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Episode No. 20 - Home Truths

written by Cas Hayes

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Published: 1997 | Size: 77 KB (15587 words) | Language: english | Rating: PG-13
Average: 4.4/5   4.4/5 (45 votes)

based on stories and characters created by Winnie Holzman


The car is parked. Jordan and Angela sit, staring ahead.

JORDAN: (uncomfortably) So... (Angela ignores him) Uh, so, uh, what d’you wanna do now?

ANGELA: Y'know, whatever.

JORDAN: (grasping) You were talking to Brain.

ANGELA: (a little defensive) So?

JORDAN: So nothin’. Just...never mind.

ANGELA: What? What were you gonna say?

JORDAN: Nothin’. I mean, like, what did he...did he say anything about me?

ANGELA: Should he have?


ANGELA: Well then.


They sit in silence for a moment, Jordan uncomfortable, Angela brooding

ANGELA: I know.


ANGELA: I said, I know.

JORDAN: (confused) Know what?

ANGELA: About the letter. The one *you* wrote me.

JORDAN: Oh. What do you know?

ANGELA: (angry) For God’s sake, Jordan, I have given you hundreds of opportunities to admit the fact that you didn’t write it, and you haven’t even tried!

JORDAN: Wha – What d’you mean? I wrote it.

ANGELA: No, Jordan, *Brian* wrote it. Brian Krakow.

JORDAN: (annoyed) Did he tell you?

ANGELA: No,, it doesn’t matter. The fact is, it wasn’t *you* who told me. It should have been you.

She subsides. Jordan is now looking very uncomfortable.

JORDAN: Angela, I wanted to write it.

ANGELA (VO): It wasn’t so much that he didn’t write it. Although that bothered me. It was that he couldn’t like, admit the fact. That *he*, Jordan Catalano, was wrong.

JORDAN: (humble, guilty) I would have wrote it if I could.

Angela jerks her head up, startled.

ANGELA (VO): Maybe I couldn’t admit it to myself. Coz I guess he'll never be wrong. Not in my heart.

JORDAN: I, y’know, felt really bad, and I y’know, wanted you back, or whatever. Coz I missed you.

He lowers his eyes and fiddles with his hair. Angela looks at him with new-found respect.

ANGELA: Just when I think he’s all done, Jordan Catalano will never fail to surprise me one last time. (OL) I know.

JORDAN: (looking up) You do?

ANGELA: Yeah. I . . . I missed you too.

He closes his eyes and sighs. Angela looks at him fondly and wonderingly. Suddenly, he opens his eyes, then turns away and starts up the car.

JORDAN: So, I should take you home.

ANGELA: (surprised) Uh...oh, okay. (VO) And as soon as he opens up, and I start to learn about him, suddenly the door will close again, and Jordan will like, his emotional refuge.


Jordan and Angela stand facing each other. Jordan looks unsure of himself, Angela looks vaguely like she wants to just get inside and have the whole night over with.

JORDAN: So like, d’you want a ride? Tomorrow?

ANGELA: Yeah. (pause) Thanks.

JORDAN: So...I’ll see you –

ANGELA: (finishing his sentence) - Tomorrow.


They stand in awkward silence for a moment longer. Angela reaches up and brushes his hair behind his ear. Her hand lingers on his face, then they move towards each other at the same time and share a passionate kiss. When they break off, Jordan looks sheepish, Angela is just grinning insanely.

JORDAN: What? Why're you smiling like that?

ANGELA: Nothing, it's just...(VO) You are such a good kisser (OL) It's my birthday soon.

JORDAN: Oh. (beat) Really?

ANGELA: Mmm-hmm.


ANGELA: So, I guess I should get in. You know, before my mother like, has an aneurysm.

JORDAN: An aneu...what?

ANGELA: (smiling slightly) Nothing. I should just...

JORDAN: Okay. Seeya.

He leans in and kisses her lightly, tenderly, then walks back to his car, humming. Angela smiles her ludicrous smile again, then turns and goes into the house.


As Angela enters and closes the door, we hear Graham and Patty arguing in the kitchen.

GRAHAM (OS): (angry) Well, what do you want me to do about it?!!

PATTY (OS): (incredulous) How am I supposed to know, Graham? I don't know anything anymore!

Patty comes storming into the hallway. Angela is still taking off her coat and is oblivious to her mother. Patty ignores Angela and stalks upstairs. Graham enters the hallway.

GRAHAM: (suddenly realizing Angela is there) Oh, hi honey.

ANGELA: Hi, dad.

Angela goes to him and kisses him on the cheek.

ANGELA: (little girl mode) Ooh, scratchy.

GRAHAM: (confused) I thought you didn't...

ANGELA: (interrupting, dreamy) Dad, don't like, talk. No words.

GRAHAM: (bemused) Uh...okay.

Angela twirls up the stairs, still with her scarf on, and Graham watches her go, mystified.


The halls are packed with students, it is the beginning of the day before classes. The scene is focused on Rickie and Brian. Rickie is getting books from his locker and Brian is slumped next to him, completely miserable.

RICKIE: So you like, told her? And she walked away?

BRIAN: Not exactly. Worse, actually. She got in his car.

RICKIE: *He* being...Jordan?

BRIAN: (sighs deeply) Rickie, what did I do to get into this mess. God is like, playing a really sick joke on me. And I haven't seen the punchline yet.

RICKIE: (rolling his eyes) Brian, you're being like, overly dramatic. Just because she got into his car doesn't mean she didn't like, hear what you were saying. And understand. She was probably just confused... or something.

Brian looks up and sees Angela and Jordan walking down the hallway holding hands. Rickie notices Brian staring and turns to look.

RICKIE: Brian, just...

BRIAN: No, no. Just shoot me. Just like, take a gun and kill me. (VO) I know she waits until I'm like, watching. Just to make it hurt that much more.

Angela and Jordan have stopped down the hallway and Jordan kisses her passionately.

BRIAN (VO): If they don’t come up for air soon, they're both gonna die. It's like she's been fitted with a pair of lungs designed specially so he can slobber her for a minute longer. (OL – to Rickie) I've got to go. I have class. You have class. You know, they *all* have class. I'm...going. Seeya.

He walks away, leaving Rickie staring after him, clearly worried.

Cut to Angela and Jordan, just breaking away from the kiss.

JORDAN: So are you coming tonight?

ANGELA: (breathless) Coming...where?

JORDAN: To Vertigo. They’re having another open mike night, which is also like an audition. So if we’re good we could get like a regular gig. And we should be better now. Coz y’know, we’re Residue now, and we don’t have, like, Graff in the backseat.

Angela starts at the phrase. She looks a little horrified. Jordan doesn’t seem to realize what he’s said.

JORDAN: Angela? Are you like, okay?

Angela stares at him for a second, warring with herself inside, then without answering, turns and walks slowly down the hall (towards Rickie). Jordan stares after her, confused. Suddenly a lightbulb pops – he’s realized. He frowns.

JORDAN: (to himself) Damn!


Some decorator guys are painting the fountain, and another guy is measuring the floor space (or something to that effect). Graham and Hallie are sitting on the floor, their backs against one wall, papers spread all around. Hallie has a Chinese takeout carton and is shoveling noodles into her mouth.

HALLIE: (still chewing) So, we decided on the chicken, right?

GRAHAM: No. *You* decided on the chicken.

HALLIE: Well, what’s wrong with it?

GRAHAM: We want this restaurant to be...elegant, right?

HALLIE: It’s not the Ritz, Graham.

GRAHAM: No, but chicken isn’t...uh...refined.

HALLIE: Refined?!! Where the hell did that come from? Refined. Who cares?

GRAHAM: The money guys?

HALLIE: Money schmoney...look, just call it something (she points the chopsticks at Graham) "refined" like Chicken a la Plate, or something.

Hallie smirks at her own joke. Graham groans.

GRAHAM: Fine. Chicken it is. But only if you let me have the salmon.

HALLIE: Sounds fair. Chicken for salmon. I think we have ourselves a deal.

GRAHAM: Now, we have to decide on a name.

HALLIE: Name. Name name name. Hmmm, I’ve been thinking about this one.

GRAHAM: I don’t even...

HALLIE: Hey, don’t stop me, I’m on a roll here!

GRAHAM: (sighs) Anyway, the sign guy says he’s booked up after the end of this week so we have to decide on a name by Sunday or we’re never gonna have one.

HALLIE: (self-assured) Sure, don’t worry.

Graham looks dubious.

HALLIE: Would I lie to you?

She offers the takeout to Graham. He makes a face. She shrugs and begins to eat again.


