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Episode No. 20 - Evolution

written by John Barnes

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Published: 29 Dec 2000 | Size: 19 KB (3824 words) | Language: english | Rating: PG-13
Average: 3.7/5   3.7/5 (195 votes)

based on stories and characters created by Winnie Holzman

SCENE  - Angela sit on her bedroom windowsill staring intently across the road through her window at the dark Krakow house.

Angela VO: So Brian Krakow really did have feelings, interests outside his camera, his bike and advanced algebra. The trouble is, the other interest was me. Its weird when you think you know someone, like * really * know them and it turns out you never knew them at all. I’ve known Brian Krakow my whole life and we must have had thousands of conversations but I think today was the first time in ages we actually talked.

SCENE 2 - Angela has let her bedroom and moved downstairs to the kitchen where Graham sits pecking at a plate of cold pasta. Angela walks in with a pleased smile on her face.

Graham: How’d you date with Jordan Catalano go?

Angela: Daaaaaad, it wasn’t a date we just hung out

(Angela rises and walks towards a drawer where she collects a fork and begins to pick at the pasta)

Angela: Oh yeah, how was the big dinner?

Graham: Oh, the restraunt's got the go ahead

Angela:  You look pleased (sarcasm)

Graham: ahh (sighs) its nothing

Angela: Well, I’m gonna get to bed.

Graham: Goodnight sweetheart

Angela: Night Dad

(Camera rests on Graham as Angela leaves, he sits motionless for a while then sighs and throws the fork down on the table in disgust)

SCENE  - Angela waits at the bus stop the next morning, staring down the road, from where Brian must appear.

Angela VO : I’ve been wondering what to say to Brian, like wondering for hours, the whole night in fact and now the times here, now the times come I still have absolutely no idea what to say

(Jordan’s car pulls up beside the bus stop)

Jordan: Hey Ang-ela want a ride?

(Brian appears at the bus stop trying desperately not to be noticed. He fails miserably and Angela shoots him a glance

Angela : Sure, maybe Brian could ride with us ?

Jordan : Whatever (eyes dead ahead)

Angela : Hey Brian, need a lift?

Brain : No thanks Chase, I’m fine

(Jordan pokes his head out the door)

Jordan : Hey Brain

Brian : Hi, I mean um… hey

Jordan:  So Bye Brain

Brian :  yeah bye

(Angela gets into the car and stares intently at Brian in a mirror image of the last episode.)

SCENCE : The school car park where Angela unbuckles her seat belt and is about to open the car door when Jordon grabs her arm lightly.

Jordan : Angela, theres something I need to tell you, about that err letter that I sent. Well I didn’t sorta write it. I mean I meant the things in them but I didn’t sought off make them up. You know when you like errrr…..Politicians quote other politicians like dead ones, well that’s what I did except I quoted a whole letter and I meant every word, you know like being sorry, because I am sorry…..Like real sorry

Angela VO : Jordan Catalano doesn’t have a way with words but he has this habit of saying exactly the right things at exactly the right time.

SCENE  : The school hallway where Brian fidgets with his combination lock on his locker

Brain VO : There’s been many times in my life when I’ve like said stupid things. I’ve just blurted out the first thing that comes into my head and it only on next day I’ve realised the mistake I’ve made. Its funny how different things can look after a good nights sleep.

(Rickie approaches unnoticed by Brian

Rickie : Hi

Brian : Hey I mean hi

Rickie : So what did she say ?

Brain : What did who say ?

Rickie : Don’t play with me Brian

Brian : What do you think ? Why did you have to tell her ?

Rickie : I thought she would have figured it out, I mean it seems so obvious. So what did she say ?

Brian : Nothing, Jordan Catalano turned up and they went off together

Rickie :  Oh

Brian : Yeah “oh” (Pause) Remind me to like never tell you anything like ever again

(Brian motions to move, not looking where he’s going and bumps into Sharon Cherski)

Sharon : Watch it Krakow

Brian : Sorry Cherski

(Brian bends down to help her pick up her books but as he gets up to hand the books over he accidentally hits Sharon in the chin with the top of his head.)

Sharon :  Owwww, Krakow for Godsake!!!!

