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Years ago I read the stories by Chris Ernest Hall and was excited to find a community where MSCL had not died. I was new to the Internet but kept searching until I discovered the So-Called Fan Fiction Site (I had found Chris' work elsewhere).I completely devoured E.R. Holdridge's work - twice. It was after that second reading that I scribbled some notes about where I might take the story after Episode 19. I've had those notes since 1996, buried on the bottom of my "to do" pile.Well I recently got a new job which has left me with a bit of free time, something I did not have in 1996, and when I asked a friend what I should do with all this new found freedom, she reminded me how I used to love to write.So, I pulled out those old notes and started formulating a screenplay. Turns out, I don't write well in the screenplay format, so I quickly turned my work into a story, which I hope you will find intriguing.My thanks to E.R. Holdridge for the inspiration (your work really touched me) and to my best friend for her gentle reminder of a lost love. And too I thank everyone involved with the production of MSCL for creating characters so enticing they live on even years later.

Fanfiction contributions by this author

  • Episode No. 20 - New Dreams by V R
    Published: 09 Feb 2000 | Size: 29 KB (5618 words) | Language: english english | Rating: PG-13
    Average: 2.4/5   2.4/5 (123 votes)

“Do we have to keep talking about religion? It's Christmas.”

Danielle Chase, Episode 15: "So-Called Angels"