Delia is leaning against a sink, facing Sharon who is standing by the stalls. Rickie is applying eyeliner. Delia is her usual bubbly self.

DELIA: So guys, what do you think?

SHARON: A dance? You want a dance? After the World Happiness...thing?

RICKIE: She has a point, Delia.

SHARON: You see, I have a point.

DELIA: (refusing to be quashed) Okay, fine, not a dance. How about just, you know,!

SHARON: (a little more interested) This would be more like a home thing. Not like, a school thing, right?

DELIA: Oh yeah, totally. And we could invite all our friends. Rickie and me could dance.

RICKIE: (smiling) Attractive as that prospect is, I still don’t think people are in the mood to like, party.

DELIA: (the idea has taken hold) Oh come on, that’s the best reason to *have* a party.

SHARON: You know, she’s right. It might just up everyone’s spirits to just like, break free or something.

RICKIE: Okay, okay, you got me. Fine. Just don’t let Delia arrange the music!

Delia elbows him and he nearly smudges his eyeliner. He glares at her comically before they both start giggling.

RICKIE: Okay, well, I’ll tell Angela coz I’ve got like, social studies with her now.

SHARON: Oh, okay. Well, I’m not going to class now, so...

Rickie and Delia stare at her, shocked.

SHARON: What? I cut class. I *do*!

DELIA: Okay. Sorry.

RICKIE: Sure, of course you do.

DELIA: So, we’re gonna go to class.

RICKIE: Hey, do you think Angela will mind if I invite Brian to the party?


RICKIE: Oh. It’s just he seems, so like, depressed. He needs a party.

DELIA: Rickie, Brian Krakow needs like, a life.

SHARON: That’s a painful truth.

RICKIE: Okay. So I won’t.

DELIA: Right.

RICKIE: Right.

SHARON: Right.

Rickie nods decisively and leaves. Delia shrugs and follows. Sharon rests her head on the cool mirror and closes her eyes. Suddenly, a toilet flushes and Sharon jumps. Rayanne comes out of one of the stalls.

SHARON: Hey, I didn’t know you were in there.

Rayanne looks at her blankly.

SHARON: I mean, I shouldn’t have...we wouldn’t have...

RAYANNE: Talked about things? Like in front of me? Coz I’m not supposed to know things, like, coz Angela hates me, so I can’t know things. It’s like this big group that’s like, completely Rayanne-less.

SHARON: Rayanne, I think that’s a bit...

RAYANNE: Exaggerative? Stupid? Uncontrollable?

SHARON: Uncontrollable?

RAYANNE: Well, yeah. Coz I am. Like that. Uncontrollable.

SHARON: (sighs) Rayanne, that’s only the drink. And Angela will come round. (pause) But you’ve got to sort out the drinking, because without that you will have like *no* control of the relationship between you and Angela.

RAYANNE: (quietly) I know. It’s just so like, hard.

SHARON: I know.

RAYANNE: I’ve never like, dealt with anything this hard before.

SHARON: I can imagine.

RAYANNE: So, does she ask about me?

SHARON: Sometimes. But Rayanne, you can’t expect this to happen like, overnight. You did something awful to her. She needs time to like, adjust or whatever. To not being mad.

RAYANNE: But how long will it take? Coz I miss her.

SHARON: You know Angela.

RAYANNE: I *used* to know Angela.

SHARON: No, you still do. And when she gets hurt she shuts people out.

RAYANNE: That I *had* noticed. (pause) But you know, I see her with Catalano. And I think...I think that it’s not fair. How she’s forgiven him, but she won’t forgive...y’

A pause. Sharon looks at Rayanne sympathetically. Rayanne stares at the floor, then looks up at Sharon, and not being able to stand the compassion, hurries out of the door. Sharon rests her head back on the mirror. Rayanne reenters quietly and stands in the doorway.

RAYANNE: Hey...Cherski.

Sharon turns her head slightly, but doesn’t take it off the mirror.

RAYANNE: Thanks for, y’know, listening.

Rayanne turns quickly out of the door.

SHARON: (softly) Anytime.


Brian and Jordan sit opposite each other, Jordan concentrating (almost painfully) on a worksheet in front of him, and Brian pretending to do some calculus work, but really studying Jordan.

BRIAN: So are you like, finished yet?

JORDAN: Huh? Oh. No. (pause) What’s that?

Jordan points to a word on the worksheet. Brian squints at it.

BRIAN: Angelic. It means, like an angel.

JORDAN: Looks like Angela.

BRIAN: Yeah, she does.

JORDAN: Does what?

BRIAN: Y’know, look like an angel.

JORDAN: No, I meant the word. It’s spelled like Angela.

BRIAN: Oh. Oh! I see. Yes.

Brian tries to hide in his calculus book – Jordan gives him an odd look. There is an awkward pause.

JORDAN: So, is it like her birthday soon?

BRIAN: Huh? Oh, yeah, I guess.

JORDAN: You guess?

BRIAN: I mean, yes, yeah, it is.

JORDAN: Oh. (beat) When?

BRIAN: Ten days.

JORDAN: That’s a.......Friday.

BRIAN: Saturday.


BRIAN: So have you like, got her a gift or something?

JORDAN: Am I supposed to?

BRIAN: (a little hostile) I thought you were like, together, or whatever.

JORDAN: I don’t know. I mean, I thought we were, but there’s all this like, stuff, you know. And it seems like we can’t get past it or something. Like she finds it too difficult to even like, try.

BRIAN: (trying to hide his gladness – and failing) Oh. (beat) I mean, I’m sorry. For you. And her. Both of you. Together. (a little too loudly) Coz you *should* be together.

JORDAN: (looking at him strangely - pause) Uh, Brain...thanks, y’know, for the letter and stuff.

BRIAN: The letter? Oh the letter. I mean, I just, I...

JORDAN: It made her want to talk to me again. Thanks, y’know, for that.

BRIAN: But I mean...I told...I mean Rickie told her...y’know, that *I* wrote the letter. (hastily) Don’t be mad.

JORDAN: Oh I know. She knows. But I explained it to her. You know, how I would have said it if I could, but your words were like, better or something. And then it was cool. Coz the letter was from me, but written by you, but not actually *from* you. You know?

BRIAN: Not really, but okay.


Jordan goes back to his worksheet. Brian studies the top of Jordan’s head intently. Jordan is engrossed in what he is doing.

BRIAN: So are you like, finished yet?


It is Mr. Katimski's English class – Angela and friends (minus Sharon) are present. Mr. Katimski wanders round reading aloud from a book. Angela sits staring into space, twirling her hair.

ANGELA (VO): The last period of school is really like, depressing. Like the end is so close but you can't quite reach it yet. I hate that feeling. And the fact that Jordan Catalano is seated pretty much on my lap is kind of distracting. Especially because he won't stop pestering me.

She turns round and the girl behind her hands her a note. It is from Jordan. Angela sighs, unfolds the note and looks down. CU on paper. All that is written is <<


>> Angela turns back around and looks at Jordan. He smiles tentatively.
She turns back to the front and beams blissfully.

ANGELA (VO): I wish I could stay mad at him. That would make life like, a thousand times easier. If I could just...stay mad.

KATIMSKI: So, uh...Angela? Angela?


KATIMSKI: The sonnet...on the board? Would you it...please.


She flips to the appropriate page.

ANGELA: No more be grieved at that which thou hast done:

Roses have thorns, and silver fountains mud;

(Visual: Jordan sits at the back of the class. He is smiling, seeming to understand every word. He is twirling his pen and on the desk he has written << A+J >>)

Clouds and eclipses stain both moon and sun,

And loathsome canker lives in sweetest bud.

(Visual: Brian stares at Angela – he is clearly upset.)

BRIAN (VO): I am gonna puke. (OL- interrupting Angela) Uh, Mr Katimski?

Angela stops reading and looks up, annoyed.

KATIMSKI: What is it?

BRIAN: I, uh, need to go to the...bathroom.

The class snickers. Mr. Katimski sighs.

KATIMSKI: Sure. Go...go right ahead.

The bell rings.

KATIMSKI: Ah, well, I'll see you all...tomorrow, uh...anyone who wants, should come see me now.

Brian hurries from the room, followed by most of the rest of the class.
A few, including Delia and Abyssinia Churchill, go up for extra credit. Angela just sits in her seat. Jordan comes up to her.


ANGELA: Hey. (hair-tuck) I knew you were gonna come over.

JORDAN: Yeah? Cool. (pause) So, uh, y'know that poem? That you read? It was like, about us. Kind of.

Angela smiles. Jordan laughs shortly.

JORDAN: So, am I like, forgiven?

ANGELA: Yes. I'm like, eternally sorry. I overreacted. A lot.