Brian : Sorry

(Brian scuttles off to his class rubbing his head, the camera looses him in a now crowded hallway it then returns its gaze to Sharon and Rickie

Sharon : What’s his problem ?

Rickie : He has girl trouble

Sharon : Brian has actual girl trouble

Rickie : It’s a long story

Sharon : A * Story * as in gossip ? (Incredulous)

Rickie : My lips are sealed

Sharon : (feigns disintrest) Well if its juicy I’ll probably hear about it anyway. So……..Rickie, you know that Delia Fisher has like the biggest crush on you

Rickie : I know Sharon and I like her too but just not in that way

Sharon : Oh,…… ok but could you like tell her, I don’t want to see her get hurt. Not after the Krakow incident

Rickie :  Oh she knows, were just a boy and a girl who are like good friends, no romantic intentions at all

Sharon : Yeah, like Angela and Brian (Sarcasm )

(Camera focuses in on Rickies hesitant face)

SCENE  - Mr katamski’s English class. Katamski drones on about a new book for reading while Angela gazes at the back of Brian’s head while at the same time exchanging smiles and glances with Jordan at the back of the room.

Katamski : Gee-Whiz is that the time, ok people that’s it of you go (bell rings) ha, just in time too

(Angela rises and moves towards Brian but Jordan pulls her back and Brian disappears out the door

Jordan : So, Ang-ela you wanna do something tonight ?

Angela : Jor-don its like a school night

Jordan : So what we’ll just drive around or an hour and do you know………..stuff

Angela : (Smiling) Stuff ?

Jordan : Yeah Stuff

Angela : (Caving in) Ok, come round about 8

Jordan : Ok (rises to leave)

Angela : See ya

Jordan : Yeah Bye (Disappears out door)

(Camera focuses on Angela smiling to herself while clutching her books)

SCENE  - Girls bathroom, Rayanne sits on the window sill. The room is empty. Enter Sharon, she fixes her hair in the mirror before turning to Rayanne who is twiddiling a braid with her thumb and forefinger

Rayanne : So Cherski still screwing Kyle ?

Sharon : (Stops and stares at Rayanne) Do you have to be so blunt ?

Rayanne : Neh, works for me

Sharon : (Pause) I’m gonna tell him

Rayanne : uh-huh

Sharon : Its not as easy as it sounds. I mean I set aside a time and a place to do it and then figure out what to say and then something gets in the way

Rayanne: Maybe you could get really drunk and do something stupid in the backseat of a car, I heard that works

Sharon : She’s still not talking to you huh?

Rayanne : What do you think ?

Sharon : Just give it time, I’m sure she’ll come round eventually (Pause) So Rayanne, you wanna come round tonight…..maybe we could watch a video or something?

(Rayanne stares intently at Sharon for a moment, who carries on adjusting her hair trying to remain oblivious to the stares)

Rayanne : Brad Pitt?

Sharon : Uh-huh

Rayanne : I’m there

SCENE 7- Brian and Jordan sit facing each other on desk pushed together. Brian reads, trying to concentrate while Jordan stares dreamily into nothingness

Jordan : So Brain, what ya doin’

Brain : Geometry advanced geometry

Jordan :  Really, whats that like useful or

Brian : (Annoyed) You know like…………….teaching geometry

Jordan : Oh (pause) So Brain, you know me and Angela are like together now. Were going out tonight. That letter really worked even though I told her I didn’t write it. Don’t worry I never mentioned your name (Pause - Brian is desperatley trying to ignore Jordan ) have you ever noticed that Angela does this hair tuck thi

Brian : (Standing up and interrupting) What makes you think I like care !!!! I don’t even like Angela Chase. I’m sorry but she treats people like crap. I like, hate her

Jordan : Hey Brain calm down, I just thought you and her were like friends or something

Brian : (Sitting down and quieter now but still angry. )My name is not Brain its Bri-an, get it ? Bri-an and I really * really * don’t want to talk about Angela Chase

Jordan : Ok, ok I won’t mention it again (They both start to work or a few seconds then Jordan leans forward and whispers in a conspirital tone)

So she like tucks her hair behind her…….

