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Episode No. 20 - Truth or Dare

written by Kate Spencer

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Published: 31 Mar 2000 | Size: 9 KB (1774 words) | Language: english | Rating: PG-13
Average: 2.1/5   2.1/5 (89 votes)

based on stories and characters created by Winnie Holzman

Brian watches as Angela whom he loves gets into Jordan Catalano’s car. Angela follows Jordan into his car, rarely looking back.

ANGELA VO: I’m just torn. Brian Krakow is in love with me and Jordan Catalano, who I love, wants me. I have to go with Jordan; right now I have to play this out.

The two in the car stop near the loft. Jordan puts his arm around her they both sit in silence.

JORDAN: So you liked the letter?

ANGELA VO: Yeah except you didn’t write it.

ANGELA: I guess.

JORDAN: I had some help on it....

ANGELA: I know.

JORDAN: Well, actually that tutor guy Brain kinda...

ANGELA: Wrote it for you. I know Jordan

JORDAN: Wrote it for me... wait, you know? How? Did Brain tell you?

ANGELA: No Brian didn’t tell me, Rickie did.

They turn and look at one another Jordan holds her hands in his.

JORDAN: I just asked him to help me because I’m not good with words. Everything he wrote I felt. I swear.

ANGELA VO: WOW! What am I supposed to say to that? (Aloud) You both did.

JORDAN: (confused) Huh?

ANGELA: Nothing, you could have written the letter. You could have just said you were sorry without so many words.

JORDAN: So are you mad?

ANGELA VO: Was I mad? I should have been, but he did tell me, himself. (Aloud) No. But can you take me home?


He starts the car and drives her home. And in front of her house he kisses her passionately. In front of a hiding Brian Krakow.

JORDAN: Do you want me to pick you up tomorrow for school?

ANGELA: (lovestruck) Yeah.

He kisses her again through the open car window.

JORDAN: See you tomorrow.

The Next Day: Int. Hallway.

Rayanne, Rickie, and Sharon stand in the hall; Brian is a few lockers down and all of them are looking at Angela and Jordan who have just walked in hand, in hand.

RAYANNE: So she forgave him and not me. That sucks!

SHARON: She’ll forgive you. Just talk to her.

RICKIE: It’s the only way, your gonna have to apologize to her.

RAYANNE: Speaking of stuff people have to do... Sharon you have to stop using Kyle.

RICKIE: That’s true.

RAYANNE: Enrique, Isn’t there a certain young lady who wants your affections. Have you told her that you don’t exactly swing that way.

RICKIE: Delia. Well I’m going to tell her, I just don’t know how.

SHARON: I have a way to work out all of our problems: Truth or Dare.

RAYANNE: What? How will that help?

SHARON: It’s a great way to get everything out in the open. We have the three of us; Kyle, Delia, and Angela and Jordan come over to my house, under false pretenses of course.

BRIAN: Me too. I mean can I come I have stuff to get out in the open.


Later that day: Int. Classroom

The Bell rings. Sharon stops Angela before she can leave.

SHARON: Can you and Jordan come over to my house Friday, sort of a double date?

ANGELA: Are you sure that’s a good idea?

SHARON: Yes please come?

ANGELA: I’ll talk to Jordan.


Int. Girls bathroom

Rayanne and Rickie are talking.

RAYANNE: Do you think that this truth or dare thing will work?

RICKIE: It’s worth a shot.

RAYANNE: Yeah, I guess.

After School: Parking lot

Jordan leans against his car as Angela walks up, he greets her with a kiss and they get in the car.

Int. Jordan’s car

ANGELA: Will you go on this double date thing or not?

JORDAN: If it means were back together, okay then.

ANGELA: (Kisses him) Thank you.

JORDAN: Your Welcome.

Friday Night: Sharon’s House

Angela, Jordan and Kyle sit on the couch as Sharon answers the door. Rickie and Delia are on the other side. They come in Rickie rushes to Angela.

RICKIE: Hey sweetie.

They hug.