JORDAN: No, I guess it was a stupid thing to say.

ANGELA: Okay. So I can come. To Vertigo tonight.

JORDAN: Oh, really? That's y'know, cool. I need you there.

She gets up and kisses him. He wraps his fingers in her hair.

JORDAN: (softly) Your hair's really soft, like in the back.

Angela giggles, then hefts her bookbag, and taking his hand, they walk out of the classroom. Fade to:


The Chases are all sitting around eating another of Graham's creations.

PATTY: So, how'd it go at the restaurant today?

GRAHAM: Pretty good. We decided on some of the menu.

ANGELA: Are you gonna have that salmon thing? I *love* the salmon thing.

GRAHAM: Yes! You see, this is my point. I told Hallie Lowenthal that chicken wouldn't...

ANGELA: Chicken? At your restaurant?

GRAHAM: Exactly. So, I told Hallie Lowenthal that we shouldn't have chicken, but would she listen? Oh no. She just had to decide. I feel like I'm being pushed to the wayside. It's like it's her business now.

PATTY: (tightly) So are you having the chicken?

GRAHAM: Of course! *Hallie* suggested it, so we just *have* to have it. You know, I'm quite happy with her being all dictatorial about the financial or business side, but when it comes to the food – that's my territory.

ANGELA: (overacting) You are my hero.

They both laugh. Patty does her famous fake smile.

PATTY: I'll take in the plates.

Patty takes her plate and grabs Graham's roughly from the table. He looks at her a little surprised but lets it go.

ANGELA: So, dad, can I go out tonight?

GRAHAM: Is this with Jordan?

DANIELLE: Who *is* Jordan?

ANGELA: Not exactly.

GRAHAM: What do you mean, not exactly.

ANGELA: Well, he's going to be there, but...

DANIELLE: Is he your boyfriend?

GRAHAM: Where are you going?

ANGELA: Vertigo. You know the coffee house.

GRAHAM: (clearly not knowing) Of course.

DANIELLE: Because I have a boyfriend.

Angela and Graham turn to stare at Danielle.

GRAHAM: You, uh, you have a boyfriend?


ANGELA: (amused) Is this the famous Ryan?

DANIELLE: No. Ryan and I decided to just be friends. It's casual.

Angela and Graham look at her, then at each other, then back at Danielle.

DANIELLE: So is Jordan your boyfriend?

ANGELA: (ignoring her) So can I go?

GRAHAM: I guess so.

PATTY: (reentering) Go where?

ANGELA (VO): Oh God. The battle with my mother is always much more challenging than the one with my father. (OL) To Vertigo.

GRAHAM: The coffee house.

DANIELLE: Jordan's gonna be there.

ANGELA: Danielle!

PATTY: Angela!


PATTY: Of course you can't go.

ANGELA: Mom, why?

PATTY: Because it's a school night.

ANGELA: I've been out on school nights before.

PATTY: Well, *I* haven’t let you. And not if it’s with Jordan.

ANGELA: Mom, why? Why not with him?

PATTY: It’s just...I just don’t want you out on school nights with a boy.

ANGELA: Mom, I already promised him I’d go. Anyway, dad said I could.

PATTY: Graham!

GRAHAM: I didn't know there was a rule about it.

ANGELA: It won't be for long. It's just to hear Jordan's band play.

DANIELLE: Jordan's her boyfriend.

ANGELA: Danielle, shut up!

PATTY: No. I said no before, and I haven't changed my mind.

ANGELA: Mom, please. Jordan really needs me to be there.

DANIELLE: Are you and Jordan having sex?

All three stop mid-argument and stare at Danielle in surprise.

GRAHAM: Uh, Danielle, that’s not...

PATTY: Of course they're not. (To Angela) Are you?


PATTY: What? I think if my daughter is sleeping with someone I have a right to know.

ANGELA: No, no you don't. (VO) Why do parents think they like, run your lives, and if you don't tell them something, they'll like, die or something.

GRAHAM: Patty, come on.

PATTY: Oh, you would be on her side.

GRAHAM: What do you mean? There's sides?

PATTY: Oh come on Graham, whenever you can you try to be on someone else's side. Angela, or, or (through tears) Hallie Lowenthal...or...

GRAHAM: Oh, so this is about Hallie?

PATTY: I never said that.

Angela and Danielle sit uncomfortably. There is an awkward silence.

DANIELLE: So if Angela can go out on dates, can I?

PATTY: Angela is not going out on this date.

ANGELA: Mom! Please!

GRAHAM: It's what you meant though, isn't it?

PATTY: Oh fine! (completely overwhelmed) Angela, be in by ten. Danielle, I have to meet him first, and Graham...ugh!

She runs upstairs and we hear the bedroom door slam. Graham looks down at the floor. Angela looks worried. Danielle is looking bouncy.

DANIELLE: So when can he come over?


Sharon is flipping through some old clothes on her bed. The phone rings. She picks it up.

SHARON: Hello?


SHARON: Yes? Who is this? (beat) Rayanne?

The scene cuts to Rayanne in a phone box. It is raining heavily. The scene keeps switching between Sharon and Rayanne appropriately.

RAYANNE: Yeah, it’s me.

SHARON: So...what do you want?

RAYANNE: Are you like, doing anything?

SHARON: (suspicious) Why?

RAYANNE: Oh, nothing. Only...well, I’m not, so I was thinking we could go someplace.

SHARON: Why me? We’re like (exaggerated voice) "barely even friends" right?

RAYANNE: Yeah, I like know, but...there’s no one else.

SHARON: Well, you know how to make me feel better anyways.

RAYANNE: Oh, come on Cherski.

SHARON: (sighs) Oh, alright. Okay!

RAYANNE: Great! I’ll come over.

They hang up.


Angela sits alone at a table, her hands wrapped around a large mug of coffee. A band plays poorly in the background.

ANGELA (VO): It’s been one of my dreams, like, ever since I knew that Jordan Catalano had a band, to like, hear them play. And even though Rayanne had asked me to go see them before when she was lead singer, and even though I had heard them rehearse thousands of times – this is like a new experience. It’s...exhilarating.

Up on stage the announcer comes on. She is not the same one from "On The Wagon", but a more hip, younger one. Obviously an employee, not a manager or something.

ANNOUNCER: Okay, everyone. Thanks to Bacterial Yogurt.

There is a light smattering of applause.

ANGELA (VO): Well, no matter what Jordan’s band do, at least their name isn’t embarrassing.

ANNOUNCER: Please welcome to Vertigo’s open mike night, Residue!

Jordan and the rest of the band (Joey, Shane and the two guys with really stupid accents and no names we met in "On The Wagon") set up on stage. Angela sits watching proudly. Jordan scans the fairly well-populated house and locates Angela, smiling at her. Then the intro starts and Jordan starts singing (for the interested – "To You I Bestow" by Mundy). Angela sinks back in her seat. The scene flicks between Jordan singing (he’s really getting into it) and Angela daydreaming. (On other speaking, Jordan’s singing fades into the background)

JORDAN: (singing) <Well you may not see me when you come back>

<I could be sharing someone else’s pillow>

<And my love for you is better than diamonds>

<To you everything I bestow>

<And tomorrow I’ll be dancing on my own>

<And I’ll need a kiss for my head that’s aching>

<And I’ll be a hungry dog without a bone>

<Hoping my place with you’s not taken>

(Visual: Rayanne enters Vertigo doors, happy and ebullient. She drags Sharon behind her. Sharon sees Angela just as Angela sees Rayanne. Angela turns back to the band)

<Kiss me and tell me it’s not broken>

<Kiss me and kiss me till I’m dead>

<See I’ll give you the stars>

<From the bruised evening sky>

<And a crown of jewels for your head now>

<For your head now, for your head now>

<For your head>

(Visual: Rayanne hesitates then walks over to Angela. Angela does not look at her)

<One last night in bed for a time>

<Two more wishes and both are forgotten>

<And three guesses you’re the angel’s child>

<And four hopes that this love’s not foiled>

RAYANNE: Angela?

<Kiss me and tell me it’s not broken>

ANGELA: Rayanne, I don’t want to talk to you.

<Kiss me and kiss me till I’m dead>

RAYANNE: Angela, please, look at me.

<See I’ll give you the stars>

ANGELA: Rayanne, I mean it.

<From the bruised evening sky>

RAYANNE: Please. (tearfully) Just look at me.

<And a crown of jewels for your head now>

ANGELA: (looking up, tearful as well) Why are you doing this to me?

<For your head now, for your head now>

RAYANNE: Why am I...? Angela, you’re the one who’s ignoring *me*.

