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Re: new topic? Characters you identify with

Post by somamoons » Mar 13th 2002, 4:42 am

This was kind of the impression I got - I don't think she knew completely until the final episode, but I think she had an inkling of it. There are just certain things she did in the episodes. I wish I had wrote them down so I could list them. One is in the "oh go inflate your tire" scene. She's totally complimenting him, and then when he takes it seriously and likes it, she tosses him off with that sentence. It was a really flirty scene.

There are other things too, things he said, that she just didn't question. Like when she's hiding in the Krakow's car and Brian comes out. They converse and he says something like "Do you think I might not be waiting around the house for you?" (I know that's not exact). Her response is just "oh shut up." My response would have been, "are you saying that you do?" It's like she doesn't question it - she expects it. If I expected some guy to always be around waiting on me, I would assume he's doing it cause he likes me.

Also, the scene where she "asks" him to the dance - she just sounds really nervous. And when she catches him in the science room with Delia Fisher...she looks so dejected. Like she's realized Brian is moving on from her.

These are just a couple of them...

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Re: new topic? Characters you identify with

Post by Colene » Mar 13th 2002, 6:12 am

I still don't think that she really knew that he liked her. I just keep thinking about that scene where she's throwing the softball with him. She was just SO oblivious when she was talking about crushes and Brian was standing there was this look on his face.

I think the episode where she catches Brian and Delia together is where she realizes that Brian isn't just going to be around to help her out. She always assumes that she can always ask him for help and he will always help her. She thought of Brian as annoying and geeky and that stopped her from seriously thinking about him having a crush on would just be too much...besides she was too busy thinking about Jordan ;)

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Re: new topic? Characters you identify with

Post by socalledfan » Mar 13th 2002, 3:06 pm

I would have to say definitely Angela. I know that sounds cliche, but it's so true for me. I was an extremely melodramatic, introspective teenager who had a crush on a Jordan type...and I went through all the usual identity crises in high school.

I feel head over heels for this show because of its realism, and how much I could relate to Angela.

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