Chat wednesday night

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Chat wednesday night

Post by oldguy » Nov 19th 1999, 2:01 am

Hey everybody: I'm scheduling a chat for wednesday night, 10 PM eastern time.
I figure we could go on for days debating when to have a chat, so instead I'm
picking a time and willing to see who will show up. The topic is the MSCL CD.
Anyone wanting to offer advice, etc.----This is your chance. 10 PM Eastern,
wednesday! (Note: This is right after "Roswell" --- for those of you hooked on
that show like I am!).

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Re: Chat wednesday night

Post by Jack » Nov 19th 1999, 3:07 am

I believe this is doable for me...assuming I haven't collapsed from exhaustion.

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Re: Chat wednesday night

Post by mia » Nov 19th 1999, 10:05 am

Can't make it Wed. Going to Grandma's for Thanksgiving. Someone take notes for me! <smile>

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Re: Chat wednesday night

Post by worldsapart » Nov 19th 1999, 4:05 pm

I'll be there if I can manage to remember!


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