<For your head now>

ANGELA: And I have like, every reason to.

<And if you come back I’ll take you to the garden>

RAYANNE: Please, Angela! (Angela turns back to the band)

<We’ll dance to an orchestra on the lawns>

ANGELA: Go away.

<And we’ll roll in the funky tune>

RAYANNE: (shouting now) WHY?! Why can you forgive HIM and not ME?! It’s not fair.

<And dance with a ghost upon the dawn>

RAYANNE: (softly) I even love you more than he does.

<Then you’ll kiss me and tell me it’s not broken>

ANGELA: (shouting) Don’t! Don’t assume anything! You know nothing about love, Rayanne! You can’t love guys, you just use them – that’s what Jordan was to you. And you can’t love me.

<Kiss me and kiss me till I’m dead>

RAYANNE: Angela I do.

<See I give you the stars>

ANGELA: You want to know why? Why I like, forgave him and not you?

<From the bruised evening sky>

RAYANNE: I *need* to know.

<And a crown of jewels for your head now>

ANGELA: Because he apologized. He said he was sorry and he meant it. You haven’t even *tried* to show a single ounce of regret.

<For your head now, for your head now>

The song ends, leaving Angela staring at Rayanne accusingly, Rayanne looking tearfully down at the ground and Sharon looking sheepish in the background.

RAYANNE: (softly, crying) I’ve never regretted anything more in my life.

She runs off blindly into the bathroom. Sharon glances at Angela.

SHARON: Angela...

Angela sighs and turns away. Sharon opens her mouth as if to speak, then decides against it and goes after Rayanne.

ANGELA (VO): Great. So now Sharon’s on *her* side. Yippee.

The band are dispersing, the audience applauding enthusiastically. Jordan comes over to Angela.

JORDAN: You okay?


JORDAN: I saw. Don’t like, get upset, Angela. Just...don’t be upset.

ANGELA: (touched) Yeah.

JORDAN: So you wanna get outa here? This place like blows.

ANGELA: Don’t you have to wait for the, like...verdict? (beat) Whether you got the gig.

JORDAN: Oh. (beat) No. Myers is staying, so...

ANGELA: Oh, sure then.

They get up to go. After a second’s hesitation, Jordan drapes his arm round Angela’s shoulders. She smiles up at him, but is clearly still disturbed about Rayanne and she glances back at the bathroom as they leave.


Rayanne is standing staring at herself in the (dirty) mirror. She sighs dramatically. Opening her voluminous bag, she pulls out a wad of tissues. Unraveling them, she discovers a miniature bottle of whisky. She stares at it for a second before throwing it into the washbasin where it smashes.

RAYANNE: Aaaaagggghhhhh!

Sharon, entering, is startled out of her reverie.

SHARON: What are you *doing*?!

RAYANNE: Screaming.


RAYANNE: It’s therapeutic.

SHARON: (making a face) It sounds like you’re dying.

RAYANNE: May as well be. (shakes her head as if to clear it) But enough about me, I’m on the high road to liberation. (grins) How ‘bout you?

SHARON: Nothing so uplifting. Come on, Rayanne, I know you want to talk about Angela.

RAYANNE: No I don’t. That is so completely not true. It’s even like, laughable. I don’t even like care about Angela Chase.

SHARON: (disbelieving) Really? So why were you crying out there? Coz you do care. You miss her, you said it yourself.

RAYANNE: Okay, so maybe I do. So what? That’s not gonna change anything is it? Angela Chase will not speak to me, and she is being like, totally non-flexible.

SHARON: I know. And now she’s not talking to me.

RAYANNE: Why’d Angela stop talking to you?

SHARON: Oh, she hasn’t really. She was just absorbed with, y’know, *Jordan*.

RAYANNE: Yeah, like Catalano is now the official center of the universe. I think I should inform the Geography department. So they’re not like, confused when Angela walks into the room or something.

SHARON: (half-laughing, half-sighing) Rayanne, I need to talk to *you*.

RAYANNE: Really? Why? What could have possibly like invaded your brain to make you think *I* would be the one to discuss things with?

SHARON: Partly coz you’re like, the only one left. And partly because you understand, or whatever.

RAYANNE: (intrigued) Okay, shoot.

SHARON: It’s Kyle.

RAYANNE: Oh, Kyle. This is Vinovich, right? Mr. Do-Me-Whilst-You-Think-Of-Brad-Pitt?

SHARON: (annoyed) Shut up, yes! Anyways, that’s kind of the problem. He *always* wants it. Like I don’t matter or something. And so I basically want to break up with him.


SHARON: So I like, can’t.

RAYANNE: (very confused) Why?

SHARON: It’s...hard, or something. I don’t want to hurt him...or something. I’ve never done this before.

RAYANNE: Yes you have. You like broke up with Vinovich before.

SHARON: Yes, but that doesn’t count. I got back with him.

RAYANNE: This is the trouble with having a conscience. I’m like so glad I don’t.

SHARON: Rayanne, you *do* have a conscience. Look how bad you feel about Angela.

RAYANNE: But that’s mostly because I lost her. That’s what I feel bad about or whatever. Anyway, you should talk to *her* about this. She’s like...more dependable or something.

SHARON: Talking to Angela about this stuff is difficult. There’s like some huge chasm between us when it comes to sex – we kind of don’t connect.

RAYANNE: Have you tried her lately?

SHARON: What do you . . . you mean . . . *Angela*??

RAYANNE: Well isn’t she back with Catalano?

SHARON: (thoughtful) But that doesn’t mean...does it?

RAYANNE: Cherski, you know guys. I know Jordan.

Sharon raises her eyebrows at the reference, and Rayanne blushes.

RAYANNE: I mean, I know what he’s *like*.

SHARON: Really? You think? Couldn’t he have like...changed?

RAYANNE: Maybe. Do people change?

SHARON: (wistfully) We have.


SHARON: (thoughtfully) I just hope he doesn’t hurt her . . . again.


Danielle is sitting off in the den scribbling one of her infamous reports. The TV sounds in the background. We can also hear Graham on the phone. Patty is not around. The doorbell goes.

DANIELLE: (leaping up) I’ll get it!

She runs to the door and yanks it open to reveal Brian.

BRIAN: Oh, hi.

DANIELLE: Hi. (VO) Oh my God. I think I’m going to die right here.

BRIAN: So is like, Angela there? I sort of need to talk to her. It’s like urgent.

DANIELLE: She’s at Vertigo to hear Jordan’s band.


DANIELLE: So is he her boyfriend?

BRIAN: What?

DANIELLE: Because I have a boyfriend.

BRIAN: Really?

DANIELLE: His name’s Jason Myers.

BRIAN: That’s...good?

DANIELLE: Yeah. (VO) But look at me like you look at Angela and I’ll drop him in a second.

BRIAN: So do you know when she’ll be back?

DANIELLE: I guess late.

BRIAN: Oh. So...uh...

There is an awkward pause. Danielle just swings on the door, trying to look seductive.

BRIAN: So, uh, you still want saxophone lessons?

DANIELLE: (excited) Are you going to teach me?

BRIAN: Well you asked so...y’know...I thought...

GRAHAM (OS): Is that Brian Krakow?

BRIAN: Uh, hi!

GRAHAM (OS): Tell him to come in, it must be freezing out there.

DANIELLE: So, come in.

Brian enters the house. He follows Danielle to the den and she shows him her report.

DANIELLE: It’s on verte– (she struggles with the word) vertebrates.

BRIAN:’s nice.

Danielle sees he is kind of unimpressed.

DANIELLE: Although I hate school.

She tucks her hair behind her ear in a very Angela-like gesture.

DANIELLE: (still imitating Angela) It’s like, so completely boring or whatever.


Graham finishes on the phone and enters the den.

GRAHAM: Hi Brian.

BRIAN: Hey, hi. I just came over to, y’know, talk to Angela.

GRAHAM: Oh really? Isn’t it kind of late?

BRIAN: I know, but it was really like...urgent or whatever.

GRAHAM: Oh, okay. Well, she should be in soon. You’re welcome to stay.

BRIAN: No, that’’s okay. I’ll go. I should go.

GRAHAM: Oh, well, alright.

DANIELLE: Bye, Brian.

BRIAN: Yeah, seeya.

He goes to the door and backs out of it, walking straight into Jordan and Angela kissing on the porch.


BRIAN: Oh! Sorry.

ANGELA: God, Brian!

BRIAN: I’m sorry.

JORDAN: (to Angela) So, I should like go.

ANGELA: No, no, you don’t have to. (she looks at Brian evilly)

JORDAN: But I really, y’know, should.

ANGELA: Well, okay.

