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Episode No. 20 - Making Up and Breaking Up

written by Gina

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Published: 30 Jul 2003 | Size: 14 KB (2649 words) | Language: english | Rating: PG-13
Average: 2.8/5   2.8/5 (156 votes)

based on stories and characters created by Winnie Holzman


Angela is gazing out the window at the falling snowflakes.

ANGELA- Hey Mom?

(Patty looks up)

ANGELA- Where's Dad?

(Patty looks back at the book she was reading)

PATTY- I told you he's at the restaurant with Hallie.

(Angela looks out the window again.)

ANGELA (VO)- I really missed my dad's cooking. But ever since he had started the Restaurant with Hallie all we had for dinner was take-out

(Camera shows a empty box of pizza. Angela gets up.)

ANGELA- I'm going to bed.

(Patty smiles)

PATTY- Okay sweetie.

(Angela takes the last piece of pizza and head upstairs into her room.)


(The camera shows Angela lying on her bed staring up at the ceiling )

ANGELA (VO)- The day after winter break is always like eerie…or something it like your freedom is taken away.


(Angela's walking down the hall with Sharon Cherski.)

SHARON- I swear sometimes my life is like so hectic I don't know how I'll do it all! Like all of these Our Town tickets! I have thirty more to sell.

Angela looks over at Sharon getting the hint that Sharon need help.

ANGELA- I'll sell some.

( Sharon smiles)

SHARON- Oh my gosh Angela you are a saint! How about fifteen?

(Angela shrugs and takes the tickets)

SHARON - So what do you have next?


SHARON- Okay well cya at lunch.

( Sharon leaves and Angela steps into her social studies class.)

TEACHER- Okay class I'm handing back last semesters final and its not pretty.

(Angela puts down a test on Angela's desk. The desk has a big D on it.)

TEACHER- Angela this is not satisfactory.

ANGELA (VO)- I hate the way teachers talk its like instead of saying, "You did horrible." Or something they have to say something like "This is unsatisfactory."


SHARON - So did you hear?

ANGELA- Hear what?

SHARON - That like Brian Krakow--

(Angela cuts Sharon off.)

ANGELA- Can we just not talk about Brian?

( Sharon shrugs her shoulders.)

ANGELA (VO)- Even the mention of Brian Krakow made me feel sick to my stomach.

SHARON- Are you okay?

ANGELA- Yeah I'm fine. Come on lets get out here.

(Angela heads for the door and slams into Rayanne Graff.)


Sharon goes ahead and leaves Angela and Rayanne alone.

ANGELA- Whatever.

(Angela turns to walk out and Rayanne grabs her arm.)

RAYANNE- No Angela wait.

(Angela shakes free.)

ANGELA- (coldly) What?

RAYANNE- Can't you talk to me?

ANGELA- I'm sorry but that just doesn't fit in with my schedule.

(Angela starts to walk out again.)

RAYANNE- Angela please! Please!

(Angela turns around.)

RAYANNE- Angela I am so sorry for what I did… and I know that words won't like make it better but I never meant to hurt you. I NEVER meant to hurt you Angela. You we're the best friend I ever had... and now I'm alone.

(Rayanne begins to cry.)

RAYANNE- Not a second that goes by that I don't think about what I did.

(Angela turns her back towards Rayanne to hide her tears.)

RAYANNE- Angela?

(Angela turns around and hugs Rayanne. The next few shots are of Angela and Rayanne hugging. The girls unlock their embrace and Angela begins to wipe her tears.)

RAYANNE- Oh, here.

(Rayanne hands her a tissue.)

RAYANNE- How about we ditch sixth and seventh and go down to Big Guy Burger.

(Angela nods her head and the two girls leave the bathroom arms linked.)


(The girls are in line waiting to order.)

ANGELA (VO)- It was so weird being with Rayanne again. But in a way I felt so much better. Like a load had been lifted or something.

ANGELA- So what have you been doing for the past month.

