Requesting ALL Episodes!!!

Looking for "My So-Called Life" items or willing to part with one?
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Requesting ALL Episodes!!!

Post by bethmscl1 » Oct 10th 2003, 9:38 pm


I would like all 19 episodes of MSCL, and if everyone could include how much they want for them, that would be great. Also, I don't care if it's DVD or VHS, I have both, so I will consider all offers.
I have not seen the episodes in years so if they could be in order, that would be really cool but it's not a necessity.
I check my email often, so please email me anytime, I will respond rather quickly.

Thank you,

Beth :wink:

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Post by fnordboy » Oct 10th 2003, 11:25 pm

You can get the DVD set fairly cheap at most online retailers and B&M retailers. Just stay away from Another Universe ;)

Some people her emay have a VHS set they want to unload cheaply though.

Good luck.

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Post by bethmscl » Nov 9th 2003, 7:30 pm

I don't want to sound like a cheapskate, but I kinda thought tapes would be cheaper through one of you generous people. If you have any other ideas, that would be great. Thanks!

Beth :?


Post by Shelley » Oct 12th 2004, 11:10 pm

Sounds like you really want the episodes, huh? Well, I have them all and as long as you are willing to pay for the tapes (VHS) and shipping costs, I would be more than willing to help you out! I tried to email you, but the address you left didn't work for me? Anyway, let me know if you are interested.

Shelley :)

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Post by Natasha (candygirl) » Oct 13th 2004, 2:40 pm

Seeing as how beth left that message over a year ago, I'd guess she's long gone by now.
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Post by Guest » Jan 28th 2005, 12:28 am

they play the show at 11 pm on weekdays on the family channel

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Post by syra1 » Jan 31st 2005, 8:40 pm

Hi i am looking everywhere for mscl on dvd and iv'e tried everywhere and its impossible as i cant seem to register to e-bay and amazon are too expensive if anyone could help me out i'd be very grateful as i need them
Cheers syra :oops:

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