Jordan kisses her again. Brian is trapped – can’t get round them.

BRIAN (VO): How torturous can you get without like puking? He slobbers. I can see it.

Angela and Jordan break off.

JORDAN: So, bye. I’ll pick you up tomorrow.


He leaves.

ANGELA: Brian!

BRIAN: What? I was just leaving, it’s not like my fault you were trying to eat each other on the porch.

ANGELA: Brian! Ugh! That’s...oh just go away.

BRIAN: Angela, I really need to talk to you.

ANGELA: (muttering) You and the rest of the world.

BRIAN: What?

ANGELA: Nothing. Just...go home. I’m really tired, Brian.

BRIAN (VO): Probably lack of oxygen. (OL) Fine, I’m leaving.


BRIAN: (hopeful) I’ll see you in school.

ANGELA: Whatever.

On her last word she goes inside and shuts the door in Brian’s face. He stares at it for a moment then slowly trudges across the street to his house. Camera pans back as we fade to:


Rickie and Brian are yet again at Rickie's locker. Rickie is tolerant but seems to be a little exasperated with Brian's constant moaning and no action. Brian, of course, is oblivious.

BRIAN: So she was kissing him. Like on the porch. And it wasn't just like kissing, he was like, eating her.

RICKIE: Brian, you're boring me.

BRIAN: What?

RICKIE: Well, look at you. You stand at my locker every morning and like whine about Angela Chase and her ongoing relationship with Jordan Catalano, and you don't even try to do anything about it.

BRIAN: But it's not...what can I do?

RICKIE: (patiently) Talk to Angela! Tell her how you feel. That's got to like, count for something.

BRIAN: Maybe.

Delia comes bounding up.

DELIA: Hi Rickie.


Delia shoots him an evil look.

BRIAN: (wearily) Bye.

He leaves.

DELIA: So, Rickie. Coming to help us plan the party?


DELIA: Lunch. I'll see you out on the steps okay?

RICKIE: Sure, okay. (he sees Angela) Angela! (to Delia) Sorry.

DELIA: Sure.

RICKIE: Angela! I need to talk to you.

Angela comes over.

DELIA: So, I'll go, right?

RICKIE: I'll see you.

Delia leaves. Angela stands uncomfortably.

ANGELA: If this is about Rayanne...


ANGELA: Oh. Okay.

RICKIE: It's actually Brian.

ANGELA: Oh God, Krakow? I don't even wanna *think* about Brian Krakow, okay Rickie?

RICKIE: No, Angela, it's not okay.

Both Angela and Rickie look surprised at his forcefulness.

RICKIE: Sorry. I just to him. Will you? For me?

ANGELA: (sighing) Okay, fine. Just for you.

Rickie smiles. They exchange kisses and Angela wanders off down the hall.


Kids come out of the school doors periodically, some play football, soccer, just sit around eating or talking etc. Sharon and Delia sit on the steps, each with rabbit-lunches (i.e. apples, salad etc). Rickie comes out of the door and plops down next to Delia.

RICKIE: (dismally) Hey.

SHARON: That bad huh?

RICKIE: (laughing) No...well, Brian Krakow moaning in one ear and Rayanne in the other, both about Angela. You know, if I hear like one more word about how they miss her, I'm gonna bang their heads together.

SHARON: (also laughing) I can relate!

Delia looks thoughtful.

DELIA: Brian's moaning about Angela Chase?

RICKIE: Yeah, coz he's like, seriously in love with her.


RICKIE: You like, knew that, right?

DELIA: What? Oh yeah, of course, yeah, I knew. Of course. Brian and Angela.

RICKIE: Oh, good. Anyway, this party. Who will we *not* invite.

SHARON: Well, that's gonna be kind of difficult. I mean, Angela has to come. That means Rayanne and Brian can't come. But Rayanne's sort of like, my friend now. So *I* have to invite Rayanne. And if you're going you have to invite Brian. So Brian and Angela will be fighting, Angela will ignore Rayanne, Rayanne will drink herself into a stupor and I haven't even like, *mentioned* Jordan Catalano yet.

RICKIE: You're gonna invite Jordan Catalano?

SHARON: No, but Angela will.

RICKIE: Good point. Do you think this party is such a good idea?

SHARON: I don't know. Delia what do you think?


SHARON: The party. Is it like a really bad idea?

DELIA: (absently) Oh, I...don't know. Whatever. I...have to go.

She gets up and wanders back into school. Rickie and Sharon watch her go, worried.

RICKIE: What's up with her?

SHARON: The thought of being in the same room with Brian Krakow is probably like, making her ill.

RICKIE: (sarcastic) Yeah, it's like, contagious.



The fountain is finished. They are alone in the restaurant. Hallie perches on the edge of the fountain and Graham sits on the floor. Hallie has Indian takeout.

HALLIE: So have we decided on a name yet?

GRAHAM: *We* haven't.

HALLIE: Well, we're gonna have to.

GRAHAM: Why don't *you* think of a name.

HALLIE: I *will* think of a name. Just...give me time.

GRAHAM: Hallie, we don't *have* time. We have three days!

HALLIE: I know! Look, you can depend on me, okay?

GRAHAM: (muttering) Yeah, right.

HALLIE: What did you say?

GRAHAM: Nothing. Do you *ever* stop?

HALLIE: Stop what?

GRAHAM: Eating! Every time I see you you're like, eating.

HALLIE: Well, it's kind of necessary for human survival. Unless you eat Indian of course, and then you kill everybody.

GRAHAM: (can't help laughing) Alright, okay. I promise I'll think of a name.

HALLIE: Good. Ask uh...(too long pause)...Patty.

GRAHAM: (mocking her) I uh...will.



Graham is stirring some concoction, testing it every now and then. Patty sits at the table, pretending not to notice Graham's presence. The phone rings.

DANIELLE: I'll get it!

Danielle rushes in like a whirlwind and grabs the phone.

DANIELLE: Hello? (pause) Yeah. (pause) I don't know, I have to ask. (she covers the mouthpiece) Uh, mom.

PATTY: Yes, honey?

DANIELLE: Can I go, uh...out, tonight?

PATTY: (frowning) Out? Where?

DANIELLE: Just with Jenny.

PATTY: Oh. Where are you going and how long for?

DANIELLE: (into phone) Where are we going? (pause – to Patty) To a coffeehouse.

PATTY: You and Jenny? To a coffeehouse?

DANIELLE: Yes. He...uh, *she* said that...her brother's band is playing there and, uh...he needs like, support or something.

GRAHAM: That sounds okay. (to Patty) Doesn't it? I mean, the girl's brother will be there.

PATTY: That's what I'm afraid of. Okay, Danielle. Make sure you stay close to Jenny's brother alright?

DANIELLE: Whatever.

PATTY: Do you need a ride?

DANIELLE: No, I'm okay, he'll pick me up. (into the phone) Yeah, I can go. (pause) Seeya.

Danielle smiles deliriously.

PATTY: Now I want you in by eight okay?

DANIELLE: (smile fading) Eight? As in eight o'clock? Mom, tell me you're joking.

PATTY: What? Danielle you are twelve years old!

DANIELLE: It's so not fair!

ANGELA: (entering) What's not fair?

DANIELLE: Mom wants me to come home like, still in the afternoon.

PATTY: Danielle! (to Angela) Your sister thinks she can go off gallivanting at any unearthly hour and I told her she couldn't.

ANGELA: What time did you say?

PATTY: Eight.

ANGELA: Mom, that is a little unfair.

PATTY: What? Why is that unfair?

DANIELLE: Angela gets to stay out till ten.

PATTY: Yes, well, Angela is also fifteen.

ANGELA: Mom, I'm almost sixteen. Where are you going?

GRAHAM: To some coffeehouse.

ANGELA: Oh, which one?

DANIELLE: (mumbling) Vertigo.

ANGELA: Vertigo? *You're* like, going to *Vertigo*?

DANIELLE: (defensive) Yeah, so?

ANGELA: (giving Danielle a look that says she'll talk to her later – then to Patty) Look, I could like, go with her if it would make you feel better.

DANIELLE: No! I mean...I uh...

PATTY: Well...

ANGELA: Then she could be in by nine-thirty?

DANIELLE: (appreciative) Could I?

PATTY: (grudging) Nine. And that's my final offer.


ANGELA: Good. Come on, Danielle.


Angela drags Danielle in literally by the collar. Danielle protests – loudly.

DANIELLE: Ow! Angela!

ANGELA: So, where're you going?

DANIELLE: Vertigo, I told you that.

ANGELA: Come on, Danielle, what's the secret? Spill.

Danielle sighs.


PATTY: It's started.

GRAHAM: What has?

