kiss her lips. He doesn’t. He pulls away.)

Jordan – Don’t you go being a stranger again. Three years away from you is a long time.

Angela – See you later.

Jordan – Later.

(Jordan gets into the cab of the tow truck. He starts the engine. He waves and drives away. Angela waves back. After he is gone, she sits on the steps.)

Angela VO* -- You just slip back into the groove. It feels so right.

(Angela picks up her book and goes into the house. Just as the door closes, Brian pulls the rental car into his parent’s driveway across the street.)

Part Fourteen -- The Significance of Cherry Lip Gloss

Location: Chase house, Angela’s bedroom. Angela is lying on her bed.

Angela VO* -- Breathing normally? Check. Heart calming down? Check.

(Angela rolls on her stomach and reaches under her bed. She pulls her purse from under the bed. She sits up and starts to search through it.)

Angela VO* -- OK. Bills, wallet, notes to myself, money, and junk. I’m never going to find my address book. Why did Rayanne have to get an unlisted telephone number?

(Angela upends the purse and dumps the contents on her bed. Something rolls off of the bed. She bends down to pick it up.)

Angela VO* -- Cherry lip gloss? When did I start using cherry lip gloss? When did I buy it? Is it still good?

(Angela takes the cap off, turns the dial, applies the lip gloss, and licks her lips.)

Angela VO* -- Oh, I remember. Susan Gallow.

[Flashback to Angela, Rayanne, and Rickie sitting in the senior courtyard, during lunch, 1997.

Rayanne -- Hey, here comes Brian with Susan Gallow.

(Angela looks up towards the entrance from the courtyard. Brian and Susan stop to talk to some people at another table. They are holding hands.)

Rayanne – What’s with the Catholic schoolgirl outfit Susan Gallow is always wearing? Last time I checked this school did not have a dress code.

Rickie -- She looks nice. I love her shoes.

Rayanne -- Tiny, black, pointy shoes. Tiny, black, pointy glasses. You know, if it wasn’t for her long red hair and decent breasts, she would look positively weird. I guess Brian must be into girls who wear Catholic schoolgirl uniforms.

Angela -- Into? Brian?

Rickie -- You didn’t know?

Rayanne -- What do you mean, you didn’t know?

Angela -- Know what?

Rayanne – They’ve been dating for over a month now. Word around school is that they know…umming.

Angela -- Brian and Susan Gallow?

Rayanne -- Shhh! Here they come.

(Brian and Susan Gallow approach them. They are still holding hands.)

Brian -- Hey, guys!

Susan -- Hey.

Rayanne -- Hey, Susan Gallow, what’s with the Catholic schoolgirl uniform?

Brian -- Rayanne! You have to ignore her, Susan. I do.

Rayanne -- You couldn’t ignore me if you tried, Krakow.

Susan -- I used to go to Sacred Heart. I guess I haven’t gotten out of the habit of wearing them.

Angela -- You used to go to Sacred Heart?

Rayanne -- Why aren’t you still going there?

Susan -- I got kicked out.

Angela -- Really? What happened?

Susan -- The nuns caught some other girls and me smoking pot behind the rectory. We got kicked out.

Rayanne -- Nice.

(The bell rings.)

Brian -- C’mon, Susan. Let’s get to Economics.

Susan -- See you guys later.

Brian -- See you.

Rayanne -- See you later Susan Gallow and Bri.

(Brian and Susan walk to the other set of doors and go back into the school.)

Rayanne -- I like her.

Angela -- You like her?

Rayanne -- Yep. She’s just what Brian needs. You know? To bring out his wild side.

Rickie -- Brian has a wild side?

Rayanne -- Every man has a wild side.

Angela -- I didn’t know Brian had a wild side.

Rickie -- I don’t have a wild side.

Rayanne -- You have a wild side a mile long. You are so wild; you are going to a seminary to get your wild side under control.

Rickie -- I thought I was going to become closer to God and learn how to help people.

Rayanne -- Sure, those things, too.

Angela -- Are we going to English or not?

Rayanne -- Rickie?

Rickie -- Sure.

Rayanne -- I need to stop by the restroom on the way.

Angela – We’re going to be late.

Rayanne -- Angelica, why are you so worried about being late all of a sudden?

Angela – Principal Foster told me that if I get three more tardies, he’s calling my parents.

Rickie -- Oh no, not that.

Rayanne -- Well, you know Patty.

Angela -- No, it’s my dad. He’s putting the hammer down.

Rayanne -- Graham has become such a taskmaster. That’s kind of sexy.

Angela – C’mon.

(Angela, Rayanne, and Rickie leave the senior courtyard and head to the girls’ restroom. The hall is empty. When they enter the restroom, Susan Gallow is looking in the mirror.)

Rayanne -- Susan Gallow.

Susan -- Hey guys! (She holds up two tubes of lip gloss.) I’m trying to decide between flavors of lip gloss. Does Brian like cherries or peaches better?

Rayanne -- Angela?

Angela -- Cherries.

Susan -- Great!]

Part Fifteen -- A Comet and a Dream within a Dream

Setting: Krakow house, mid-morning. Brian is dozing on the couch.

Brian – (Talking in his sleep) Brussels. I have to go to Brussels next week for the NATO conference. Have to see if Debbie booked my flight. Ambassador Stevenson was drinking at Mickey’s again. He’s drinking way too much. Someone must have an eye on him. What does your father do again? You taste like cherries. Angela, I’ve got Anne!

