claire and jared interview

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claire and jared interview

Post by ssc » May 6th 2000, 9:03 pm

Hi me again,
Does anyone know where I can find the interview on the internet with Claire Danes and Jared Leto together, apparently they were on USA`s MTV quite a while back introducing MSCL episodes. Is this info accurate?

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Re: claire and jared interview

Post by K-man » Apr 3rd 2002, 2:47 pm

Don't know where you could find that interview. I do know that when MTV ran the episodes in 1995, immediately following the show, MTV did a segment called "My So Called Videos". It was Claire and Jared introducing videos and I also recall one evening where Sharon, Ricky and I think Rayanne were on there. I have videotapes of that season and most of them end after 'And dance by the light of the moon.'. However, a few ran long and the cast members were talking up videos. Hope this helps.

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Re: claire and jared interview

Post by Ken » Apr 4th 2002, 6:27 am

The introduction by Claire and Jared can be heard on the Audio page on There are only clips for 3 episodes here.

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Re: claire and jared interview

Post by dTheater » Apr 6th 2002, 4:19 am

I remember these. I specifically remeber watching Life of Brian, and it being followed by AJ Langer, Devon Odessa and Wilson Cruz. They talked about how good a dancer Wilson Cruz was. He got to show off his moves in that episode if you recall.

That must've been the first time I saw Life of Brian because that's probably my favorite episode, and that's the only reason I would remember that. That episode really got me into the show.

I also remember one with Claire Danes and Jared Leto. He said it was her birthday. The fact that Claire Danes was still acknowledging the existence of MSCL at that point tells me that this must've been before she decided she was too good for TV and that she was better suited for movies like The Mod Squad.

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Post by Angela_Catalano » Sep 9th 2004, 5:14 pm

I wish that I watched My so called life on mtv! I would have loved to see them interviewed and talking about the episodes together. I guess Im just a little to late..ofcourse :(

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Re: claire and jared interview

Post by MyLifeIsBrians » Sep 15th 2004, 3:17 am

dTheater wrote: before she decided she was too good for TV and that she was better suited for movies like The Mod Squad.
LOL. The mere mention of that movie makes me want to fall asleep.
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