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Me writing a fanfic for this archive is going to sound a bit suspect to
some people. Why? Because I awarded the site and contained fiction several
"Destroy!" awards scant weeks ago. But please don't take this as anything
but a coincidence, asmmy fanfic writing and reviewing are two entirely
seperate affairs.

I came to "My So-Called Life" when it was part way through the second
airing on Channel 4 in the UK. My first ep was the one with the ghost in,
and I watched it purely because it had a ghost in it. The only thing was, I
liked the show as a ghost, and was determined to watch the next days
episode, ghost or no ghost. And so, MSCL the first non fantastical/science
fictional show that I loved in *ages*. And then it ended.

What a gyp.

Last year I discovered this archive, and the quality of ER "Shobi"
Holdridge's fan scripts led me to create my website - The Destroy! Fan
Fiction Review. The rest will be history.

Outside of MSCL, (yes, it does exist) I am an unpublished writer of science
fiction and horror stories. I also have started to write fan fiction, of
which "Perception and Memories" is the first story to have been lauched
into the Internet. I am a big fan of SF and horror in all forms. I practise
astral projection (though I am still not that great at it) . My favourite
colour is black, my favourite type of music is Ambient, my favourite group
is The Future Sound Of Llondon. My favourite drink is Lemon Tango.

I am a mostly teetotal depressed Atheist. I am 19, and six foot
tall, with long hair. I am . . . oh, you've all fallen asleep. Anyway, send
all your feed back, and visit my site! And read this award winning archive.
The award isn't there for show, y'know!

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“School is a battlefield for your heart.”

Angela Chase, Episode 1: "My So-Called Life (Pilot)"