[Flashback to Brian and Susan Gallow leaving the outskirts of Pittsburgh, a Saturday evening, 1997. Susan Gallow is driving her MG.

Brian – What does your father do again?

Susan – My dad is what people in the Beltway call a fixer. He fixes things when they are broken.

Brian – What type of things does he fix?

Susan --- I can’t really talk about it. He doesn’t tell me much. He’s called to Washington every now and again. My family’s from Pittsburgh, but Washington’s really our home. Usually, though, people only like my dad around when things are going bad. Things have been only been going so so recently. But he could be called back to Washington anytime. [Pause] Enough talking about my dad. What are we going to see tonight?

Brian – Thielsen’s Comet. It only passes by Earth every 80 years.

Susan – This will be the only chance in our lifetimes we will be able to see it. Isn’t it exciting! It's like scoring a goal in field hockey, sneaking out after curfew, and having sex for the first time.

Brian – I don’t know if it will be that exciting. I know a good place where we can see it though. It will be over our heads at about 2:35 AM.

Susan – It’s going to get cool tonight. You packed blankets, right?

Brian – I did. But I can build a fire.

Susan – I keep forgetting you were a Boy Scout. You are a good man to have around.

Brian – Anyone can build a fire.

Susan – I can’t.

Brian – Well, almost anyone can build one.]

[Cont. Flashback and Cut to Brian and Susan in the woods in a small clearing. A trail leads behind them back to road where the car is parked. A small fire is burning. A telescope and picnic are set upon a blanket. Brian and Susan are huddled together in blankets. They are kissing softly.

Brian – You taste like cherries.

Susan – I’m glad you noticed.

(Susan lies down and gently pulls Brian on top of her. They continue kissing for a few seconds, then Brian stops. He rolls off of her, but their bodies still touch. They don’t say anything for awhile. Susan sits up.)

Susan -- I’m going to have a cigarette. Do you want one?

Brian – No thanks. I smoked one when I was a kid; I puked my guts out.

Susan – You don’t mind if I smoke?

Brian – No. It won’t bother me. The wind is picking up a little. I might need to put some more wood on the fire.

(Susan lights her cigarette, she inhales, and blows smoke in neat rings that drift apart in the wind.)

Susan – I think about being a puff of smoke that drifts up to the stars. I wonder what I would see if I floated up there.

(Susan continues to gaze skyward as she smokes. An owl calls from in the woods. She looks back at Brian, who is sleeping. She reaches out to him and gently touches his face. Brian stirs a little. Susan finishes her cigarette. She snuffs it out. She lies back down next to Brian. She drifts off to sleep.)]

[Cont. Flashback and Cut to Susan waking up. She is careful not to disturb Brian. She looks at her wristwatch and sits up.

Brian – (in distress, cries out in his sleep) Angela, I’ve got Anne! You get Graham! Hurry, I don’t know how bad this one is, honey, but it’s bad!

Susan – Brian?

(Susan shakes him a little. Brian doesn’t wake up. She shakes him harder. Brian wakes and sits up.)

Brian – What happened? Did I miss the comet?

Susan – No, you didn’t miss it. There is still a half-an-hour until it’s due. You were dreaming and talking in your sleep. You sounded like you were in trouble.

Brian – I did?

Susan – You shouted for Angela. Did you mean the girl from school?

Brian – I don’t know. I don’t remember.

Susan – Something must have been troubling you.

(Susan lies back down and gently pulls Brian down to her. Susan’s arm rests underneath Brian.)

Brian – Sorry, Susan. I talk in my sleep sometimes. It happens mostly when I am under a lot of stress or haven’t slept much.

Susan – Well, let’s just relax a bit. We’ll wait for that comet to rocket by us.

Brian – Yes, it won’t be long now.]

(Brian wakes from his dream.)

Part Sixteen – Ladies at Lunch

Setting: Local restaurant, around 1 PM. Angela, Sharon, and Rayanne are eating lunch. The restaurant is crowded but not too noisy.

Angela – I always feel guilty eating at another restaurant other than Dad’s when I’m home.

Rayanne – You also feel guilty if you ask him squeeze us in during lunchtime. There were about a hundred people waiting outside.

(A waiter brings a pitcher of Coke, fills their glasses, then leaves.)

Sharon – Well, ladies, I think the time has come for a toast.

(Sharon raises her glass. Angela and Rayanne raise their glasses as well.)

Angela – To whom or what are we toasting?

Sharon – We are toasting you.

Angela – You are toasting me? I didn’t do anything.

Sharon – To Angela!

Rayanne – To Angela!

Angela – To me! I guess.

Sharon – You closed a part of your life that ran too long.

Rayanne – The Jordan Phase of your life is over. It’s like a really bad play finally getting shut down after a run that seemed to last forever.

Sharon – Are we talking about the play you were in last summer or Angela?

(Rayanne throws her cloth napkin at Sharon, who catches it and throws it back.)

Angela – I missed one of your plays?

Rayanne – Well, it didn’t last that long. However, it got a few decent reviews. It wasn’t as bad as Mrs. Sharon Cherski-Melton would have you believe.

Angela – I’m sure it wasn’t that bad and you were great! [Pause] I really don’t think I did anything that great. I could have easily told him that I’d love to have him in for breakfast or that’s I’d love to drive into town with him this afternoon.

Sharon – The key thing here is that you didn’t tell him those things. How many times have we had to listen to you talk about Jordan?

Rayanne – Too many.

