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Episode No. 20 - Cessation

written by Mike Lynn (Dengar)

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Published: 06 Sep 2001 | Size: 19 KB (3803 words) | Language: english | Rating: PG-13
Average: 3.0/5   3.0/5 (47 votes)

based on stories and characters created by Winnie Holzman

Foreword:  I know everyone out there who might read this is looking for the desired conclustion of Ep. 19. The way that tv shows often go, a conclusion dosnt usually present it self right off the bat. So, in true MSCL fashion, this fiction story tackles a real subject, that has been taken from personal exspierencs in hopes to make an interesting story involving all the charectures we love. Hope you enjoy, and Ill try to come up with a few more.

Ep. 20 Cessation

Fade in: Jordan is sitting in a dark room, the glow of the tv is the only real light sourse. with guitar in hand he stares straight ahead.

Jordan V.O.  When i was 10, my best friend moved away. He said hed like write, or visit, or whatever, but never did. This is a little diffrent.

Fade in Chase house, morning: Angela, Patty and Gram are standing in the living room staring at the tv. A low but audable news caster voice can be heard.

" The body of !7 year old Ryan Blanck was found in his home dead of an aparent suicide. His parents were unavable for comment at press time"

Patty: (obviously very concerned) Did you know this boy?

Angela: No. (beat) I mean, I knew of him if thats what you mean. He is a senior.

Patty: Oh honey. (turns to face Angela) You know that your father and I love you very much right?

Angela: Yes of course I do mom, jeez. Not like I hung out with this boy on a daley basis, and am thinking of killing myself.

Patty: I know, I know. Its just so unthinkable that a any child, or a child of my own could feel that no one cares.

Angela: (Uncomfotable with the sudden attention) Im gonna be late for school. (Pickes up her backpack and walks out)

Patty and Gram both focus back on the tv.

Gram: Patty (beat) dont worrie about this.

Patty: How can i not?

Gram: (Slowly puts his arms around Patty) You are a wonderful mother. I know it seems sometimes that we have no connection with them ( Angela, Daniell) but its not like this.

Patty: So you dont think...

Gram: No, I dont

Jordans car is parked outside of school, his figure can be made out, reclined, staring up.

Jordan VO: So this is what it feels like when somone dies. I wonder if could like get a day off or something.

Jordan gets out of the car and heads into school.

Interior girls bathroom, busyer than usuall.

Girl 1: I heard he did it to prove his love for a girl.

Girl 2: Yea, but howd he do it.

Girl 1: He took a bunch of pills from his parents medicine cabnet.

Girl 3: No, he got them from some drug dealer my boy friend knows.

Bell rings, girls walk out still in conversation.

Slowly one of the stall doors open, Angela walks out, stands in front of the mirrors. Another door opens, she begins to leave, then realizes it Rickie.

Angela: Oh, hi. ( walkes up, kisses him on the cheak) I didnt know you were in here.

Rickie: So you obviously heard the news.

Angela: Yea, my parents were like freaking out about it this morning.

Rickie: At least there like concerned, (beat) about you.

Angela: I guess. But realy, does this realy have like an effect on my life? Should I forget everything that is happening around me for one little reason. God, I didnt even know him.

Rickie: Jordan knew him. At least thats what Rayanne told me.

Angela: Jordan, how? I mean I never seen him talking to him or anything.

Rickie: Well, Jordan was held back, twice, they were in the same grade until high school. He even supposedly tried out for Jordans band.

Angela: Oh my, I should see if hes alright. Do you...(beat) Are you ok?

Rickie: Im fine, I mean I can understand why someone can be tempted to something like that.

Angela: Rickie...( she walk closer to him, takes his hand)

Rickie: If I havent done it yet, than there is nothing in this world that will make me do it now. (kisses her on the cheak)

Fade out

Mrs. K'skis office

Jordan opens the door, kind of trying to sneak in.

Mrs K: Mr . Catalano, how nice to see you showed up.

Jordan VO: Definatly not in the mood for this.