SCENE  - Angela stares at the Kracow house from across the road.

Angela VO : I’ve * got * to like go in. I can’t leave this to fester, I mean if you leave things like this to linger they become like worse and worse. The funny things are it would have probably been easier to believe that Jordan wrote the letter, I mean the things in the letter were so personal, romantic, emotional, and open. Everything that Brian Krackow is not

(Walks upto the Krackow household and hesitantly rings the doorbell.

(After a moments pause, Mrs Kracow answers the door)

Angela : Em, hi is Brian home ?

Benice : Oh, hi Angela, how are you ? We haven’t seen you in so long

Angela : Em, fine thanks, so is Brian home ?

Benice I’m sorry you’ve just missed him. He popped out with his friend em…. (calls inside the house to her husband) Honey, who was that boy Brian went out with ?

Mr Kracow : (From inside house) emm, Richard, Riquardo …

Angela : Rickie ?

Benice : Yes, Rickie that’s the one

Angela : Oh

Benice : A nice young, man though I noticed he was wearing make-up. But well, you know I don’t like to judge

Angela : (Confused) Thanks anyway Benice

Benice : Its ok Angela. Its so nice to see you again. You know you must come over again sometime (Angela walks back to her house with a confused look on her face)

Angela VO : Its weird I never would have considered that Rickie and Brian would have become like * Friends *

SCENE  : Chase living room with Graham, Patty, Danielle and Angela seated round the table

Danielle : So whenever Mrs Riley sat down, Daniel made these farting noises. Its was like * so * funny.

Graham : Danielle don’t use that language at the table

Danielle : What am I supposed to say then ?

Angela : Mum, do you think its ok if I go out with Jordon tonight

Graham : Just say he broke wind ( Short Pause ) in fact don’t use that language anywhere

Patty : Angela it’s a school night

Danielle : But he didn’t break wind he made farting noises

Angela : I know but its only a little drive

Graham : Danielle what have I told about using that word

Patty : Its been * two * nights in a row

Danielle : No, that’s the first time I’ve used the word fart

Graham : Stop saying that (annoyed)

Angela : Hey its like the first time I’ve brought it up

Graham : Well now you’ve said it twice

Angela : No, once

Patty : Oh come on you done it yesterday and your asking again tonight

Danielle : I didn’t say anything yesterday about farting

Graham : Would you stop saying that

Angela : What I’m even saying anything now

Angela VO : Sometimes our family communication skills have a lot to be desired.

Danielle : Well, whatever he it was like * really * funny

SCENE  : Rickie and Brian sit across from each other on a huge oak table at the katamski’s flat. The room is jam pakced with shelves all overflowing with books, both boys also have there own books spewn across the table

Rickie : So what’d you get for question 12 ?

Brian : Eight-point-nine-four

Rickie : (Looks confused) Oh

Brian : (looks worried) Why what did you get?

Rickie : The Spirit of Louis (Both Chuckle lightly) Brian, listen the reason I called you over is to like apologize

Brian : Really it doesn’t matter  (Rickie smiles and they return to work for a moment)

Rickie : So have you talked to Angela since

Brian : I’d really rather not talk about Chase

Rickie : I just think you should tell her how you feel

Brian :  I’ve got this thing about humiliation. I don’t really like it

Rickie : Your gonna have to talk to her sometime

Brian : You see I’ve been thinking about this and I’ve realised something. I don’t. I don’t * have * to talk to her

Rickie : So your gonna avoid her for the rest of your life

Brian : No, just the rest of her life

Rickie : Brian, females are statistacly proven to live at least seven years longer than males, and besides that she’s like your next door neighbour (pause) and you friend

Brian : (Agitated) NO! She’s * not * my friend, she’s just an aquaitance. (Rickie gives a pull the other one look)Ok, so maybe we know each other to say hello and we spent a little time together as kids but that’s really as it goes, its not as if  were * close * or anything, and you know what I am totally over her. Ok so I may have had a little crush on her but that’s over now. She can do whatever she wants now, I don’t care, I just don’t care anymore its like totally ilogical to have a crush on her completley ilogical.

