Rayanne's Nametag

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Rayanne's Nametag

Post by Guest » Mar 21st 2002, 3:13 am

In "The Zit" episode, at the end (the fashion show) Rayanne is seen writing a nametag...it looks like she's written "Slut" on it (which would coincide with her voting of most slut potential)...has anyone else notcied this? or what has she written? a bag of cookies to the person with the answer :)

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Re: Rayanne's Nametag

Post by Sascha » Mar 21st 2002, 8:13 am

Yeah, I'm pretty sure it says something like "Hello my name is Slut" on the nametag. There's something between the "Hello" and "Slut" which I can't decipher on my screenshot from that scene. We'll have to wait for the DVDs :-)

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Re: Rayanne's Nametag

Post by Joanna » Mar 21st 2002, 5:55 pm

Wow - I never noticed that, I'm definitely going to have to check that out (if I can see through my tears - I always cry at the end of 'The Zit' and 'So-called Angels'). Cool!

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Re: Rayanne's Nametag

Post by somamoons » Mar 21st 2002, 6:52 pm

I'm pretty sure that's what it says...


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