Sharon – How many trips home did you cancel because you wanted to avoid him?

Rayanne – Too many.

Angela – Well, I didn’t choose not to come home just because of Jordan. I wanted to build a life on my own. I wanted to be independent.

Rayanne – Now you have one less reason to stay away. You can visit more often.

Angela – I’ll try to visit more often. You can come down and visit me, too. We don’t need to be strangers.

Rayanne – Angela, what you said reminded me of something I meant to tell you earlier. I talked to Tino this morning. Guess who is in town for this weekend.

Angela – Brian?

Rayanne – Good guess.

Sharon – Brian was supposed to call me to confirm that he was going to be here.

Angela – Wait a minute. [To Rayanne] How would Tino know Brian is in town? [To Sharon] And why would Brian have to confirm coming to his own home town?

Rayanne – Tino’s brother, Rick, works at Rent-Rite at the airport. Rick saw Brian. He rented a car to him. Rick knew Brian from Boy Scouts. Rick told Tino. And Tino told me. I forgot to tell you until just now.

Sharon – I invited Brian to the reunion months ago. I called him.

Angela – You called him?

Sharon – Yes, I called him at work. I’m glad he was able to come, but I wish he had called sooner.

Angela – So, Brian is in town. I saw a car in his driveway. I thought it was one of his parents’ cars.

Rayanne – Yep, Bri is back in town. I used to love rattling his cage. It was too easy sometimes. [To Angela] It was so obvious how much he loved you.

Sharon – [To Angela] It was obvious to everyone.

Angela VO* -- It was obvious to everyone, except me, until it was too late.

Part Seventeen -- A Pin and a Picture

Location: Chase house, prom night, 1997.

Graham – It’s kind of hard to believe that Brian and Angela are going to the prom. It seems like I took them to the park to play on the swings only yesterday.

Patty – I know. Angela has grown up so fast. She’ll be going to college in a couple of months. I still can’t get used to the idea that she will be gone.

Graham – She’ll be back to visit during vacations.

Patty – Sure she will. But it won’t be the same.

(Graham hugs Patty.)

Graham – It won’t be the same. That’s part of the deal about having children. They grow up and change when you aren’t look looking.

(Patty walks over to the grandfather clock.)

Patty – It’s 6:30. When is Brian coming over for you to drive them to the restaurant for dinner?

Graham – He should be here soon.

Patty – OK. I’ll come and pick you up at the restaurant at 8:30. Angela is driving your car to the school, right?

Graham – Yes. I cannot be their chauffeur all night. There are many people in town that need to be fed tonight.

Patty – My husband is the owner of the most popular place to eat in town.

Graham – And you thought buying out Hallie Lowenthal’s interest in the restaurant was a crazy thing to do.

Patty – Don’t get too excited. I still haven’t made a down payment on a vacation home at the beach.

(Someone knocks at the door.)

Patty – That must be Brian. Oh, I forgot the camera. I’ll go upstairs and get it. Also I’ll tell Angela that Brian is here. Announcing him will allow her to make a grand entrance.

(Patty goes upstairs. Graham goes to answer the door.)

Graham – (opens door) Hi Brian. (Graham extends out his hand for Brian to shake.)

Brian – (wearing a black tuxedo) Hi, Mr. Chase. (Brian shakes Graham’s hand.) It’s good to see you. (Brian is holding a small box in his other hand.)

Graham – Come in.

(Brian enters the living room.)

[Cut to Angela and Patty in Angela’s room.]

(Patty is helping Angela with her hair. Angela is wearing a red formal dress. She is seated and looking in the mirror.)

Patty – You look beautiful, Angela. You really do make me so proud everyday.

Angela – Mom, I’m just getting ready for a dance. I’m not getting married or anything. I’m coming right back tonight. I’ll probably even be home early.

Patty – I know you’ll be back tonight. It’s just that I don’t tell you nearly enough how special you are to your father and me. Here you are going to the prom. Next thing you know, you will be only coming home to do your laundry.

Angela – I’m only going to Penn State. It’s not like I’m moving across country or something. I’ll be home all of the time.

Patty – We don’t know what the future will hold, honey. I just can’t believe how fast time is going. (Patty squeezes Angela’s shoulders gently.) It’s like you are slipping through my fingers.

Angela – Well, do you think I’ve made Brian wait long enough?

Patty – I think so.

Angela – He might think I’ve changed my mind about going.

Patty – Well, you better get downstairs before he leaves.

(Angela rises from her chair. She exits the room. Patty starts to follow her. Then she stops and looks back into Angela’s room for a second. She walks to the foot of the stairs, and stops behind Angela. She is holding a camera.)

Patty – (Calls down to the living room) Gentleman, it is my great pleasure to announce Miss Angela Chase.

(Brian and Graham rise from the sofa. Brian watches as Angela gracefully descends the staircase.)

Brian – Wow!

Graham – (To Angela) Honey, you look so beautiful.

(Angela reaches the bottom of the staircase. Patty follows. Brian approaches Angela.)

Brian – (To Angela) You look like an angel.

Angela – Stop it.

Brian – Really.

Patty – Hold on, you two I want to take some pictures.

Angela – No, Mom, please don’t.

Graham – There have to be pictures, honey. We’ll need something to remember this moment.

Brian – Wait.

(Brian walks over to the coffee table. He picks up the box that he brought with him. He opens the box and removes a white corsage. He approaches Angela.)