RAYANNE- Well since I've had like no friends except Rickie I've just been at home and ever once in a while I go to a party of something.  What about you?

ANGELA- I've been doing nothing at all I mean except eating take-out every night.

RAYANNE- Take-out? But I thought your dad like to cook.

ANGELA- Well he does but he's been really busy with the restaurant you know with Hallie.

(Rayanne nods her head trying to keep her mouth shut.)


RAYANNE- Well just watch out for that Hallie chick I mean I wouldn't trust her.

ANGELA- Rayanne! Come on my dad would not like do anything with Hallie! (beat) Would he?

RAYANNE- All I'm saying is they spend so much time together I would be careful

(The girls order and take their stuff back to their seats. )

ANGELA- Do you really think my dad could be like messing around with (beat) Hallie?!

RAYANNE- No! (beat) at least not yet. I mean they do spend an awful lot of time together.

ANGELA (VO)- I can't believe this.

(Rayanne takes a big bite out of her burger.)

RAYANNE- How come you're not eating?

ANGELA- I just lost my appetite.


(Angela is vegging on the couch watching some made for TV movie.)

ANGELA (VO)- I couldn't get what Rayanne had said out of my head.

(Patty walks into the living room and senses something is wrong with Angela.)

PATTY- Is there something wrong?

(Patty takes a seat next to Angela.)

PATTY- What are you watching?


PATTY- Don't feel like talking?

(Patty gets up and leaves.)

ANGELA (VO)- I was like almost afraid to talk to my mom about anything because I was afraid I would blurt something about Hallie. Why is Life So Complicated?


(Rayanne is applying Angela's make-up)

RAYANNE- Look if I knew you were gonna get like obsessed with it I wouldn't have even brought it up. Its probably nothing anyway.

RICKIE- I mean your Dad like wouldn't do that.

ANGELA- Well that’s just the thing like I think he actually MIGHT do that. Because the night when we went to lets bolt he was talking to some woman and he was like no just talking he was like… TALKING, talking… you know.

(Rayanne gives Angela a blank look, Sharon enters the bathroom she is obviously frustrated about something)

RAYANNE- So what's up?

SHARON- I swear Kyle is like so possessive! Like I told him that we were like totally over and he just kept saying… "But I love you!" And I just… I don't believe it!

RAYANNE- So what you like don't love him?

SHARON- Exactly.

ANGELA- Then just tell him that.

SHARON - (sarcastically) You know that thought never entered my mind!

(The bell rings)

SHARON- Oh my gosh! I am like so late for Bio!

(she runs out)

ANGELA- I really don't want to see Jordan Catalono in English today.

(Rickie and Rayanne I've her a sort of "I can't believe it glare)

ANGELA- What?! Its not like I'm obsessed with him anymore. I don't really want to see him. I mean I haven't talked to him in like a week… or something.

RICKIE- Wow… you know you really should talk to him.

RAYANNE- You should talk to Brian too.

ANGELEA- Like that’s just the thing! I mean what would I say? To either of them?

RAYANNE- All I know is you can't avoid them forever.

ANGELA- I can't?

(Rayanne snatches her bag)

RAYANNE- Look I gotta go to French.

(Angela and Rickie look shocked)

RAYANNE - The teacher says if I miss one more class she'll kick me out so I gotta go! C ya!

(Rayanne gives Angela and Rickie both kisses on their cheeks and runs out the door)

RICKIE- It's like some alternate universe or something I mean you not wanting to see Jordan and Rayanne like actually going to class!

(They both laugh)

ANGELA- Since this is the last period of the day you wanna go see a movie or something?

RICKIE- Sure but I don't have any money.

ANGELA- That's okay Rayanne showed me a secret way in.


(Rickie and Angela are walking away from the theaters all bundled up in their winter clothes)

ANGELA- That movie was so funny!

RICKIE - I know we have to take Rayanne!

ANGELA- So what do you wanna do next?