PATTY: The Angela. Danielle's doing it.

GRAHAM: No she's not. Relax. We've got at least a year to prepare for the next Teenage War.

PATTY: I just hope I don't lose touch with Danielle like I did with Angela.

GRAHAM: You didn't lose touch. She's just growing up. Here, taste this.


ANGELA: Oh my God. So you're like, going out with your boyfriend?


ANGELA: And you've roped *me* into your façade of lies!

DANIELLE: What's a façade?

ANGELA: Never mind. So, like, what's he like?

The camera pans back and we see for once that the sisters may actually be bonding (shock horror!).


Danielle is standing in front of the mirror appraising herself. She looks surprisingly like Angela. Angela herself lies on the bed. A horn honks outside.

DANIELLE: Ohmygod! That's him!

ANGELA: He *drives*?!

DANIELLE: Well, no...his brother does.


Danielle pulls Angela downstairs by the wrist. They pass Patty in the hallway.

PATTY: Make sure you...Danielle, are you wearing makeup?

The girls ignore her.

PATTY: Danielle!

They rush out of the door, leaving Patty staring after them.


A black car in fairly good condition is pulled up at the front of the Chase house. Angela and Danielle run over to it and get in.


The girls arrange themselves in the backseat. Two guys are sitting in the front. The one in the passenger seat turns round as the girls get in.

GUY: Dani...

DANIELLE: Hey, Jason.

Angela looks at Danielle like "Dani?"

JASON: Who's that?

DANIELLE: This is my sister. Sorry, she had to come.

JASON: Oh, okay. Hey.


JASON: I, uh, like your hair.

ANGELA: Thanks. (pause) Do you go to Liberty?

JASON: Yeah. Freshman.

ANGELA: Oh. (she looks at Danielle – Freshman?) Really.

JASON: Yeah. Oh, uh, this is my brother, Shane.

SHANE: (without turning around) Hi, uh...Dani and...

ANGELA: Angela. (beat) Chase.

SHANE: What?

ANGELA: Angela Chase.

Shane pulls the car over and turns round to face Angela.

SHANE: Shit!


SHANE: (to Jason) You never told me who she was!

JASON: I didn't know! God, she only just got in the car!

SHANE: (he hits Jason) Not her!

Shane grimaces and starts the car again.

SHANE: Hey, dick, your *girlfriend* is like, twelve.


SHANE: And she's *her* sister.


SHANE: So Catalano is gonna kill me, man!

JASON: What's Catalano got to do with it?

DANIELLE: Who's Catalano?

ANGELA: Ohmygod! You're like, in Residue, right?

SHANE: Yeah.

ANGELA: I don't believe this.

JASON: What?


Jason and Danielle come in, holding hands. They glance nervously over their shoulders to where Shane is (uncharacteristically) apologizing to Angela.

ANGELA: Look, just leave it. I'll have to talk to Danielle later...

SHANE: But you'll like, talk to Catalano, right? Coz he'll kill me.

ANGELA: Yeah, whatev –

She stops mid-sentence. The camera follows her gaze. Rayanne is sitting opposite Jordan, her hand on his knee, leaning in close. Rayanne has a glass of something clear, Jordan is clutching a bottle of beer.

ANGELA: (beginning the famous chin-wobble) Oh. My. God.

She runs out of the coffeehouse in tears.

SC to Jordan and Rayanne. Shane approaches them.

SHANE: Hey, Graff. Catalano.

RAYANNE: What d'you want, Myers?

SHANE: You'll do for tonight.

RAYANNE: Oh you're like hilarious.

JORDAN: (clearly quite drunk) Hey man.

SHANE: Hey. You know that girl? The weird one with the red hair.

JORDAN: (simultaneously) She's not weird!

RAYANNE: (simultaneously) It's crimson glow.

SHANE: Whatever. Well, she just left.


SHANE: Yeah, she like saw you guys and ran.

RAYANNE: Oh shit.

JORDAN: Where'd she go?

SHANE: Dunno. Just ran out the door.

Jordan stands shakily. He looks at his beer, contemplates it for a moment, then downs the last of it and thunks it back onto the table. Then he goes purposefully (if unsteadily) to the door.

SHANE: Weird.



Jordan emerges from the doors, he looks around and sees Angela hurrying down the street.

JORDAN: Angela!

She looks around, sees him and keeps going.

JORDAN: Angela! Wait!

He runs and catches up to her.

JORDAN: Where're you going?

ANGELA: I didn't wanna stay and see you two like, have sex again or whatever.

JORDAN: What, Graff? Come on, Angela!

ANGELA: What? You've done it before!

There is a pause. Angela is still crying. Jordan stares at her with that half-angry-half-hurt-I'm-battling-my-emotions look first seen in the boiler room when she told him Angela is spelled with one L.

JORDAN: There was nothing going on.

ANGELA: Really?

JORDAN: Really. I would never...hurt you.

ANGELA: I'm going home.

They walk back to the parking lot.

JORDAN: I'll take you.

ANGELA: Jordan, you're drunk.

JORDAN: No I'm not. Come on, get in.


JORDAN: Angela, I can drive, alright!

ANGELA: You are dunk, Jordan! I am not getting into that car with you!

JORDAN: (angry) Fine.

He gets into the car, starts it up and speeds off into the night. Angela sinks down to the floor, crying.


Shane and Rayanne share a table. They are distinctly uncomfortable, neither very good at social conversation. Jason and Danielle come over.

RAYANNE: Chase?!

DANIELLE: Hey, Rayanne.

RAYANNE: Okay, tonight is getting like *too* weird.

DANIELLE: Have you seen Angela?

SHANE: She left.

DANIELLE: She what?

RAYANNE: Hey, what are you doing here anyways?

JASON: She's with me.

RAYANNE: Oh, *that* makes me feel like, *so* much better.

SHANE: Hey, where's Catalano? We’re on soon.

DANIELLE: Did you say Angela has *gone*?

SHANE: (a little annoyed) Yeah. She saw loverboy and slut-trash making out.

RAYANNE: Hey! (beat) We were *not* making out!

DANIELLE: Do you mean Jordan?

RAYANNE: Yeah. But we were *not* making out.

SHANE: Whatever. Look, if I can't find Catalano we're screwed.

Angela enters and walks over to them looking shell-shocked.

RAYANNE: Hey, Angelika!

ANGELA: Go away, Rayanne.

DANIELLE: I thought you'd gone.

ANGELA: I kind of did.

SHANE: Where's Catalano?

ANGELA: He went.

SHANE: Went? Went where?

ANGELA: Away. Like, he got in his car and left the premises.

SHANE: Shit! What am I gonna do?

RAYANNE: *You* could sing. I'm sure you've got a beautiful singing voice.

SHANE: Shut up, Graff.

JASON: He sounds worse than a dead cat.

SHANE: Thanks man.

DANIELLE: Rayanne could sing.

SHANE: What?

DANIELLE: Rayanne. She can sing really good.

SHANE: (echoing Jordan in "On The Wagon") Rayanne? Graff.


ANGELA: She like sang for you before.

Rayanne looks at Angela appreciatively. Angela smiles weakly.

RAYANNE: I like, know the songs or whatever.

Shane looks doubtful.

ANGELA: It's her or no one.

SHANE: Fine!


SHANE: I'll have to go tell the others.

He walks off.

RAYANNE: Angelika, thank you!

She hugs Angela ecstatically.

ANGELA: Okay, get off me.

RAYANNE: (letting go, close to tears) I'm sorry.

ANGELA: Me too. (VO) Even though I was kind of still mad at Rayanne for what she did, it felt so good to be making up. Like a part of me had been missing or something.

RAYANNE: Come here, Angel-food.

They hug again, crying.

JASON: (to Danielle) Man, they're like weird, y'know?


We hear the doorbell. Someone opens it.

CAMILLE (OS): Sharon! It's Kyle!

Sharon sighs and leaves the room.


KYLE: Hey Sharon.

SHARON: Kyle, why are you calling on me, it's like nine thirty.

KYLE: I just wanted to see you.

SHARON: Well, now you have, so leave.

KYLE: Come on Sharon. Can we go out?

SHARON: Kyle, I can't.

KYLE: Why not?

SHARON: It's a Thursday. And...(grasping)...There's a party tomorrow so I have to get rest.

KYLE: Party?

SHARON: Oh God. (beat) Yeah, I'm having a party.

KYLE: Am I invited?

SHARON (VO): Just tell him. You can do it. Just say it to him.

KYLE: Sharon?

SHARON: Kyle, I don't think we should go out anymore.

KYLE: What? Why?

SHARON: I just...don't love you.