Angela – Brian, is that the kind of corsage that I wear on my wrist?

Brian – No, I have to pin it on you.

Angela – Oh. (Angela looks at Patty and Graham who are now standing side by side.)

Brian – Don’t worry. I’ve practiced using one of these things.

Angela – You’ve practiced?

Brian – Yes. Hold on.

(Brian approaches Angela. He expertly pins the corsage on Angela dress. Graham sighs.)

Patty – OK, you two. Stand over there by the door. I’m just going to take a couple pictures. OK?

Angela – OK.

(Angela and Brian stand in front of the front door.)

Patty – Why don’t you two stand closer together? Maybe Brian should hug you with one arm and you should hold hands? You know, for the picture.

Angela – Sure, if you think that will make a good picture.

(Angela and Brian walk over to the door. Brian puts one arm around Angela. He holds one of Angela’s hands.)

Patty – (Adjusting the camera) Perfect. OK. Hold still. Say cheese.

Angela, Brian – (Angela and Brian smile.) Cheese!

Patty – Fantastic! I think I’m going to cry.

Part Eighteen -- The Complex Kiss

Location: Liberty High gymnasium, prom night, 1997. Angela and Brian are dancing closely together to a slow song. The rest of the senior class and dates fill the room.

Angela – I never knew you could dance. I mean, I didn’t know you could dance so well.

Brian – I’ll tell you something if you promise not to laugh.

Angela – Brian, you can’t say something like that and expect someone not to laugh. That’s kind of a law. So, you might as well get ready because I’m going to laugh.

Brian – OK, I’ll brace myself. [Pause] My mom taught me how to dance.

Angela – [Starting to laugh] Your mother taught you?

Brian – Well, you have to learn how to dance from someone. Otherwise, you are just making steps up as you go along. I know it sounds weird that a son would learn how to dance from his mother.

Angela – It does, a little.

Brian – Well, my mom is a good dancer. Before she went into psychiatry she was a dancer on Broadway.

Angela – She must dance really well.

Brian – She is a great dancer. She taught my dad. They look great dancing together. I wanted to learn from her because I knew she could dance well and I love how my mom and dad dance together.

Angela – Brian, that is so sweet.

Brian – Well, that’s not the whole story.

Angela – There’s more?

Brian – Well, [Brian gently pulls Angela closer to him. He whispers into her ear.] I wanted to learn how to dance well so I could dance with you.

(Brian leans into Angela. He hugs her closer. He kisses her. Angela hugs Brian. She accepts his kiss. She kisses him. Angela stops kissing after a few seconds.)

Brian – Angela…

Angela – I can’t do this…

(Angela pulls away slowly. She begins to walk away from Brian through the dancers.)

Brian – Angela, wait.

(Brian catches her hand.)

Angela – I can’t get involved with anyone, not with the way I feel about Jordan. It would be like cheating on him.

Brian – I thought you broke up with Jordan.

Angela – I did. But…

Brian – Do you still love him?

Angela – I’m not sure. Part of me still loves him, deep down.

Brian – I knew it.

Angela – You knew? If you knew, why did you kiss me?

Brian – If you love him, why did you kiss me back?

Angela – If you love me, why did you go out with Susan Gallow?

Brian – Susan? What does she have to do with this?

Angela – You slept with her, Brian. After all this time of saying that you love me, you slept with someone else.

Brian – What does that have to do with us? We weren’t dating. You made it perfectly clear that we were not going to date.

Angela – That doesn’t matter. You slept with her. And you are kissing me less than a month after she left town. What am I? Your consolation prize?

Brian – Angela, I didn’t sleep with her.

Angela – You expect me to believe that?

Brian – I do expect you to believe it. Because it is true.

Angela – Fine. It’s true. I believe you.

(Angela starts to walk away from Brian.)

Brian – Angela, wait.

(Brian reaches out for Angela, but he cannot grab her hand. Angela stops anyway.)

Brian – I wish you wouldn’t go. I want you to stay here with me.

Angela – I’m going. You can walk home.

(Angela leaves.)

Part Nineteen – A Banana Split Helps Heal a Confused Heart

Location – Chase house later on prom night, 1997. Angela and Patty are sitting on Angela’s bed in Angela’s room. Angela has changed her clothes. She is wearing jeans and a white t-shirt.

Patty – Well, from the way you came into the house and ran upstairs, I could tell that something was wrong.

Angela VO* -- Many things are wrong with Jordan, Brian, and me. We must be starring in the worst movie ever made.

Angela – It’s just that I wasn’t prepared for Brian to kiss me.

Patty – You were surprised?

Angela – Part of me was surprised. Part of me wasn’t surprised. I’ve known a long time that Brian has liked me.

Patty – He liked you?

Angela – Loved me. OK. He loved me. But there are so many things to think about. There’s my relationship with Jordan, my relationship with Brian, and Brian’s relationship with Susan Gallow.

Patty – Susan Gallow, who’s she?

Angela – Someone Brian dated. She moved to Washington.

Patty – I see. She’s moved away. So, she shouldn’t be a problem.

Angela – She’s not really a problem. Brian is the problem. I didn’t expect him to date someone else.

Patty – Well, you have been dating Jordan off-and-on for a long time. I don’ think you can hold dating someone else against Brian.

Angela – I know. I just couldn’t help thinking about it, and I used it against Brian. The truth is that part of me wanted Brian to kiss me. I wanted to kiss him. But I still love Jordan. I can’t explain why I feel the way that I do. I couldn’t help think that kissing Brian when I feel the way I do about Jordan would be wrong. I’m not sure what I’m going to do. What can I do now?