Mrs. K: Please have a seat. What do I owe for this pleasure?

Jordan: Well, I got this pass, to like get out of Katimskis so...

Mrs K: Yes I know. Your attendence record has made a major improvement I see, along with your grades.

Jordan: Yea, this kid, Brain has been helping me out.

Mrs K: So you seem to be on the right track now hmm. I mean, is there anything youd like to talk about?

Jordan: No.

Mrs K.: Come on Jordan, you are not going to get off that easy.

Jordan walks out of the guidence office. Kind of puts his arms up in the air guitar position.

Jordan VO: E3 to D2 to D3 repeat. Oh man, I gotta right this down.

Mr. Katimskis class.

Angela is sitting at her desk, in a dreamy state not realy paying attention.

Mr. Katimski: So I want everyone to read the first chapter of "Beowulf" and be ready for a class discution tommarow.

Angela looks up at the door exspecting Jordan to be coming back from guidence. Instead she sees Brian coming back from the bathroom.

Mr. Katimsky: And rember if you are selling tickets for "Our town" the play is next week, so gee wiz, get them sold.

The bell rings, Angela starts to gather her books, looking around to see if maybe she missed Jordan coming in.

Mr. Katimsky: Ok everbody, see you tommarow.

Fade out.

Jordan is leaning up against his locker after school, seems to be lost in the same thoughts as always.

Jordan VO: So, if he was in the band and this happened, it might make for good like publicity, but technicly, wed still have to change the name from Frozen Embryos to somthing else beacause one of the band members is ....( He opens his eyes, and gets a confused look on his face)

Angela can now be seen walking up slowly

Angela: Hi

Jordan: Hey

There is a small amount of tention, but not as much as usuall

Angela: So um, how is everything?

Jordan: Cool. (beat) Just another day I guess.


Angela: Mr. Katimski wants us to read the first chapter of that play.

Jordan: You mean the one about that wolf guy?

Angela: Yea, thats the one. Figured youd need to know sience you didnt come back to class.


Jordan: So you want a ride or something?

Angela: Sure

They walk down the hall side by side. Angela notices Rayanne passing by, and gives her a cautious smile, Rayanne does the same.

Jordans car is on a slow and steady pace through the streets of Three Rivers. Angela has sat in silence for most of the ride.

Jordan VO: Sometimes, being with Angela is like hearing "Buba O'Riely" for the first time. Its so overpowering,  it like makes your heart pump faster.

Angela: Im sorry about what happened.

Jordan: Its not your fault, you dont have to be sorry.

Angela: I know, its just...(looks at him kind of confused) You are allowed to like talk about it. He was like your friend right?

Jordan: Kind of. (getting agitated)

Angala: I just wanted to be here for you thats all. If its an inconvienence than you can...

Jordan: No... ( looks in her eyes) Its ok, realy.

Jordan turns his attention back to the road. Angela sits still  for a moment, then unbuckles her seat belt and slides over next to him.

Jordan VO: And then sometimes, its like hearing the song for the hundreth time. You know what lies ahead, there are no suppries. But its still like as exciting.

Angela slips her arms around him, resting her head on his shoulder.

Jordan VO: the only let down is, you know when its going to end.

Chase house, around dusk, Jordans car pulls up to the curve.

Jordan: So, Ill see you tommarow.

Angela: Yea, tommarow.

Jordan leans close, gives her a short, but passonite kiss. Angela smiles, and opens the door, gets out.

Jordan: Angela....

Angela is halfway to her door, turns to look.


Jordan: Thanks.

Jordans room at night. Lieing on his bed, again strumming his guitar. He looks over at his bed side table. It has an alarm clock on it, blinking 12:00, and a pile of papers, some crumples, some folded.

Jordan VO: Its strange how an event that realy has nothing to do with me, can cause Angela to like want to talk to me.

He puts down the guitar, and picks up a random piece of paper.

Jordan VO: Wish I could have read these before. Wonder if I missed anything.

Jordans Dad OS: Hey boy, some punk namd Tino is on the phone for ya.