RICKIE- Sorry Angela but its almost five and I told Katimski that I would be home. I gotta set up for the social worker that’s coming over!

ANGELA - I think its so great that he's going to adopt you.

RICKIE- Yeah well bye Angela!

(Rickie heads off the other direction)

ANGELA (VO)- It was so great to have all my old friends back I felt like whole again.


RAYANNE- Hey Angelica!

(Angela hugs Rayanne)

RAYANNE- So where are we going?

ANGELA- How about my dad's restaurant I bet he and Hallie need some company.

ANGELA (VO) -Or maybe not.


(Graham and Hallie are talking and eating chines food)

GRAHAM- Okay so the bar will go here and the large party table here .i can't believe we're actually opening our own restaurant.

HALLIE- I know it like a dream!

(They hug, after pulling away Graham looks into Hallie's eyes…)


(Angela and Rayanne are walking down the street towards the restaurant)

RAYANNE- You know I haven't actually seen your dad's restaurant yet.

ANGELA- Its not too bad actually it like still kind of torn apart but their working on it.

(Rayanne and Angela approach the window, Angela looks in first and points out things to Rayanne)

ANGELA- See that’s where the main table is going to be and all the waiting chairs.

RAYANNE- so where's the bar going to be?

(Angela rolls her eyes)

ANGELA- See right over---

(Angela stops mid-sentence as she sees her father and Hallie passionately kissing where the bar is going to be. Angela 's eyes start to fill with tears. She runs away from the restaurant and trips over a crack in the pavement. She falls to the ground sobbing uncontrollably)

RAYANNE- Angela (she talks softly and kneels down next to her)

ANGELA- You said this would happen-- and I didn't listen… I didn't listen.

(Angela's words become louder and she starts yelling)


(Rayanne grabs Angela's hand and her words become softer)

ANGELA- He promised he would always be there and he's not… he's not.

(Angela breaks down in sobs)

RAYANNE- Do you wanna go home?



(Rayanne and Angela are quiet and Angela has stopped crying her face looks hardened)

RAYANNE- Are you going to tell your mom?

ANGELA- Yes… I have to.


(Angela is at the front doorstep she walks inside)


(The whole family is sitting at the table eating dinner Angela looks shocked to see her father all smiles)

ANGELA (VO)- My dad was acting just like nothing had happened in fact he looked happier.

PATTY- Hey honey! Come on your dad finally cooked it's roast beef!

ANGELA (VO)- If only she knew.

(Angela doesn't respond she just goes up into her room Patty follows her)


PATTY- Angela is something wrong?


(Patty looks concerned)

PATTY- Is it Jordan ?

ANGELA- No… its Dad.

PATTY- Oh honey I know he hasn't been home lately--

(Angela cuts her mom off and looks into her eyes)

ANGELA- Mom I have to tell you something (beat) I saw dad today… with Hallie

PATTY- What do you mean?

ANGELA- They were kissing like… a lot…. like…a lot.

(Patty's face turns white)

PATTY- Did he (beat) pull away?


(Angela reaches for her mom who is now crying but Patty stands up and goes down stairs)


(Patty is talking to Graham)

PATTY- Angela just talked to me..

GRAHAM- Well obviously it upset you… was it Jordan ?

PATTY- No it was…you Angela said she saw you with Hallie today... and you two were …kissing… a lot.

(Graham looks down)

PATTY- (Her voice grows louder) And she told me you didn't pull away Graham! You didn't STOP HER!

(Patty runs out of the room crying)


(Patty is packing her bags Graham runs in)

GRAHAM- Patty I can explain--

Patty- No! You can't explain! I'm leaving you! I want a divorce!


(Angela is in the hallway listening)

PATTY- Good-bye Graham.

GRAHAM- No Patty wait!

(Patty runs out of the room)

ANGELA- No wait Mom! I'm coming with you!