(Patty reaches out and touches Angela’s shoulder.)

Patty – I wish I could tell you what you can do, sweetheart. I really do. But you are going to need to decide things for yourself. All that I can tell you is that these things often need some time to sort themselves out.

(The telephone rings.)

[Cut to Graham answering the telephone downstairs.]

Graham – Hello. Oh, hi Camille. Angela is here. She’s fine. Patty’s talking to her now. [Listening] Sharon and Steve took Brian home? Is he OK? [Listening] I understand. Well, these things happen. They have been friends a long time.

[Cut to Angela and Patty talking.]

Angela – Why does life have to be so complicated sometimes?

Patty – Part of growing up is finding a way over hurdles. They will come all of the time. You have to be ready. You have to make the right choices.

Angela – What are the right choices?

Patty – Usually, you don’t know what the right choices are until after you’ve made them.

Angela – What if you make wrong choices?

Patty – You deal with the consequences the best that you can.

[Cut to Graham in the kitchen. He is taking putting bananas on the kitchen table. He gets ice cream out of the freezer.]

[Cut to Angela and Patty talking.]

Angela – I just wish there were a way that Brian and I could start over.

Patty – Well, you can talk to Brian tomorrow. You can apologize for leaving him stranded at the prom.

Angela – That wasn’t a nice thing for me to do. He’s still probably walking home. But I don’t mean starting over like that. I mean I wish there were a way for us to truly start over.

Patty – I don’t know if there is a way to start over like that, Angela.

(Graham knocks on the door. He opens it.)

Graham – Camille called. Brian’s fine. Sharon took him home.

Angela – Good. I didn’t feel good about making Brian walk all of the way home from school in a tuxedo.

Graham – Who wants a banana split?

Angela – Dad, a banana split isn’t going to make me feel any better.

Graham – OK, so I’ll eat two banana splits.

Patty -- [To Graham] No you won’t.

Angela – No, you can’t have mine.

Part Twenty – Angela Leaves a Message for Brian

Location: Chase house, late Friday afternoon. Angela is in her bedroom sitting at her desk. The desk is covered with yellow pads and her laptop computer is on. The printer is printing.

(Angela sighs.)

Angela VO* -- I just wish there were a way Brian and I could start over. That sentence is rattling around in my head. What do you call a do over in golf? Not that I’m a big time golfer or anything. I’ve only played golf a few times times. Wait, do I really want to start anything with Brian? Didn’t I just dump Jordan? I did dump Jordan, didn’t I?

(Angela rises from her chair. She walks over to the window. She looks at Brian’s house. The rental car is gone from the driveway.)

Angela VO* -- Looks like he isn’t home. I wonder where he went.

[Cut to Brian in an electronics store.]

Brian [To a clerk] – Can you tell me where are the digital answering machines?

Clerk – Aisle 5.

Brian – Thanks.

[Cut to Angela in the living room]

Angela VO* -- It wouldn’t hurt to call him and invite him to the restaurant tonight. It’s not like we are going to start anything. There will be other people there. But it would be nice to see him again. I’ve been thinking about him quite a bit recently. It would be a nice warm-up for the reunion. I’m sure he would like to see all of us.

(Angela picks up the telephone.)

Angela VO* -- Maybe I’ll just leave a message. Wait, what’s Brian’s telephone number again?

(Angela dials the number for the Krakow house.)

Angela VO* -- It’s called a Mulligan. You get to hit a poor shot over again. You either take a Mulligan or cheat, like Jordan Baker in Gatsby. Are there any Mulligans when it comes to relationships?

(Brian’s dad’s voice is on the answering machine. “You have reached the Krakow residence. If this is a psychiatric emergency, please call our answering service at 555-0789. If you’d like to leave a message for Bernice, Brian, or me, Bob, please listen for the beep and leave a message. Thank you.)

Angela VO* -- Is this a psychiatric emergency?


Angela – Hi, this message is for Brian. It’s Angela Chase. The group of us are getting together tonight at Dad’s restaurant. You are welcome to come with, if you like. It’s going to be at seven. Give me a call if you can make it.

[Cut to Brian getting into his rental car]

Brian VO* -- I finally got that answering machine. Let’s see. I have time to get some shaving stuff. Then I meet my parents for dinner. Steak dinner with mom and dad sounds good to me. I’m hungry.

[Cut to Angela in her bedroom]

Angela VO* -- Now I need to find something to wear for tonight.

Part Twenty-One – The Simple Kiss

Location: Krakow house. Brian has returned home from dinner with his parents. He has bag containing the new answering machine in his hand.

(Brian sees the message light blinking on the answering machine. There are two messages. He hits the play button. The first message begins to play. It is from one of Bob's associates, Chip.)

Chip – Bob, it’s Chip. How about golf tomorrow? You owe me big time. Call me at home.

(The second message is from Angela.)

Angela – Hi, this message is for Brian. It’s Angela Chase. The –

(The message ends. The tape answering machine has eaten the rest of the tape.)

Brian VO* -- Angela? The answering machine picked a fine time to eat a tape. I wonder why she was calling.

(Brian picks up the telephone. He dials the number for the Chase house. They’re answering machine picks up. Brian hangs up.)

Brian VO* -- I will see her tomorrow. I’m not sure how she knew I was in town. Sharon probably told her that I’m going to the reunion. Well, I better get this new answering machine hooked up.)