KYLE: I don't understand.

SHARON: I never really loved you. I thought I did, but really I was in love with the idea of being in love. Do you understand?

KYLE: No, no I don't. I love you, Sharon. So what, were you just using me?

SHARON: No it wasn't like that. I told you, I thought that I loved you.

KYLE: Oh great. I feel so much better now.

SHARON: Please Kyle.

KYLE: No, just save it, Sharon. I don't care anymore.

He walks away, leaving Sharon at the open door in tears.


Shane, Jason, Danielle, Angela and Rayanne shove out of the doors, laughing uncontrollably.

RAYANNE: But when he said that about that girl! I was like, "go look in a mirror!"

ANGELA: But he was so buff.

DANIELLE: He what??

RAYANNE: Oh, Dani baby, have some hormones!

ANGELA: (giggling hysterically) Rayanne!

RAYANNE: So was I the bomb?

ANGELA: You rocked, baby!

They collapse into more giggles.

ANGELA: No, seriously, you were like, really good.

SHANE: So you guys need a ride, or somethin'?

RAYANNE: (mock-seductive) I'll have a ride.

SHANE: (smiling) Yeah, Graff, whatever.

They all pile into the car and pull away. The camera pans back and cut to:


Patty and Graham are sitting up, clearly waiting for the girls.

PATTY: All I'm saying is...(she is interrupted by the door slamming) Girls?!

ANGELA (OS): Hey mom!


The girls are still giggly. Patty comes out into the foyer, a little annoyed.

PATTY: You're late.

The girls just giggle more.

PATTY: Have you been drinking?

ANGELA: Mom! (VO) Why do parents think that because you're having fun you have to be drunk? Maybe it's like the curse of the hippie generation or something. (OL) Of course we're not drunk.

PATTY: Well, good. But you're still late. Danielle go to bed.

Danielle trudges up the stairs.

PATTY: Angela, you were supposed to look after your sister.

ANGELA: I did. She's alive isn't she?

PATTY: Angela!

ANGELA: What? God!

She races upstairs and we hear her bedroom door slam. Graham comes up behind Patty.

GRAHAM: It's alright.

PATTY: No. If that's what we're gonna look forward to, I'm sedating Danielle until she's thirty.

GRAHAM: (kissing her) Sounds good to me.


Angela sits on her dresser stool, staring into the mirror. The camera focuses on her reflection.

ANGELA (VO): It’s weird. No matter how much I like, try to forget him, Jordan Catalano invades every single thought I have. And no matter how many times I try to tell myself that last night he was like, totally wrong, I still can’t help myself agonizing over whether he got home safely. I loathe myself.


Patty rushes around doing her usual "I’m-not-really-doing-anything-I-just-have-to-*look*-busy" routine. Danielle picks at a bagel and Graham quickly downs a cup of coffee.

GRAHAM: (kissing Patty on the cheek) Bye, Shorty.

PATTY: (swatting him away) Have a good day.

GRAHAM: (to Danielle) Bye honeybunch.


Angela enters.

PATTY: Angela, it’s kind of late. Is Jordan giving you a ride today?

ANGELA: No. I’m getting the bus.

PATTY: (puzzled because Angela and Jordan have basically been attached at the hip for the last few days) Well, okay. But you better hurry with your breakfast.

ANGELA: It’s alright, I’m not hungry.

PATTY: Well you have to eat something.

ANGELA: (annoyed for no reason) Okay, fine! Apple! Apple!

She grabs an apple and storms out of the kitchen.

PATTY: Angela! Don’t forget your...(We hear the front door slam)... lunchbag.


Angela stands awkwardly, trying to avoid Brian’s gaze. She rubs her arms, obviously freezing.

BRIAN: Are you cold or something?

ANGELA: Krakow, what do you want?

BRIAN: You could just, like, have my jacket or whatever. But if that’s too much generosity for you to handle you could just...

ANGELA: (interrupting) Shut up, Krakow. (pause) I will though.

BRIAN: What?

ANGELA: Your jacket. (beat) If that’s okay.

Brian removes the jacket and Angela pulls it on.

BRIAN: So why hasn’t Jordan picked you up?

ANGELA: (annoyed) God, Krakow, why can we not have one single conversation without...

BRIAN: (interrupting) Okay, sorry! I’m sorry. (pause) Angela.


BRIAN: I’m sorry.

ANGELA: For what?

BRIAN: The letter. I’m really sorry.


BRIAN: I mean, if I could turn back the clock I would. I wish I’d never written the stupid letter now. I just...I just wanted to make you happy.

ANGELA: Brian...

BRIAN: No, I mean...Jordan Catalano asked me to write it.

ANGELA: I know.

BRIAN: And I know that he...meant it. If he could have y’know, written it...he would.

ANGELA: That’s what *he* said.


ANGELA: So did you mean it?

BRIAN: I wrote it for Jordan Catalano.

ANGELA: Yes but...I mean, was it from you as well?

BRIAN (VO): Just tell her. Tell her the truth. This is your chance. Tell her. (OL) I – I wrote it for him.

ANGELA: (not knowing whether to be sad or relieved) Oh. Okay.

The bus comes, obscuring them from the camera. Cut to:


Katimski’s English again.

ANGELA (VO): If you think about it, it’s amazing how much you can like annoy your*self*. I’ve tried to stop thinking about Jordan Catalano all day, and now I’m worrying why he’s not in class. Although that’s not a sure sign there’s something wrong because he never really like went to class anyway. (OL - whisper) Rickie! (Rickie turns to her) Have you seen Jordan?

RICKIE: No. I don’t think he’s in school. He has shop fourth period and he never went. And he never misses shop. (Angela gives him a strange look) I like know because I should have passed him...or whatever.

ANGELA: So he’s not in?

RICKIE: No. Why?

ANGELA: (sighs) It’s like a really long story, but basically we had some big fight last night about him and Rayanne...

RICKIE: Rayanne?

ANGELA: It’s too complicated to get into. Anyway, he was drunk and he wanted to drive me home. I said no and he went off by himself.

RICKIE: (concerned) Ohmygod, Angela!

ANGELA: I’m just worried, Rickie, y’know. I don’t even know why.

RICKIE: Because you love him.

ANGELA: But like, do I? I mean, I totally obsessed over him, but he keeps doing all this stuff...I don’t know what I’m supposed to feel anymore.

RICKIE: It’s okay, Angela, I’m sure he’ll be alright.

ANGELA (VO): I’m sure he’s right. So why am I so scared?

The bell rings and Angela is shaken from her dreaming. Sharon comes over.

SHARON: So, you’re coming to help with the set-up for tonight, right?

ANGELA (VO): Actually, right now I can think of a million things I’d rather do. (OL) Uh, sure. I just have something first.

SHARON: Sure, okay. I’ll see you soon.


It is a fairly nice house. We have only seen the garage before, and the house reflects this – well sized but practical. However it not an idyllic neighborhood – little groups of kids hanging on the sidewalk, looking lost, boomboxes every now and then and shouting can sometimes be heard from nearby houses. Angela looks a little nervous as she walks up to the front door. She can’t find a bell so she knocks. There is no answer so she knocks again louder.

GUY (OS): Alright, I’m coming!

The door is pulled open to reveal a guy about 45, quite fit, even quite attractive. He is wearing a T-shirt and track pants, and looks like he’s just got out of bed.

GUY: What?

ANGELA: (nervous) Uh, hi.

GUY: What do you want?

ANGELA: I – uh – I’m looking for Jordan.

GUY: Really.

ANGELA: Yeah. Uh, is he there.

GUY: No.

ANGELA: Oh. Well, is he...I mean, did he come home last night?

GUY: What kind of question is that? (beat) No.

ANGELA: Oh. Because he was like, drunk and...

GUY: That’ll be why. Probably passed out drunk somewhere, stupid little bastard.

ANGELA: Uh...oh. Are you his father?

GUY: (regards her for a minute) Yeah. Bill Catalano. Who’re you?

ANGELA: Um, Angela...Chase.

BILL: He’s mentioned you.

ANGELA: Really?

BILL: Yeah. I only remember coz he doesn’t usually mention them. They usually come and go in a week.


BILL: So, anyway, is that all, coz I was sleeping.

ANGELA: You have like, no idea where he is?

BILL: How should I? He’s only my kid, I don’t security tag him.

He shuts the door in Angela’s face.


The Cherski house is immaculately clean and tidy. It is also tastefully furnished. Rickie, Delia, Corey and Sharon are putting up streamers, trying out music and sorting out refreshments.

RICKIE: So like, where did Angela say she was going?

SHARON: She like, didn’t.


DELIA: You know, I’ll be alright with it if you invite Brian.

