Detailed List of Bonus Features will release on October 30, 2007 a new DVD set in the United States featuring serveral hours of new bonus material.
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Detailed List of Bonus Features

Post by Sascha » Oct 17th 2007, 5:10 am

ShoutFactory sent us a detailed list of the bonus features of the upcoming DVD release.

Bonus Disc
The bonus features are all collected on the sixth disc (except for the audio commentaries)

1. "My So-Called Life Story": Winnie Holzman, Marshall Herskovitz, Ed Zwick, Scott Winant and other show creatives tell the story of the show.
(about 25 minutes)

2. A Conversation With Claire Danes and Winnie Holzman: Claire and Winnie talk to each other about their shared experiences on the show.
(about 22 minutes)

3. A Conversation with Marshall Herskovitz and Winnie Holzman: Marshall and Winnie talk about and creative and production processes and their collaborations. (14 min.)

4-6 The Characters: These are three unique segments that include the cast members discussing their roles and their characters' and real-life relationships with each other.
Angela (16 min.)
The Family (16 min.)
The Friends (29 min)

7. An Interview With Claire Danes: A chat about Claire's real life as an actress. (8 min)

8. The Music: W.G. Snuffy Walden and Scott Winant talk about the music for the show. (15 min.)

9. Highlights of the 1995 Museum of Television and Radio (now known as The Paley Center For Media) Panel. (30 min.)

That makes a total runtime of about 175 minutes, plus a photo gallery.

Audio Commentaries

Disc 1
#01 - Pilot Episode: Marshall Herskovitz, Winnie Holzman, Scott Winant

Disc 3
#10 - Other People's Mothers: Bess Armstrong, Director Claudia Weill
#11 - Life Of Brian: Devon Gummersall, Director Todd Holland, Writer Jason Katims

Disc 4
#12 - Self-Esteem: Claire Danes, Winnie Holzman
#15 - So-Called Angels: (this has two separate commentary tracks)
1. Wilson Cruz, Winnie Holzman
2. Director Scott Winant

Disc 5
#18 - Weekend: Bess Armstrong, Lisa Wilhoit, Writer Adam Dooley

The DVD set also includes a 40-page color book, highlighted by a special introduction by show creator Winnie Holzman, special tributes by Janeane Garofalo and Joss Whedon.

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