(Brian takes the answering machine box out of the bag. He begins to install it.)

Brian VO* -- It’s funny that she should call now. I was just thinking of her.

[Flashback to 1997. Brian and Angela are at a gate at Pittsburgh airport.

Brian – Thanks for giving me a ride to the airport.

Angela – No problem. It’s a shame that your parents couldn’t be here to see you off.

Brian – Well, there was a psychiatric emergency.

Angela – That’s what your dad says on your answering machine. It sounds kind of creepy. Have you asked him to change the message?

Brian – Many times. He won’t do it. I think he has a phobia about changing the outgoing message on the answering machine.

(An announcement comes over the loudspeaker. “Flight 237 non-stop to New York City is now boarding on gate 21. All passengers can now board.”)

Brian – That’s me.

(Brian rises from his seat and picks up his carry-on luggage. Angela rises from her seat.)

Angela – I still can’t believe you are going to Columbia to study journalism. You must be excited.

Brian – Well, I am really excited. It’s something that I’ve been looking forward to for a long time.

Angela – I kind of wish you were going to Penn State with Sharon and me.

Brian – Well, I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to go to Columbia. And living in New York will be very exciting.

Angela – It’s like you are going to a different world. I’ve never been to New York.

Brian – Maybe you could visit me?

Angela – Maybe.

(An announcement comes over the loudspeaker. “Last call for Flight 237 for New York City. All passengers please board.”)

Brian – Well, I need to go.

(Brian begins to walk towards the entryway to the airplane. He turns around to face Angela.)

Brian – See you.

Angela – See you.

(Brian begins to walk again. Other passengers are boarding.)

Angela – Brian. Can you wait a minute?

(Brian stops. Angela approaches Brian.)

Angela – I just thought I would give you something to remember me by.

(Angela leans into Brian. She kisses him softly on the lips. Brian returns her kiss. Their kiss is brief.)

Angela – You better catch your plane.

Brian – Yes. I better. Bye Angela.

Brian – Bye.

(Brian continues to the entryway. Angela watches him go.)]

Part Twenty-Two – Reunion Morning

Location: Chase house, early Saturday morning. Camille has come to visit Patty. Patty is talking to Camille at the kitchen table. Graham is in the basement working out. Angela is still asleep in her bedroom.

Camille – Sharon has me helping out setting up the reunion stuff. I don’t know why I agreed to help. I could be still sleeping in bed with Andy. Or not sleeping with Andy.

Patty – Camille. It’s too early to talk about sex.

Camille – It’s never too early to talk about sex.

Patty – More coffee?

Camille – Please.

(Patty gets up to refill their coffee cups.)

Patty – So, how is Andy doing?

(Camille raps the table.)

Camille – No sign of another heart attack.

(Patty sits back down.)

Patty – That is good news.

Camille – So, how is Angela? I can’t get over that story she wrote. It was so visceral. The wife kills her husband with a hammer. I wonder how she came up with that story.

Patty – Who knows? I think it might have been about Shelby, her ex-fiancé.

Camille – Well, I wouldn’t want to get on Angela’s bad side.

(Graham comes upstairs into the kitchen from the basement. He is sweating from working out.)

Graham – Hi Camille. I thought I heard you up here. How are you doing?

Camille – I’m fine.

(Graham goes to the refrigerator to get some orange juice. He sits at the table.)

Camille – You are working out again, Graham?

Graham – I’m trying to stay in shape.

Camille – You mean you need to keep up with Patty?

Graham – You could say that.

(Patty scowls jokingly at Graham.)

(Angela enters the kitchen. She is wearing a jade robe.)

Angela – I thought I smelled coffee. [To Camille] Hi Camille. How are you today?

Camille – I’m fine. Oh, I should tell you that Sharon will probably be calling any minute to beg you to help with last minute preparations for the reunion.

(Telephone rings.)

Angela – That’s probably her now.

(Angela answers the telephone.)

Angela – Hello. Hi Sharon.

Part Twenty-Three – Is Angela Home?

Location: Chase house, an hour later. Angela has gone to the school to help Sharon. Camille and Patty are still in the kitchen. Graham is upstairs.

(Someone knocks on the front door. Patty leaves the kitchen to answer the door. Camille follows. Patty opens the door. Brian is at the door.)

Patty – Well, it’s Brian Krakow. Hello.

Brian – Hi Mrs. Chase.

Camille – Hi Brian.

Brian – Hi Mrs. Cherski.

Patty – Come in Brian.

(Brian enters the house. Patty closes the door.)

(Graham comes down the stairs.)

Graham – Oh, hi Brian.

Brian – Hi Mr. Chase.

Graham – We heard you were in town.

Patty – You are in town for the reunion?

Brian – Yes. [Pause] [To Patty] Is Angela home?

Patty – No. She went to the school to help Sharon with setting up things for the reunion.

Camille – Actually, I’m going there myself. I can give you a lift.

Brian – No, that’s OK. I have a car.

Camille – Good. You can help them for awhile. Tell them I’ll be there in a bit. I think they are in the gym hanging streamers or something.

Patty – I love Angela’s streamers.

Camille – I know. They’re great.

Graham – So, Brian, do you want some coffee, juice, or anything else?

Brian – No thank you. [Pause] I think I’m going to the school to help out.

Camille – Great. Be sure to let them know I’ll be right there.

Brian – OK. See you later, Mr. and Mrs. Chase and Mrs. Cherski.

