Re-run of MSCL

Discussion on bringing the show back on tv. Is "My So-Called Life" going to be shown in your country? Note: See international airdates from the last years here.
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Re-run of MSCL

Post by Guest » Jun 10th 1999, 12:31 pm

Usually there is some kind of a marathon of MSCL on mtv or a cble channel. I would really like to tape a few episodes so if
anyone knows when it is I would really appreciate it if you replied.

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Re: Re-run of MSCL

Post by ChaseFace » Jun 12th 1999, 1:52 pm

I taped them the last time they were on MTV. Then I went out and bought the boxed set as soon as they came out. If you can afford it, you'd be better off doing that. MTV has endless commercials... It's so much better to just sit and watch them commercial free! :)

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Re: Re-run of MSCL

Post by grim4746 » Aug 8th 1999, 3:30 am

I'm not sure that I agree. I have 13 episodes taped off of television and I bought the box set (hope to buy the second one soon) but I think I prefer to watch with commercials. It makes it seem like it's still being aired. I know it isn't but I do find it comforting to let myself be fooled sometimes. But you are right sometimes it's nice to just watch it straight through. I guess I remain undecided.

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Re: Re-run of MSCL

Post by mia » Sep 2nd 1999, 2:52 pm

There is never going to be another marathon or anything related to My So-Called Life on MTV ever again. The network has decided never to air it again. You will never find MSCL as you flip through the channels. If you don't have all the episodes taped now, you never will.


If not, visit the "Revival" forum. We're starting a campaign to get MTV to change their minds. We need all the help we can get! Come join us!


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Re: Re-run of MSCL

Post by jehnidiah » Jun 20th 2002, 12:00 am

Yeh, I think I agree with grim on this one. I just now ordered the DVD box set, but I still love my old VHSs so much just because I can like feel like I am still living in that time. It's quite sad, really, that I'm doing this and insist on not growing out of it, but oh well, I love the show too much.

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Re: Re-run of MSCL

Post by K-man » Jun 20th 2002, 11:34 am

I agree. I like commercials. I have episodes taped off of MTV in 1995 w/ commercials and it is fun to 'flash back' to that time. I got them last year off of E-bay. The first time I watched MSCL was on MTV in winter 1998 and I really wish I could get tapes with commercials from that time. What a special time that was for me!

So my feeling is, whatever happens, happens. K-man


Is there anyone out there that can sell me the 19 episodes

Post by Guest » Jul 12th 2002, 3:13 pm

Is there anyone out there that could sell me all 19 episodes on VHS of my so called life. The sound and picture have to be good. If so e-mail me back at It would definitely make my day!

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speaking of old commercials...

Post by Natasha (candygirl) » Jul 13th 2002, 4:02 am

I have a copy of "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever" that we taped off tv in 1983. My sisters and I watch this movie together every Christmas and it's hilarious to watch the old commercials.

I would like to add that the hilarity of seeing Loretta Swit as a PTA mom and a young Fairuza Balk (before Return to Oz, the Craft, the Waterboy, etc) is priceless.


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Re: Is there anyone out there that can sell me the 19 episod

Post by KrokRos » Jul 13th 2002, 5:29 am

Anonymous wrote:Is there anyone out there that could sell me all 19 episodes on VHS of my so called life. The sound and picture have to be good. If so e-mail me back at It would definitely make my day!
I am taping all episodes now as it is airing in Sweden. It is subtitled so you might not be that interested.


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Post by episapia » Oct 18th 2002, 4:12 am

Watching the show with commercials is one of the best parts of having old tapes! I get so nostalgic . . . the combination of the show and the commercials really gets to me, in a good way.

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