Jordan: Tell him Im busy.

Dad OS: Doing what?

Jordan: Home work.

Dad OS: Yea right, Ill tell him.

Jordan VO: This is a good oportunity to tell her, about the note. I have to tell her.

Jordan tryes to take in as much of the notes from Angela as he can. He seems to have a small grim on his face.

Fade out.

Next morning, Jordan is sitting at the kitchen table, a cup of coffee steaming in front of him.

Jordan VO: I wonder if Angela drinks coffee?

Jordans very blue collor dad comes walking in.

Dad: Did you save me a cup?

Jordan: uh, yea sure.

Dad: So did you know that punk who offed himself yesterday?

Jordan: (a supprised look) he was a senior.

Dad:  So, youre what 18 now, you and him were the same age. Just figured...

Jordan: Im 17.

Dad: Well thats what mothers are for, keeping track of  you.

Jordan: Whatever.

Dad: I gotta get to work.

Jordans dad exits, leaving  Jordan in the same position as we found him.

Jordan VO: Are all dads the same? If  I turn out like that, Ill probably kill my self.

Jordans eyes widen with that thought.

Interior class room morning. Jordan has his head down on his desk. Mr. Foster can be herd over the PA reading the morning anouncments.

Mr. Foster: ...and memorial services for Ryan Blanck will be held at St. Lukes church on saturday, I urge all of you that can attend to please be there for the family...

Jordan VO: What a downer that will be. We should all be happy that hes in a heaven... if there is a god or whatever. Its probably better that here.

Interior space of Grams future resturant. Gram is talking on the phone.

Gram: the painter guy will be here in a half hour to give us an estimate for all the wall paper, paint, and labor.

Cut to

Interior Wood and Jones Printing. Patty on the phone

Patty: Well thats great. Are you going to be there late?

Cut to Gram

Gram: Not too late, I should be home around 5:00 (pm). Why did you have somthing in mind?

Cut to Patty

Patty: Well, the PTA is having a meeting tonight, and there is supposed to be a speaker there. You know, like a physcologist, to help exsplain the reasoning behind teen suicide.

Cut to Gram

Gram: Patty, I thought we discused this. I know youer conserned, I know it bothers you, but this is just something that I dont think could ever happen.

Cut to Patty

Patty: Please Gram. We both know what its like to be that age, how hard it can be. Maybe , just maybe we can understand why they shut us out, and show us how to stand our ground so they know that they can come to us no matter what.  I dont want them to be afraid of us, or what life can bring upon them.

Cut to Gram

Gram sits staring, move by the proclomation.

Gram: Ill be home as soon as I can. (beat) I love you too.

Fade out

Angela at her locker, getting out some book and papers. Rayanne, hesitent at first aproaches.

Rayanne: Hey Angelica, whats shaken.

Angela: Oh hi. (kind of suprised)

Rayanne: So are you going to this memorial thing. I mean Jordan is probably going right.

Angela: Im not sure, he hasnt said much about it. Are you?

Rayanne: Probably not. Im afraid if I step into a church Ill burn up right there.

They both thoughtfully laph, almost showing remaines of the past friendship.

Rayanne: So if you see Enrique, tell him Im looking for him ok?

Angela: Ok.

Rayanne: See ya.

Fade out

Brian and Rickie are walking down the hall.

Rickie: So can you believe thay are calling people down to giudence, to like talk about there problems. Thats the second time this year. Like we all have death wishes or something.

Brian: Like Id tell them anyway. I get enouph of that at home.

Rickie: Are you going, to like that church thing?

Brian: No, I have like 50 million other things to do. And Foster like wants me to write a "In memory of" thing for the yearbook. I mean... is Angela going?

Rickie: Maybe you should go to giudence.

Brian: (embareced) What do you mean..I was just know wondering, if like she was going. Nevermind... I have to go, I mean bye.

Rickie: Ok, bye.

Bell rings, people start to flood the halls. Angela walks out of a classrom, spots Jordan walking down the hall. She runs up behind him.