(Angela grabs some of her stuff and leaves)


(Patty, Angela, and Danielle all get into the station wagon and the car heads off out of sight. Graham is left out on the porch he is crying)

GRAHAM- What have I done?


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Reviews for this story

Rating Distribution:
Average: 2.8/5   2.8/5 (156 votes)
  • ChaseFace888 commented on 03 Aug 2003:
    The story kinda had a rushed feeling to it. And it had some good ideas, but the execution of it could have been better. But there was this one scene between rayanne and angela that was really was just like the rayanne/angela relationship
  • anonymous author commented on 06 Aug 2003:
    I liked the first one better.
  • anonymous author commented on 06 Oct 2003:
    Dude! They already had Christmas Break! Remember "Resolutions" Stick with the original timeline please. The reconciliation with Rayanne was way too rushed. Think back to the bathroom scene between Sharon and Angela when they talk about not being friends anymore, things weren't resolved right away, and they were not in the circumstances of betrayal.
  • anonymous author commented on 03 Jan 2004:
    too rushed
  • Tasha commented on 12 Jan 2004:
    A little bit more.
  • anonymous author commented on 13 Jan 2004:
    I agree it felt rushed, but I still liked it and hope you write more.
  • Isabel commented on 30 Jan 2004:
    I have just finished watching the 19th episode of MSCL, and this story served as an extraordinary sequel to it! I think the writer has captured the characters exactly, and the comments about it being rushed are not acceptable.
    The whole original quality about this certain show, stems from the fact that everything is fragmented; the speech, scenes, characters, relationships. Everything seems rushed because the audience is left to decipher it themselves- to slow the pace and have their own view on it.
  • michele commented on 13 Jul 2004:
    very realistic. i could imagine this as a real episode.
  • Hannah commented on 24 Aug 2004:
    horribly and terribly rushed! the apology wouldn't have happened so quickly at all, and i don't thinmk patty would've reacted that way to kissing, because she seems to keep levelheaded a bout most things ---yelling and shouting maybe, and possibly talk of divorce. but i couldn't imagine her packing things and such unless he slept with hallie. and where was jordan, jordan DEFINITELY would've been in epidsode 20. i think that a lot of the stuff said was outta character, and, well, i just thought it was sorta bad.
  • Lauren commented on 29 Sep 2004:
    i feel that you had a good story line but Jordan was a huge part of episode 19 and hsould have been a part of this episode. 19 was based on jordan and brian mostly .. there should have been more .. and Yes they already had winter break ... and i also agree it was rushed and out of chartater and Rayanne and Angela def would not have just forgotten about what happened that easily... i think a little more elaboration on brian jordan and angels and rayannes reconciliation is needed ... and honestly .. i think that Graham wouldnt have kissed Hallie .. we went through this in Episode 2 ... Develope that idea a little better and i think u will be on the right idea .. other than that i think you have some good idea .... WHO THINKS ITS A GREAT IDEA TO HAVE A MSCL HIGH SCHOOL REUNION!!!! that would be awsome lol
  • Alexa commented on 02 Oct 2004:
    look it was good and all but i agree it was a little
    rushed- and Angela's voice should have been a little
    more insightfull- but stil it was good-
  • sara commented on 12 Aug 2005:
    no it would not be like that at all!!!!
  • jess gave this story a 5.0/5 5.0/5 rating and commented on 23 Oct 2007:
    was it ever filmed?
  • achris gave this story a 4.0/5 4.0/5 rating and commented on 09 Nov 2007:
    i can't believe you left out brian! even the comments/revw does not really share the view that, after the 19th epicode,it's between brain and angela now.

    there's hint of a cycle in this story: when patty was in high school she was the most popular girl in school (epi.5) and she was with this tony poole guy. graham was not popular (he's into cooking, for chissakes!).

    and now angela is like her mother. she's not as hot as her mother was when she was her age, but she's with this supposed-to-be cool guy, jordan. now brian is like graham/ in the end he gets the girl. he will become cool. maybe not in high school, but in the future.

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