Censorship and this Discussion Board.

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Censorship and this Discussion Board.

Post by mglenn » Sep 21st 1999, 11:52 am

Ok, here goes...
First off I read the comments Claire made but did not see the posts at <A HREF="http://www.clairedanes.com/">http://www ... es.com/</A> With that said here is the general policy of this board. We at MCSL reserve the right to remove any message we feel is not appropriate! But here is my personal side to that since the message board was setup and is primarily maintained by me. I have at only one prior time removed a message thread. The message in question contained only the phrase "You Suck!".
Being that this message had no point and was in reply to nothing I removed it because it was pointless...

Now I would like to state that although I have never met Lawrence face to face, I have worked with him extensively on this site. Lawrence is one of the plank members of MSCL.COM, although he is not currently active in the sites activities his input is still very much welcomed. With that said I can not comment on his reasoning for the removal of messages from his site. But I do believe that it is his site and if he feels that something is not appropriate for the site he has every right to remove it. If you don't like that policy start your own message board or use a different one. That's what America and the Internet were both founded on "freedom of choice"!

Now my opinion is that I may not agree with all the things you believe and you most likely will not agree with my views of the world. But all we need to do is either discuss the subject like rational, common sense bearing and considerate humans or agree to disagree on those subjects. This board is for both of those actions. It is not for flaming and put downs, which do nothing for anyone. So feel free to post your feelings and thoughts to this board. But be considerate and don't let anything bring you into a flame war. Remember your mothers old attage: "If you don't have something nice to say, don't say it at all!"

But I would after writing it adjust it slightly:
"Make sure you have something to say be before you say anything at all!"

Mike Glenn
Project Manager for MSCL.COM

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