YLE: no rerun in near future

Discussion on bringing the show back on tv. Is "My So-Called Life" going to be shown in your country? Note: See international airdates from the last years here.
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YLE: no rerun in near future

Post by sine » Jan 16th 2002, 6:34 pm

Last week I send email to YLE (Finnish Broadcasting Company) and asked if they were going to air the show again. Both stations tv1 and tv2 replied to my post, both had the same message: no rerun planned. In addition tv1 mentioned in its home page that it would take years before the next airing... I wonder if gentle pressure (lots of requests via email) would get the show back on the air a little sooner...

By the way, when tv2 (or was it tv1?) showed MSCL in 1998 was every one of the 19 episodes shown?


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