Angela: Hey, Jordon

Jordan: Oh hey VO Does she always know where I am.

Angela: Hi, so um (beat) how are you?

Jordan: Fine I guess.

Angela: On  saturday, Im suposed to do this thing with my dad, but like if you want me to go to that thing with you I can probably go with you, like if you want me too.

Jordan: (kind of avoiding the subject) Oh right, the church thing.

Angela: Yea, so...

Jordan: Im not sure if  I realy want to go. Its like not my place or whatever.

Angela: Oh, I just thought...

Jordan: What? Why does everone exspect me to like care, or like be all...

Angela: No, I dont exspect you to be anything.

Jordan: I wasnt the only person who knew him, and it just seems that everyone thinks that I was. If hes dead, hes dead, what can I do? What does it matter?

Angela: (stunned) Im sorry, I didnt mean to make you mad.

Jordan: (suprised with his outburst) I know. Its just, (beat) Im trying not to think about it. VO or you, and what I have to tell you when this is all over.

Angela: It was rude of me to assume that you were going, and that you didnt have anything else going....

Jordan VO: She can be so inocent when she knows shes done somthing wrong.

Jordan: Dont break a sweat over it. Tell ya what,  maybe on saturday, maybe be can hang out yaknow, and like listen to some music or somthing.

Angela: (dreamy) Id like that.

Jordan: Gota go.

Angela: Ok.

Jordan walks away, Angela leans up against a locker and watches him slowly turn into a classroom. Brian walks by trying not to be noticed, but cant help but stairs at Angela. Angela turns to walk and notices Brian. She give him a look, not sure what to think. Brian scurrys into the same class as Jordan.

Fade out

Interior class room, students have desks moved all around in front of eachother, hard at work, tutoring those in need. Jordan and Brian sit across from eachother. Brian has a note book and pen out, Jordan has nothing in front of him.

Jordan: So what are we working on today?

Brian: (nervously) Well, I kind of need your help before we get started.

Jordan: (sits up in interest) What, with a chick?

Brian: Um ( still nervios) well no. Its just Mr. Foster..

Jordan: Who?

Brian: You know the princable.

Jordan: Oh, right.

Brian: Well he asked me to do this thing, and  I heard that you knew Ryan Blan...

Jordan: Oh man, not you too. ( very annoyed with the situation) Who said that I knew him?

Brian: Nobody, I mean it was kind of like common knowlage (scared).

Jordan: Well forget it, Im not going to help you with some depressing thing about someone nobody realy knew.

Brian: I dont want to write a bepressing thing either, just like a requiem,  for those who didnt know him.

Jordan: Thats touph, its not my responsability to rember him. (slouched back in his seat) VO Every thing that has went on in thae past weeks seems like nothing now.  Grudges and emotions or whatever are like all going in that same direction, like traffic or something. And it seems were all going to the same place.

Jordan looks up at Brian who seems to be writing somthing.

Jordan: Whats a requiem?

Brian: (looks up, thinks for a moment) you know like a composition writen about somone, after they die. But it dosnt have to be sad, it can just be about him, like what he liked to do and stuff like that.

Jordan: (thinks of what Brian just said) Well, its not that nobody knew Ryan,, he was just the quiet type. Not always though. ( small grin) I can rember this one time at some party when....

Jordan continues his story as Brian looks on, fiddleing with his pen, chuckling at the things he is being told.

Fade out.

Chase house evening

The Chases are sitting, eating diner.

Danielle: Mr. Lowe told are class that to kill your self you have to be insaine.

Patty: Honey, he wasnt insaine, just confused.

Angela: do we still have to talk about this. I mean to be like fair to him.

Gram: Shes got a piont. Would you like it if we were talking about you like this?

Patty: But this is an important subject Angela. You grls have to know that were hear for you, anytime, for anyting.

Angela I know mom

Danielle: What if your at work?

Gram: Than just give us a call.

Angela: Can we please stop talking about this.

They finish there meals in near silence

Angelas room, evening.

