Clinton WAS NOT to blame for 9/11

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Clinton WAS NOT to blame for 9/11

Post by andrewgd » Jan 23rd 2004, 7:24 am

I've been reading through Lies and the Lying Liars (I know, poo poo, its a comedian trying to do political commentary, but c'mon, this is a thoroughly researched book here. He had a team of Harvard students vetting all his info. So there!)

Anyways, I came across two chapters that were the most chilling things I've heard about the pre-9/11 days of Clinton and Dubya. So much so that I've taken the time to scan these two chapters in so I can share them with as many friends as family as possible (and then recommend they buy the book to read the rest).

But I seriously think that if this information was told to everyone in the country, Bush wouldn't have a chance to be re-elected.

Basically Clinton had done a lot more towards stopping terrorism that people thought (cause nobody cared to wasn't a big deal back then, because it was being taken care of)

Then, Clinton's aides tried warning the incoming Bush administration a number of times. Specifically saying that bin Laden WILL mount a huge attack against the US. And BushCo. completely ignored them.

If you'd like the two chapters, lemme know and I can email a small pdf to you (50kb) Im only sharing this with friends and family though, so I'm not going to post it up on the web.

These things are a must read as many people as possible.

(If I shouldn't be distributing this, I'll just post a better synopsis later)

Oh, and yeah, getting this together is definitely why I'm still awake (yet again)...ugh, I'm never going to have a good sleep schedule again!
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Post by grim4746 » Jan 23rd 2004, 9:58 am

I was caught off guard by the chapters you mention. I must admit that I had the wool pulled over my eyes by the lie that Clinton had not done much to stop terrorism. I wouldn't go as far as to say I ever thought of 9/11 as being his fault but I did find it easy to believe he hadn't been very involved in counter terrorism. I don't understand why information like this hasn't reached the American people to a larger degree. I'd think that in the early days after 9/11 when everyone was saying that Clinton among others had left the country unprepared Clinton could have held a press conference or something (at that point everyone was still glued to the tv absorbing all the could about terrorism) and explained exactly what Franken outlines in his book. It seems that Clinton and others who could garner the sort of press attention needed to get this information out don't think it's that important. It boggles my mind that almost everyone seems content to let the lies an misinformation prevail rather than presenting the American people with a little clarity and truth. I'm probably over simplifying but I don't think I'm wrong.

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