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Post by sonica » Jan 31st 2002, 10:19 pm

Hi Guys! I'm new here but I thought I'd warn all you fellow MSCL fans that there is a seller on yahoo auctions called forjad. He sells all 19 eps of MSCL. DO NOT BUY FROM HIM!!!! In his auction, he said there were 6 HIGH GRADE videos of all the episodes. I won the auction January 2nd and only received the tapes on Tuesday of this week. Not only that, the fibre padded envelope he used to send was ripped/torn and the fibre was ALL OVER the tapes! The envelope was completely destroyed and the post office had put it in a plastic bag. And, I only received 5 tapes, 4 which are viewable because one of the videos was broken and would not play at all. Lastly, the video/audio quality is EXTREMELY poor. He claimed in his auction that the video/audio was great and he also stated in his emails that no one else has ever complained about the tapes. What ever you do, do not buy from this seller. His response to me wanting my money back ($120 Canadian) was to send the tapes back to him so he can mail me another set. I am not about to take that chance. He is not trustworthy. Anyway, I hope you guys do not deal with forjad and be extra cautious with anyone else that claims to have great videos of MSCL. If anyone else has had a bad encounter with a MSCL video seller, please post and inform the rest of us. I have yet to take action with yahoo auctions as I am waiting for him to respond to my email.

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Post by K-man » Feb 1st 2002, 9:58 am

Hello all Lifer's,
I am reluctant to write this as I don't want to look like a sap, but in the interest of other fans of the show I feel compelled to chime in following the above post. I too (sigh) bought all 19 episodes of MSCL from forjad on Yahoo auctions. My experience follows:
The seller claimed the tapes would be shipped promptly upon recpt. of payment. I mailed a money order to forjad on the day I won the auction and it took a little more than 6 weeks to get the tapes. I had to send a nasty e-mail after about 4 weeks and only then did they get delivered.
The tapes were listed as "Excellent audio/video quality" on 6 high grade video tapes. The video is poor and the audio is HARRIBLE!!! I have a really high-end VCR that makes them at least watchable but if I didn't already know all the dialogue it would need subtitles. The shows were taped off of MTV in 1995 which is a long time ago. I tried to watch them at a freinds house on a mid-level VCR and it was unwatchable. Don't waste your money!!!!! forjad has clever rebuttals to all the people who left bad feedback on Yahoo but he is dishonest. This scumbag has been selling the series on Yahoo for some time now and I am sure he has made a nice second income taking advantage of trusting people. Don't give him your hard earned cash PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Post by NIGHTJESSI » Feb 1st 2002, 1:38 pm

Sonica and K-man, thanx for warning us about this seller. It's too bad that there are people out there who pose as fans and then capitalize on people being trusting of that claim. Hopefully that DVD box set is really closer than we think because then we won't have to worry about watching out for sellers like forjad because we'll be able to buy a quality licensed official copy of the series.

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