It's been a while

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It's been a while

Post by Guest » Oct 6th 2001, 3:33 am

Wow! It has been such a long time since I have been here. I don't even recognize many names here anymore! A big hello to Patrick and Jack--hope you are both doing well. It's good to see that the excitement for the show hasn't died while I've been away. Hmmm... reading the posts have put me in the mood to have a MSCL marathon in my dorm room. :-) Anyhow...


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Re: It's been a while

Post by SumFan » Oct 14th 2001, 2:49 pm

Can you maybe help me please. I'm new here. I used to watch the show even if I'm only 13 now. It was a really good show, but I just startted coming to the site yesterday. I'm not really sure how this message board(?) works.

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Re: It's been a while

Post by Brandon » Oct 24th 2001, 5:05 pm

It works very slowly :)

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Re: It's been a while

Post by oldguy » Oct 27th 2001, 9:44 pm

Hi Angelika!!! I've only visited the site here and there over the past year osr so, but it does seem like every 6 months a new "wave" of folks start frequenting the site. Pretty cool!

Best wishes,

Patrick (Old Guy)

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