Name of Song @ Rayanne's Party on "Other People's Mother"???

Talk about the soundtrack of MSCL. You can find a list of songs played in the episodes here.
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Niki Discoll
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Name of Song @ Rayanne's Party on "Other People's Mother"???

Post by Niki Discoll » Jan 7th 2009, 2:47 pm

Does anyone know the artist and song name of the tune that is playing at Rayanne's party on the "Other People's Mothers" episode? The song is alternative rock of some sort, male singer, guitars.....It comes on when they are showing the party at Rayanne's at its height, and the camera is showing a variety of people at the party being ecstatic and finally, Rayanne herself dancing around bobbing her head around. I love that song! What is it????

I'm NOT talking about the song "Spin the Bottle" By Julianna Hatfield, which plays while they are warming up for the party....this song I am referring to is definately a male singer.

I have searched the sountrack but cannot find it. Please, can someone offer a clue? I'm desperate. I love that song!
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Re: Name of Song @ Rayanne's Party on "Other People's Mother"???

Post by Natasha (candygirl) » Jan 7th 2009, 4:08 pm

There is a list of all the songs used on MSCL here.
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