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Post by Guest » Jul 8th 2002, 9:36 pm

Hmm.. well first of all, I did not post the ‘Anonymous’ post, but whether you are posting as Anonymous or Sarah25 it doesn't really matter, to be honest you are equally anonymous in both scenarios. A nickname is just easier to relate to. I'm not going to bother to register for simply posting this one post, so sorry.

Most US citizens have never left their country and when you haven’t done that it’s quite hard to simply understand that there is a world out there besides the US. I’ve been there, talked to the people and got a general perception of how the situation is. It’s not getting any better by the fact that most US schools prioritises US/American geography in front of world geography, even Bush had never been overseas before he was elected for president (in a campaign that surely would have made Iraq look like a well-oiled democracy). Music star Britney Spears didn’t know who Tony Blair was when she was in London to promote her movie. Surely there is a pattern that clearly states that many US citizens are terribly unaware of what’s going on in the world even though I have to say there are plenty of people there who are aware of the situation and have a perfectly fine perspective on the world.

However for most people outside the US I don't think there's really much question to the fact that the US can at many times be quite arrogant, or at least get the perception of being so. They want to do things their way and this is what causes the most trouble because the US has such a political and commercial power that they can in many situations be the difference. But why they shouldn’t be running the show alone. Why even bother to compromise. There are numerous examples of this and we can just look back to the situation a few weeks ago when the US pushed for VETO and refused to have to risk their soldiers being put for trial in the international court (ICC in Haag) IF they would commit warcrime. The US wanted their troops to do whatever they like and face no responsibility unlike any other nationality. This is one major decision that sent shockwaves through most of the European governments. Questioning why the US would put themselves up against their own allies. The US backed out of the important Kyoto agreement. They refused the treaty of banning landmines, banning biological weapons, banning nuclear tests and backed out of the very important ABM agreement.

I mean.. for most people this is pretty clear that the US is running their very own highway here. If the US wants to have any kind of respect throughout the world they need to cooperate.

Please don’t disappoint us with fighting all of this off and coming up with some verbal attack. Rather think about what’s been said and try to understand.

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Post by socalledfan » Jul 9th 2002, 9:19 am

The fact that you had the audacity to assume that Britney Spears' level of awareness of the outside world represents the TYPICAL American, just speaks volumes to me. don't know a thing about the typical American. Your whole argument was nullified right there.

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Let this topic die, everyone....PLEASE. The Americans on the board have been sufficiently offended by you rude people. This is not the place for this, and frankly I'm tired of people and their judgmental comments about my great nation.
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Post by Sascha » Jul 9th 2002, 10:15 am

I think it's really time to close this topic.


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