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Post by crimson-glow » Apr 28th 2005, 1:50 am

i rented this movie and watched half of it before i fell asleep. not because it was boring but because i was extremely tired at around 4:30am. :P

it looked adorable though! i need to rent it again cause i didn't finish it. natalie portman was adorable and so was zach braff.
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Post by nkatsa » Apr 4th 2006, 11:09 am

i LOVE this movie and i'm totally not surprised that fellow lifers love it as well. :) i knew i needed to see it right from the trailer that featured the song "let go" by frou frou. i know it sounds a little silly, but it's probably one of my all-time favorite trailers, just the music and the way it was cut together really had me intrigued even though it gives virtually nothing of the plot away. i think that's a great way to emotionally hook an audience even before the movie's been released! :p
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