I am completley over her

SCENE  - The Chase parents bedroom. Graham struggles with his slippers preventing him from getting into bed while Patty sit up in bed reading

Graham : So, is Angela back yet ? (Grunts as he manages to prize one of the slippers of his foot)

Patty : Uh-huh she came in five minutes ago

Graham : So do you think this thing with Jordan is serious?

Patty : (Rests book her lap and looks up) I don’t know its not as if she tell us anything (Pause) You know I met Jordan, I mean met him properly

Graham : (Finally manages to get his slippers off) When ?

Patty : You know, that night Tony Poole came round

Graham : So, what’d you think (Gets into bed)

Patty :  I don’t know, I mean I can see what she’s * sees * in him but, but……………………I don’t know

Graham : What don’t you know

Patty : I mean he seems nice enough. He’s just seems like he’s just seems a little too dreamy like his head is permantley stuck in the clouds. I just can’t see them spending the rest of their life together

Graham : Christ Patty she’s 15, your talking about the rest of her life. (Laughs) Don’t mention that to him, you’ll scare him off (Pause-Pulls the quilt over him and settles down for sleep) maybe you should mention it then

Patty : So how’s Hallie?

Graham : (Annoyed) Hallie’s fine

Patty : And the restaurant

Graham : Well we’ve picked a opening date all we need now is staff, a name and food

Patty : So everything’s fine

Graham : Everything’s as well as can be expected

SCENE  - Rickie and Angela stand by Rickie’s locker. Rickie is busy loading his books into the locker while Angela stands by

Angela : So Brian came round yours last night (Accusingly)

Rickie : Firstly its not mine its Mr Katamski’s and secondly so what ? I needed some help with my homework and Brian wasn’t doing anything besides I don’t think he should have been alone yesterday, he seemed a little down

Angela : Since when have you been an expert on Brian Krackow ??

Rickie : He’s like my * friend *

Angela : Yeah right, or maybe you just need someone to do your homework

Rickie : (Slams the locker door shut angrily) Don’t push the way * you * treat Brian on to me. Its not as if you treat him right anyway

Angela : * Me *, I’m like his best friend, I’ve know him for like ten years, whereas you’ve known him for what *five minutes *

AngelaVO : I couldn’t believe it me and Rickie were arguning over * Brian Kracow *

Rickie : Just because you grew up together it doesn’t mean you like close or anything

(Angela is about to respond when she notices Brian walking past down the hallway)

Angela :  Brian !!

Brian : Hey Chase (Pause) I mean Hi Chase

BrianVO : What are you physically incapable of not making an idiot out of yourself

(Brain carries on walking, Angela looks saddened)

Rickie : I’m sorry Angela, its just that Brian was really upset about the letter. You were never meant to know he wrote it, maybe you should lay off him for a while, I know its not you fault but the guy doesn’t open up much

Angela : You want me to forget anything happened.

Rickie :  just give him time he’ll come to you when he’s ready

Angela : What if he’s never ready

(Rickie is about to respond when Angela’s attention is caught by Rayanne and Sharon who are walking down the hallway arm in arm laughing and joking both fail to notice Angela

AngelaVO :  Its depressing when you see people you know living their lives completely independent of you. Brian and Rickie and now Rayanne and Sharon. I remember in biology talking about evolution, the natural process of change. I never realised that Brian had changed and that Rayanne had not, but maybe you don’t notice the change in other people when you change yourself. Maybe evoloution has a lot to do with friends, they take you as far as they can and then we have to leave them. Maybe that’s the only way we can grow up, by leaving behind the things of the past. Maybe Brian and Rayanne have taken me as far as they can take me, I’ve like evolved out of them. Maybe there part of my life that I can never go back to again. (Pause) Maybe.


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Reviews for this story

Rating Distribution:
Average: 3.7/5   3.7/5 (195 votes)
  • anonymous author commented on 01 Jan 2001:
    A good start that has many good bits and ideas for greater progression I look forward to a countinuation
  • RS commented on 10 Jul 2001:
    This is great; it's one of the most believable Episode 20s. The E.E. Cummings-style lack of punctuation is original, but it sure slows down the reading process. . .
  • anonymous author commented on 17 Aug 2001:
    jordan catalano would never realistically act like that. nor would angela chase.
  • Emma jonson commented on 28 Aug 2001:
    god, i thought this story was absolutely fantastic, very true to the original features of mscl, which made me stop at the beginning to think, hang on, did i miss an episode?? i love the humour and i love the ending, extremly thought provoking, and emotional (for teenagers at least!)

