Canadian Election

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Canadian Election

Post by grim4746 » Jan 24th 2006, 8:24 pm

Canada has elected a Conservative government. We have a Prime Minister who has said he will further privatize health care, pull out of Kyoto, revisit devisive issues like abortion and gay marriage though doing so would mean invoking our notwithstanding clause (an opt out of following our Charter of Rights and Freedoms, better suited to short term measures in extreme situations).
On the upside they have a minority government which limits how terrible they can be during their (hopefully brief) term but the executive powers that come with forming the government is still more than I'd like to see in their hands.
It is a right wing party and the closest Canada comes to the ideology of the Republicans. So it might mean improved US/Can relations. Our new PM might even join Bush's missle defense plan. But the soft wood lumber and other issues that have had the pundits hurling insults at Canada aren't likely to go away. The conservatives are the ones who drafted NAFTA and they are serious about holding parties to it.
The good news for the left wing is that the New Democratic Party increased their seats by 10 since the previous election and has an opportunity to become a real power if they can build on what's began.

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