The doorbell rings again, this time Jordan jumped up to answer it.

JORDAN: (as he opens door) How many more people are we....

Rayanne and Brian stand at the door.

RAYANNE: Hello all (she looks strait at Angela)

ANGELA and JORDAN: What are they doing here?

SHARON: I invited them. We can start now.

KYLE: Start what?

RAYANNE: Just a little game.

JORDAN: What little game? (He steps back from Rayanne and Brian; he then puts his arm around Angela)

RICKIE: We are gonna play truth or dare everyone please sit down.

They all sit several faces are uneasy.

RICKIE: I’ll start... Angela, truth or dare?

ANGELA VO: Kill me now! It’s ether gonna have something to do with Rayanne or Brian. (Aloud) Truth.

RICKIE: Okay, Name the people in this room that you love, the ways you love them and name those that love you, and the ways.

ANGELA: (whispers to Jordan) Do you love me?

JORDAN: (says as he kisses her) Yes, I love you.

ANGELA: (smiling) Okay I love Jordan, in a boyfriend way. Rickie and Sharon in a friend way, and I guess Brian and Rayanne in that way, too.

RAYANNE: Really?

ANGELA: Yeah I guess (they smile and hug) Jordan loves me in a boyfriend way. And Sharon, Rayanne Rickie, and Brian love me in a friend way.

She falls back into Jordan’s arms; they sit in an embrace.

RICKIE: Good, there was only one non-truth in there.


RICKIE: Brian, he doesn’t love you like a friend, he is in love with you, the way you’re in love with Jordan.

Everyone in the room looks uncomfortable. They all are staring at Brian. They all look confused, but Jordan looks pissed off.

JORDAN: (to Angela and Rickie) What?

ANGELA: What are you talking about Rickie?

RICKIE: And you knew it, Angela. He told you the night you left with Jordan.

Jordan squirms he takes his arms away from Angela.


ANGELA VO: Why can’t things just stay good? (Aloud) It’s true.

JORDAN: (near tears) What? Brain? Do you want him? Do you love him?

BRIAN: My name is Brian! I have been in love with her for, like ever.

JODAN: Do you love him?!

ANGELA: No. I love you, Jordan. Brian I wish you had just kept your damn mouth shut! I don’t love you; sometimes I don’t even like you!

Jordan hugs her as she lightly cries he kisses the top of her head. Brian looks at her shocked.

SHARON: Angela it’s your turn.

ANGELA: (wipes her tears) Okay, Rayanne truth or dare?


ANGELA: Okay, this is important to our friendship, so when was the last time you had a drink?

RAYANNE: Not since that night. I swear.

ANGELA: That’s great.

RAYANNE: Okay, it’s my turn. Sharon?

SHARON: Truth.

RAYANNE: Do you love Kyle?

KYLE: What the hell kind of question is that Graff?

RAYANNE: The kind she has to answer stupid!

SHARON: NO! I don’t love you Kyle and that’s why we have to break up.


SHARON: Cause I don’t want to use you anymore!

KYLE: This is all your fault Graff!

He grabs her and goes to punch her but Jordan intercepts and hits him.

JORDAN: I think you better go.

KYLE: Fine (he walks out)

Jordan turns and put his hands on her shoulders and looks into her eyes.

JORDAN: Are you okay?

RAYANNE: Yes, thank you (She hugs him)

Angela sits there watching this, with her arms folded and an angry look on her face. Jordan sits Rayanne between Angela and himself, not noticing the look on his girlfriend’s face.

SHARON: (near tears) Rickie truth or dare?

RICKIE VO: I’m gonna have to tell her sometime. (Aloud) Truth.

SHARON: Who do you have a crush on?

RAYANNE: What? Leave him alone Cherski!

Delia just smiles dumbly.

RICKIE: It’s okay I’ll answer.... I have had a crush on Jordan for a while.



DELIA: What? What about me? You’re gay?

RAYANNE: Really now! Duh! I didn’t know about his thing for Jordan but anyone with half a brain could tell he was gay!