SHARON: You will?

DELIA: Yeah. I’m an adult. I can like, handle it.

RICKIE: Oh, Delia. You are truly holy.

DELIA: Shut up!

Corey plays a tape very loud. It is scratchy and makes a high pitch wailing sound.

SHARON: God, turn it off!

RICKIE: Sounds almost as professional as Delia.

Corey turns it off.

COREY: Hey, Delia, help with the drinks?

He and Delia go off into the kitchen to get stuff.

SHARON: So, Rickie. Has Angela like, said anything to you? About her and Jordan Catalano?

RICKIE: Angela barely even like, talks to me anymore. Why?

SHARON: It’s just something Rayanne said.

RICKIE: Well, I don’t think they’ve had sex, if that’s what you mean.

SHARON: Rickie! That wasn’ do you know?

RICKIE: I don’t. I just...guessed.

SHARON: (seems disappointed for some reason) Oh.

RICKIE: So, you and Rayanne are like, friends?

SHARON: Not really. More like people pushed together or something. Rayanne was like, excluded by Angela, and I knew how that felt, so we talked. She has some helpful bits of advice, actually.

RICKIE: Don’t sound so surprised. (sarcastically) There’s a sensitive side to her just waiting to jump out.

SHARON: Yeah, it’ll just come like, brandishing a hacksaw!

They both laugh as we cut to:


PATTY: Where’s Angela?

GRAHAM: I don’t know, I think she went to help with Sharon Cherski’s party.

PATTY: It’s good that they’re friends, you know, it was getting difficult with Camille.

GRAHAM: No it wasn’t. You’re as bad as you were in high school.

PATTY: (laughing) Yes, I know. So. How’s (mocking) Hallie Lowenthal.

GRAHAM: Hallie is fine. We had a forty minute delay though because her car broke down *again* and I had to tie the string back up *again*. The first thing she’s getting is a company car. For my sake.

PATTY: Did you decide on a name?

GRAHAM: Oh, that’s what’s so frustrating. Hallie is completely relying on me to pick it and you know I’m not the world’s most creative person.

PATTY: Well, tell Hallie to think of it.

GRAHAM: I did, but you know what a steamroller she is. She just talked right over me. That woman will drive me crazy.

PATTY: (fake smile) She already has.

Graham looks at her questioningly and Patty is saved by the sound of Angela running in.

PATTY: Angela!


Patty walks in from the kitchen, Angela is busy ditching her coat and boots. She looks as if she’s been crying or is just about to.

PATTY: Angela are you okay?

ANGELA: I’m fine mom.

PATTY: You don’t look fine.

ANGELA: Just leave me alone, okay! You could not even possibly conceive of the agony I’ve gone through today so just...leave me alone.

She runs up the stairs in tears.

GRAHAM: (entering) What was that?

PATTY: I don’t know. But I’m worried about her Graham. She’s been this way all day.

GRAHAM: It’s probably just one of those days.

PATTY: No. I thought everything was going right with her. Camille said she’d made up with Rayanne and she’s even on speaking terms with Brian.

GRAHAM: It’s a miracle.

PATTY: I want to know what’s upsetting her.

GRAHAM: We’ll just have to wait for her to tell us in her own time.

PATTY: Oh, pray tell me when that will happen. About when Hell freezes over.

GRAHAM: (laughing) Come here. She’ll be fine. I promise.

They hug, but Patty still looks distinctly worried.


The party is in full swing. A lot of students are there, sitting around, dancing, drinking, talking. Most are sophomores but some are older. The focus switches from various groups in the party.

RAYANNE: So is she coming?

SHARON: She said she was. I hope she does. It could be kind of her pre-birthday party.

RAYANNE: She better get here soon. I don’t know how much longer I can like, keep up this sobriety thing.

Rayanne gazes forlornly at her orange juice.

SHARON: You’ll be fine Rayanne. Okay, sorry, but I have to circulate now.

RAYANNE: Whatever you...have to do.


COREY: So I can if you want.

RICKIE: Will you do them like Rayanne’s?

COREY: Better, if you want. Rayanne’s were like, experimentation.

DELIA: So what are these famous shoes like?

RICKIE: They’re amazing – it’s like, art.


Brian is standing alone. Sharon comes over.

SHARON: Krakow. Try to have a little party spirit.

BRIAN: Cherski, I’m just not like, in the mood.

SHARON: So why did you come?

BRIAN: Rickie and Delia like, begged me to.

SHARON: Delia? Fisher? Begged you?

BRIAN: Yeah, I know. Did she have some kind of like, divine calling or something, telling her to like, forgive me?

SHARON: Dunno, but it’s weird.

BRIAN: Tell me about it.


Angela pokes her head through the door – she is wearing a shorter, black version of the red velvet dress from "Life Of Brian". Her self-esteem has obviously risen with her hemline. Rayanne runs over and grabs her.

RAYANNE: Angelika! I’m so glad you’re here!


RAYANNE: I need you to like, keep me away from the spirits.

ANGELA: Ghostly or alcoholic?

RAYANNE: Probably both. Come on, let’s dance!

She whirls Angela into the middle of the crowd where they proceed to caper madly.


BRIAN: Well, she looks happy.

RICKIE: Brian, stop torturing yourself. You had your chance and you didn’t tell her.

BRIAN: I know, I know. And I feel terrible, alright! I just want...well you know what I want.

RICKIE: So go and get it. She can’t see it, Brian, you’re going to have to make her.

Brian nods, then makes his way over to Angela, glancing back at Rickie who gives him a thumbs-up sign.

BRIAN (VO): Okay. I can do this. I can. She won’t laugh in my face. Really. (OL) Hey.

ANGELA: (hair-tuck) Oh. Hi.

BRIAN: So, can I talk to you. For like, a minute.


RAYANNE: Just don’t keep her away too long, Bri! I think I’m in looove!

Angela laughs and Brian leads her away.

BRIAN: So, Angela, there’s this thing I need to tell you.

ANGELA: Uh-huh.

BRIAN: Y’see, it’s about the letter and I...

ANGELA: (stunned) Oh my God.

BRIAN: What?

The camera follows their view to where Jordan and Shane are entering the door. They are both a little happy – not completely wasted – but loud enough to make half the room turn to look at them.

BRIAN (VO): Great. Another failed attempt at Operation Angela.

Angela goes over to Jordan.

ANGELA: What are you *doing* here?

JORDAN: (vaguely mesmerized by Angela's legs) Angela, I need to talk to you.

ANGELA (VO): Why does everyone *need* to talk to me. Why can’t anyone like, just *want* to talk to me. (OL) No.



JORDAN: Why not?

ANGELA: (suddenly losing it) Because I thought you were dead, that’s why not! You get three inches away from my friend, then try to shout at me! And *then* you drive off in your car when you’re completely drunk!

JORDAN: I wasn’t *completely*...

ANGELA: YES YOU WERE!!!!! (the entire room has hushed and is looking at them now) I was worried to death about you! You could have been lying dead in a car wreck somewhere! I even went round to your *house* and asked your *father* if he’d seen you!

JORDAN: You *him*?

ANGELA: YES!!! I was scared! Why can’t you understand that there are other people in the world besides you! Other people with like, feelings and emotions. That you can’t just...expect me to stand by and watch you destroy yourself.

Angela is all burned out, tears rolling down her cheeks. Jordan stares at her for a moment, then turns and walks out of the door. Angela sinks down onto the floor, sobbing vehemently. Rayanne, Rickie and Sharon crowd round, hugging her – Brian hangs back. The rest of the crowd don’t know what to do. The camera pans back on the group and we:


AUTHOR’S NOTES: I don’t know where you can find Mundy’s song other than on the Romeo & Juliet Soundtrack album
(which is kind of a coincidence because Claire Danes was in the movie)

The sonnet is one of Shakespeare’s (don’t know which number) which I luckily came upon by accident.......Wow. Ironic.

Oh, as this is my first *MSCL* fanfic attempt, I would really appreciate any feedback. And sorry it’s so *long*!

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    i like the way you kept the characters' as they were (instead making everyone suddenly change and be fully functional), but the angela and rayanne moment? i don't get why she suddenly forgave her after she was drunk and touching jordan's knee. the danielle on a date thing was just too wierd, but i liked it all inall. i could SEE it. p.s.- brain supporter over here.
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    Cool, I like that you made Jordan so realistic, in most stories he is suddenly this emotional, romantic guy, but your story really stays with his character(except when Graff was touching his knee. I don't think they would be anywhere near each other, coz' "they are like completely avoiding each other"). And Daniele-Jason thing just sucks.But other than that your story rocks.

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