Things I love about the charectors!!

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Things I love about the charectors!!

Post by Angela_Catalano » Aug 24th 2004, 1:08 pm

I love all the charectors and the whole entire show!!

What are some of your favorite things about them?? Let me know...

*I think she is very pretty..(Her smile, Hair)
*Very realistic
*A good friend
*I like that she has her own style, Clothes, ect..
*I like how she is shy, when she asks out Jordan.

*VERY HOT!! Hair, eyes, ect..
*He is a typical guy, loves cars, sports, and is the type to get girls
*I like how he is kind of dumb about things, Makes him really funny
*I love his style
*I like how he changed his ways, and became a better person

*She really cares about Angela
*She is Unique
*She likes to party and have a good time
*I really like her relationship with her mother
*Her hair, her clothes, everything makes a statement about her

*She is a good friend, cares about Angela
*She works hard, and seems very reliable
*She is good with Kyle
*She tries to do good for everyone

*He has real feelings for Angela
*He is a shy backward person, (that makes him funny too)
*He is very smart
*His hair and style, just fit his charector great

*A really really Great friend to have ( He is so caring)
*I like how he is pretty open about who he is
*Hes a good dancer
*Very kind to everyone
*He cleans up after his self, he does not use anyone

*Good Father
*Good Cook
*I like how he can be a little dumb about things (funny)

*good mother
*Good friend
*Does good work
*And is very funny, I like when she gets so upset about things

There is more things I like about the other charectors on the show, but dont got much time! I also want to add that I like the way they talk. Its very real, it doesnt annoy me a bit!

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