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Last Names

Post by Bacchante » Feb 9th 2011, 5:22 am

So I was thinking about the last names of Angela's friends and I have found some patterns but I'm not sure if these are significant.

1. Angela's older ("more boring?") friends (Sharon and Brian) both have Slavic last names (Polish? Czech?) -- what does this mean?

2. Both of her "cool" new *male* friends (Jordan and Rickie) both have Latin / Romance last names (Italian / Spanish) -- that's less surprising I guess, as those languages are "hot".

3. Rayanne's last name is German -- now that I don't have an explanation for.

4. Angela's last name is English -- obviously, she's meant to be someone that everyone can identify with.

Any thoughts? I guess I'm going very Media Studies here, but I have this theory that nothing in a piece of work is random, so maybe the patterns are supposed to mean something... who knows.
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