(Brian turns and leaves.)

Camille – He looks like a man eager to be somewhere.

Graham – Yes, he does.

Camille – How does that make you feel, Graham?

Graham – I used to like Brian Krakow.

Patty – I don’t think he is going there to help with streamers.

Part Twenty-Four – A Mulligan

Location: Liberty High Gymnasium, Reunion Day. Angela and Sharon are taking a break from hanging streamers and banners. Their jeans, T-shirts, faces, and arms are dirty and sweaty. Their hair is disheveled.

Angela – OK. I didn’t fly halfway across the country to do manual labor. It’s not in my contract.

Sharon – Speaking of contract, I know all of my lines. You can stop reminding me. I will perform perfectly.

Angela – Where’s Rayanne when I need her? I can’t take an actress with attitude.

Sharon – Would Rayanne be in this gym working her butt off to make it look right?

Angela – No, she wouldn’t be here. We’d be sitting by her pool at her apartment. I might even be swimming.

Angela – I’m dying of thirst. Do you want something to drink?

Sharon – Sure, you can get me anything diet. Do you need money?

Angela – No, it will be my treat.

(Angela exits through the set of doors closer to them. Brian enters through the doors on the other side of the gymnasium.)

Brian – Hey Cherski!

(Sharon jumps.)

Sharon – Brian, you scared me. Didn’t your mother ever tell you not to sneak up on people?

Brian – She probably has a few times. I didn’t know I would scare you though.

Sharon – Hello! I’m alone in a gymnasium. Someone calls out, “Hey Cherski!” What am I supposed to do?

Brian – You are alone? I thought Angela was here.

Sharon – She is here, but she went to get some drinks.

Brian – OK.

Sharon – Oh, I forgot to tell you that I got married. It’s not Cherski anymore. It’s Cherski-Melton. I just got into the habit of using my maiden name when I made the calls for the reunion. Some people didn’t know who Sharon Cherski-Melton was.

Brian – Congratulations! I didn’t know that you had gotten married. Whom did you marry?

Sharon – Eric Melton. We met at Penn State.

Brian – That’s great!

Sharon – Yes, it is great! Anyway, if you call me Cherski-Melton instead of Sharon, I’ll have to hit you. You have an odd habit of calling me by my last name every now and again. It’s annoying.

Brian – OK, I didn’t notice. Didn’t you used to call me Krakow half of the time?

Sharon – Yes –

(Angela enters the gymnasium from the doors on the opposite side of the gym. She is holding two cans of soda in her hands. She is rubbing one can of soda along her face.)

Angela – I got most of the dirt cleaned off of my face and hands. It’s hot. My hair is a – (She sees Brian.) mess.

(Sharon begins to speak as if she is reading from cue card.)

Sharon – Angela Chase of Clemson, South Carolina, I’d like to introduce to you Brian Krakow of Atlanta, Georgia. I believe that you live very close to one another.

(Brian extends his hand towards Angela.)

Sharon – Guys, look, I spent the last hour or so rehearsing that stupid line. I wasn’t expecting to have to say it now anyway. The least you could do is hug or kiss or something. A handshake isn’t going to cut it.

(Sharon gently shoves Brian towards Angela. Angela and Brian both look at Sharon. They smile. Brian moves to hug Angela. She moves to hug Brian. They hug tentatively at first. Then they hug each other more closely. They kiss tentatively at first. Then they kiss more strongly.)

Sharon – Finally!

(Sharon begins to walk away.)

Sharon – I’m out of here until they turn on the air-conditioning.

(Sharon turns back to them. They are still hugging.)

Sharon – Are you guys coming or what?

Part Twenty-Five – For I Have Seen the Future and the Future is Now

Location: Chase house, late reunion night. Angela is asleep in her bed. Her VO* narrates the dream.

I’m dreaming. Smoke is billowing around me. It clears here and there, and I can see little segments of my life. It’s like watching a movie at a drive-in with fog rolling in. I have no strong sense of time.

I see Brian and me on a wooden observation deck overlooking waterfalls near Clemson. This is one of my favorite places in the world. It’s raining. We are drenched, because the leaves of the trees that cover us like a canopy cannot stop the rain. We don’t care because we are happy. Rain clouds and fog mostly blot out the mountains in the distance. Brian is on one knee.

Smoke billows and clears. We are in Pittsburgh. Brian and I are standing before an altar. I am wearing a white wedding dress. Brian is wearing a black tuxedo. Rickie is marrying us. Danielle is my maiden of honor. My Dad is giving me away. One of Brian's friends from Atlanta is his best man. Mom is crying. Brian’s parents are not here. Brian’s dad broke his leg while they were on vacation in Mexico. They want us to go ahead with the wedding. Everyone else I can think of is here except Jordan.

Smoke billows and clears again. Brian and I are at the Pittsburgh airport. We are going to Paris for our honeymoon. I’ve never been out of the country. I’m nervous about the flight. I’m also nervous about our wedding night. The plane needs a new engine. We have to book a room in a hotel at the airport. I’m nervous and scared. I’m also in love. Brian loves me, too. He is strong, yet gentle. I feel secure in his arms.

