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Papers and Essays

In the past ten years since "My So-Called Life" was cancelled many students, journalists and other authors have written papers, essays and articles about the show and its characters. One of them is William E. Blais' "Angela's World", which can be found here on too. An extensive collection of news articles from the past ten years can be found in our Press Archive. Also take a look at more than 200 fanfiction stories in our fanfiction archive. If you want to discuss these works with other fans, just browse to our forum.

This section here is primarily for papers and essays from students. We've noticed that many teachers use scenes/episodes from "My So-Called Life" for their English or film classes and some students have even written papers about the show. If you want to present your work to a wider audience -- this is your chance. Just let us know via our contact form: Describe what your paper/essay/article is about and we'll tell you how to submit it to us.

Romantic Themes in "My So-Called Life" by Nicole Pristash - added November, 7th 2005.

Angela Chase's Existential Awakening by Lauren Boc - added March, 23rd 2005.

Mothers in Trial: Two Cases to Be Analyzed by Paulo Grillo - added March, 1st 2008.

Chasing Angela: Multiple Perspectives on the Personality of Angela Chase by Crystal Huff - added June 10, 2008.


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“I cannot bring myself to eat a well-balanced meal in front of my mother.”

Angela Chase, Episode 1: "My So-Called Life (Pilot)"