    I know there is no use waiting for the next series, it will never come, but this website has given me the amazing feeling that i am not alone in opinion.

  • Stars_n_Guitars commented on 22 Oct 2001:
    that was an excellent story...i totally got into seemed like a more realistic portrayal of angela compared to other stories...i really liked the idea of how angela's friends were getting along without her...and that confusing conversation at the dinner table was really well done....i gave the story a 10....
  • anonymous author commented on 05 Jun 2002:
    You have some major spelling, grammar, and leaving words out problems
    Angela would never say that she was Brian's best friend, and Jordan's portrayal is totally out of character. Also, watch your word choice because MSCL takes place in Pittsburg USA, you have to keep the phrases American, not saying "mum" and "car park" etc... And Brian's mom's name is Bernice not Benice
    And Ricki was the big one in support of Angela knowing Brian wrote the letter, he would not have said to her what you have him saying to her in the last scene
  • hey commented on 29 Jun 2002:
    listen if u think this story was good, go to and check it out there. one author writes as if he had written for the original show! its awesome
  • Selina commented on 07 Jul 2003:
    I really enjoyed your story. After watching the entire MSCL on DVD this weekend, It seems very true to the show. As it has been several years since the last story, I wouldn't anticipate another, but it would be ice to see where it goes.
  • Kelly commented on 17 Jan 2004:
    This story was ok and pretty realistic, but what about the dates with Jordan? The author never gives any clue about when Jordan picked her up the first time or when they drove around for an hour. Very disappointing.
  • Meg commented on 19 Jan 2004:
    Loved it. snaps for the author...enjoyed 2 perspective vo's...
  • Becca commented on 22 Dec 2004:
    This is a well thought-out piece, but it needs some editing! Sorry, I am an English teacher, and my students call me the "Grammar Nazi!" The best part was the Chase family dinner conversation...very true to life. I think sensitive Rickie would be a little more understanding of both Angela's and Brian's feelings. I don't think he would choose sides, because he didn't choose sides between Angela and Rayanne. With some tweaking and editing, I would submit this to Winnie about a MSCL book series?
  • Michael Buse commented on 29 Mar 2005:
    You have serious reammar problems and no understanding of who these characters are. THe worst problem though is you total lack of continutity. Episode 1.19 ends on a Friday night and you send the characters to school the next morning.
  • Abi commented on 10 Jul 2005:
    the story was good but the continuity was an issue. Brian Krakow was actually in Calculus in the show.
  • Ali gave this story a 4.0/5 4.0/5 rating and commented on 17 Sep 2007:
    Why do people have to knit-pick at every detail? No fans story is going to be 100% true to the show, that's what makes them original works! Who cares about spelling/grammer??

    I thought this story was great, it totally brought me back into the MSCL world! Thanks for that!
  • Anna gave this story a 4.0/5 4.0/5 rating and commented on 14 Jan 2008:
    Woah. good job. i think you really captured the characters, as much as a spectator and not a creator can. i really liked it. And i think the moral was just right for the next step in the story. But i don't think Angela's gone from rayanne for you???
  • AnnaLee gave this story a 3.0/5 3.0/5 rating and commented on 22 Oct 2009:
    I thought your story was believable and humorous. Remember though, this is an American TV series... gotta be careful of the English terminology. (flat, round, etc) Real good though; I look forward to the next!
  • MIKE gave this story a 4.0/5 4.0/5 rating and commented on 02 Dec 2010:
    GOOD STORY BUT SOMIE OF IT HAS BIEIEN REUSED FROM THE OTHER PREVIOuS SHOW S LIKE THE PASTA AT THE FORMAL DINNER TABLE.situation but then you thind yeah in real life many little moments like that get repeated over and over. at different times- rearranged. also

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