Smoke billows and clears again. I’m in the hospital giving birth to twins. They are premature. I’m afraid our children and I will die. We’re in an operating room in Atlanta. Brian is by my side, holding my hand. He is crying. I’ve never seen him cry before. I want to take his fear away from him, but I can’t. I’m in so much pain. Mom and Dad are outside in a waiting room. Dad looks like he wants to punch someone. I’ve never seen him angry before. Mom is crying, too. I’m wondering how I could be having twins. They don’t run in our families. Then I remember that Mom was adopted. Twins must run in her birth family. Brian’s grip on my hand is so strong. I focus on that strength. Our children are born, a girl and a boy. We name the girl Anne for Anne Frank. We name the boy Graham for my Dad.

Smoke billows and clears again. Brian and I are living in Los Angeles. A book that I have written is being made into a movie. I’m frustrated because I have no control over making the movie. There is an earthquake. We have to get Anne and Graham from their room. We get them out of the house before it collapses. We hold our children close.

Smoke billows and clears again. We are home in Pittsburgh. I’m a writer-in-residence at the university. Brian is a reporter for a Pittsburgh newspaper. Our children are growing big and strong. Anne and Graham are in high school. They are fifteen years old. Graham plays baseball. Brian and Danielle practice with him almost everyday. Anne tells me that she is in love with a boy -- a boy who doesn't know she exists. I want to tell her to run away from him. I want to stop her from making the same mistakes I made. I can't do those things. I can only try to guide her to make the right choices.

Smoke billows. It doesn’t clear this time. I know the dream is ending. I want to remember it. I try to hold onto the dream. I want to burn it into my memory. But it’s already slipping away.

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  • Gina commented on 01 Aug 2003:
    OMGOSH! This was such a GREAT story! I totally and completely loved it! Am going to print it out and cherish it! I totally loved the ending and how all the characters became adults! You are a GREAT writer! Write more! I BEG YOU! Wow... okay calming down. Well great story! 10 out of 10!:)
  • N. commented on 20 Aug 2003:
    Really cool, i lke it.
  • Lyndsey (from UK) commented on 03 Sep 2003:
    I'd just like to say that this story was excellent. I could imagine the characters saying what they say and doing what they do it was so like the programme. It was weird how you can imagine them grown up. Well done!!! Thanks for a great read!
  • Rose commented on 17 May 2004:
    I love the story about Brian and Angela... They're meant to be together since they're little kids.
  • Xena commented on 05 Jun 2004:
    It's ok, but I wanna know who Rayanne had the kid with.
  • Kate commented on 14 Jun 2004:
    Pretty good, but I was very disappointed that Angela and Jordan didn't end up together. Angela never really had much respect for Brian growing up...And with Angela and Jordan, there was definitely a connection. Anyways, good overall, just disappointed by the ending.
  • luna commented on 18 Jun 2004:
    i like it but....i really think jordan and angela should be together! i mean they always just had a click. yeah the ending really disappointed me too.
  • Nikki commented on 21 Jun 2004:
    The story line was good, but JORDAN AND ANGELA ARE MEANT TO BE TOGETHER! It fits, Angela compliments Jordan, anyone who can get Jordan Catolano to walk hands in hands with an unpopular girl down the halls of high school is meant to be with him. And anyone who can make Angela be actually happy-well, lets just say, it's meant to be.

    All in all, good story. Wrong ending.
  • michele commented on 14 Jul 2004:
    its good, but too formal. how about instead of "Let us" . . .let's? and She will "She'll?
  • cms commented on 13 Oct 2004:
    It was ok. I don't think Angela ends up with Brian or Jordan. I couldn't see the characters saying what you had them saying - just kinda out of character for me. But its your story and its cool that you took time to write it. Good job.
  • missdatura commented on 07 Nov 2004:
    Unlike a lot of other people I could see Angela ending up with Brian. The ending was good, but there should have been a little more detail than just Brian and Angela kissing, and there should have been more struggle with Angela staying away from Jordan. Also the really big problem I had with your story was Ricky becoming a Priest. I really could see Ricky growing up to have a job in which he helps people, but why not a consueler or theripist (he would know that there's a great need for queer-friendly people in these professions). I just really feel that Ricky becoming a priest denies him of his complicated but beautiful sexuality that he struggled to come to terms with. It really does Ricky injustices.
  • Paris commented on 05 Jan 2005:
    I loved it! For ONCE there is a story where Angela does not end up with Jordan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Brain is like my favourite character as well, so I was pleased with the ending!
  • Casey commented on 12 Jan 2005:
    I loved it. I have always been a huge fan of the show. After reading this script I would die to see it on t.v. That would be a fabulous show or even a movie- My So Called Life-The Moie-Life After High School, or something like that. I myself am a journalist and could not have written it any better myself. I would seriously consider pitching this script to a director for a movie, and of course with all the same actors. It would be fabulous and a huge hit.
  • Illy commented on 11 May 2005:
    Maybe it's crazy but it seems to me that the only person who could understand Jordan in silence is Angela. And the only person who would adore Angela for that silence is Jordan. They could (after having grown up) live happely together. I see Brian making a new life far away from Angela, Sharon getting married young (of course) and Rayanne having a kid pretty young too. So... I like the story but I think that the reunion would be more like: Brian showing up with his wife and Jordan and Angela re-meeting, after many years, understanding that they never stopped loving eachother and that they are meant for eachother. And I think that you could write about the reunion, maybe as the last episode??
  • D gave this story a 5.0/5 5.0/5 rating and commented on 12 Sep 2009:
    This is a GREAT episode. I always wanted Angela to end up with Brian. I especially love the last dream sequence and I thin that there should be a MSCL 10 yrs. later episode. This would be perfect!

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