Angela is looking at a pictore of Ryan Blanc in the yearbook, she looks up to see the infamous Rolling Stone wih Kurt Cobaine on the cover. Then proptly closes the year book.

Krakow house evening.

The front door opens, Brian is stunned.

Brian: So do you like need something?

Angela: Not realy. Its just, I have all these tickets Im suposes to sell, and um, I was thinking you might like, want to buy one.

Brian: Well no. I mean, I have ticketsto sell too.

Angela: Oh, I didnt know you sighned up.

Brian: Yea, its a long story.

Angela: Well, would you want to come with me, kind of a team work sort of thing.

Brian is stunned with the proposition.

Brian: Um, sure. Let me go get my tickets.

A few moments later, Angela and Brian are walking down the sidewalk.

Brian: So where do you want to go first?

Angela: Your obviously the brains of this operation.

Brian: Thats why I am going to sell all my tickets first.

Angela: (laphs) Oh right. In my humble opinion, I have way more of a chance than you. Im a better salesmen.

Brian: And how do you know that?

Brian and Angela continue walking down the street, and for a moment, everything is perfect.


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Rating Distribution:
Average: 3.0/5   3.0/5 (47 votes)
  • v commented on 08 Sep 2001:
    I liked how you used jordan as the story teller. And the only thing I could see that was really wrong with it was the grammer and the ending. All in all, it was a very good story.
  • Cat commented on 24 Sep 2001:
    The story was okay. You wrote the characters very well. Their mannerisms and such were very consistent with the actual show. Having a subplot for that specific episode (the suicide) is good and all, but you should've focused a little more on the main plotlines. Also, you should really have someone spell check your stories for you before you post them. Otherwise, good story! :)
  • Kar commented on 01 Oct 2001:
    It's a good story, but really, have it edited!!! Spellcheck!!! I liked that Jordan was the one telling the story, but at the same time I don't know that it fits. It's almost like he's too mysterious to let that image break and give him voice overs. I also didn't really understand the ending, so you could work on that. But I did like the story, and the characters were true to the show.
  • L commented on 05 Jan 2002:
    I liked and was really interested in the use you made of Jordan as the voiceover. Your story is pretty good and has a nice flow, but maybe you could run the spell check next time because that was the most obvious flaw. Other than that I felt like the episode just dropped off and did not include that much of the other storylines. Altogether I was pretty impressed. Nice job, now write another!
  • anonymous author commented on 02 Jun 2002:
    I think that it is going against the nature of jordan's character in MSCL to make him the character with the voice overs for an episode. I know that we all have this fascination with him, me deffintely included, but part of his appeal is that we never really know what he is thinking, or what he is about. I know that now the show is over and we have taken control of writing further stories, we all try to get Jordan to speak more to open up, to say to Angela what we wish he would, but I think that goes against the essence of the show. We like Jordan Catalano because he is so alusive and we, like Angela can read into him what is not really there, but as writers,, we have to stay true to the show,

    Watch the spelling, there are some major mistakes.
    I hope that if this guy was Jordan's friend that he wouldn't be thinking about publicity for the band. (aAnyway their Residue now remember. And how many names can one band have?)
    Beowulf is not a play, it is an epic poem.
    Even jordan's Absent father would have to know who the ellusive Tino is.
    I think you ar struggling to find realistic dialogue, but the story is a good one.
    Make-ups never happpen that fast like what you have betwen Angela and Rayanne, it just isn't that easy.
    I agree that the ending was forced and didn't really fit.
    But iliked where you were going with bBrian and Jordan, i think the episode would be more effective if Jordan did not do the voice overs and we could just figure out how he was feeling by how he behaved.
    The other comments were saying ow it doesn't address all of the story lines, that is true, but not every episdode did either, like "Weekend" and even "Halloween"
  • TASHA commented on 06 Feb 2004:
    The spelling needs a lot of help. Im not too fond of Jordan having a VO i agree with anonymous that the audience should be keep in wonder about Jordan. However the characters were fairly followed. the story was ok.

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