RICKIE: (crying) Shut up! Did you ever think that I might not want to let everyone know! I’m sorry Angela, and Jordan.

ANGELA: It’s okay.

JORDAN: (still uneasy) Yeah.

DELIA: I still don’t understand.

RICKIE: I’m gay, so I’m not attracted to you, but we can be friends.

Delia hugs him.

DELIA: Okay.

RICKIE: Brian truth or dare?



To be continued....

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Reviews for this story

Rating Distribution:
Average: 2.1/5   2.1/5 (89 votes)
  • anonymous author commented on 04 Apr 2000:
    The story is allright...
    I just don't like how you turned Jordan into a wimp and this whole truth or dare session it's a good idea but please they all can't solve their problems in one night.
  • PetaR commented on 20 Apr 2000:
    The story was good and I am waiting for more, but you have to write more in to Angels head she is always analazing everything to death.
  • anonymous author commented on 21 Apr 2000:
    I thought that characters were totally unbeleivable. Like Jordan would never say I love you, much less go on a "double date" to Sharon's house. Everyone was fessing up real quick and then crying at the drop of a hat. It was like reading the babysitters club or something. Not at all liike MSCL.
  • Natalie commented on 22 Apr 2000:
    I read this story again and later posted my review as anonymous but I am re-writing and re-thinking my view on this.

    Ok I felt I was in the middle of some camp fire and everyone was going to bust out singing Kumbaya or something. First off Angela and Jordan's relationship was farther from the truth, Come on what is going on here I don't think Jordan cries or says I love you to anyone. Brian is not that outspoken he would never confess his feelings right in front of everyone. Also Rickie doesn't rat on people he would never do that.
  • Mike commented on 06 Jun 2000:
    Okay, first of all, I just want to say this review is just meant in the writer's best interest. After all, you won't get any better if you don't know what you're doing wrong, right? Anyway, to be honest, I didn't even read this full story. I just skimmed through it and read parts, but I saw plenty to know what it's like overall. To start off, your characters are acting insanely OUT OF CHARACTER that it's actually quite funny. I caught a lot of one-line zingers that were laugh-out-loud funny just for the plain ridiculousness of the statement. I agree with the main point of everyone else who reviewed it here; your story reads like an episode of the Babysitters Club and everything gets resolved way too quicky and easily. Humans are complicated creatures and not even we can understand everything we do. Maybe you wrote this story for yourself more than anyone else (which isn't all that bad if you're not trying to make a living off the craft). You need to learn the ability to get inside a characters head and learn what makes them tick, and also realize that things in life are far more complicated than they seem, and can't be resolved by an evening around a campfire and a box of tissues. Please don't let me or anyone else discourage you from writing future work.
  • anonymous author commented on 23 Jul 2000:
    This story isn't terrible but it needs to be cleaned up a bit. Everyone seems to easily get over huge revelations so they can move on to the next truth or dare question. And if Angela didn't want to answer any questions regarding Rayanne or Brian, why didn't she choose dare? Also, it was already established to Delia that Rickie was gay, so she shouldn't have been so surprised. Please don't take this criticism as a reason to stop writing, just trying to help. Try again!
  • Anonymus commented on 18 Aug 2000:
    The story was okay, but not as deep or realistic as it should have been, in order to go along with the show. The Truth or Dare is good, but should have been done in a different way. The characters' personalities were also changed too much.
  • NICKNAME gave this story a 1.0/5 1.0/5 rating and commented on 05 Apr 2008:
    Okay. There is a technical detail that I couldn't even get past: Delia and Ricky. Ricky came out to Delia in the end of "In Dreams Begin Responsibilities" which is the last episode. When Ricky asks her out on a date she says, "But you're gay right?" And at that point Ricky admits the truth. She knew and she was okay with it. She just wanted to like someone that wouldn't hurt her the way Brian did.

    The creativity is great, but facts need to be checked and story lines must be consistent or all the creativity in the world won't matter.

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