A Great Tragity

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MSCL.com Team
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A Great Tragity

Post by mglenn » Sep 11th 2001, 3:20 pm

A great tragity has struck this nation today, the prayers of everyone here at MSCL.COM go out to the friends and families who have lost loved ones.

I urge everyone in the US to donate blood as soon as you can. Call 1-800-give-life to find the nearest donation center where you live.

Please feel free to post other related info in these thread.

Mike Glenn
Project Manager for MSCL.COM
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Jody Barsh
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Re: A Great Tragity

Post by Dengar » Sep 13th 2001, 7:27 pm

Its funny how somthing like this can change a perspective of life. Everything, at least for me, seems so small in comparison to what has happened. If you are reading these boards, obviously MSCL is an important thing to you. For the past few days, I cant bear to watch my ever degrating tapes, or read a book, or just continue my meaningless little life in a normal fashion. It seems kind of stupid to freak out, or start getting all sentamential when there are people out there whos mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters will never come home. I am tring my best to keep my troubles in the back, and put only the best of thoughts towards the people who have died, and the rescuers risking there lives. Im not sure what kind of message this is supposed to be, or why anyone would care. Everyone, for a moment, step back, take a deep breath...

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A tragedy we will never forget........

Post by Joanna » Sep 15th 2001, 6:42 pm

I am totally lost and shocked by Tuesdays devastating events in the US. There simply are not the words to describe what has happened or how I feel. Nothing seems important when such a loss of human life has occurred in such unbelievable circumstances. I have cried every day when I've watched the news and cannot stop questioning who could possibly do such a thing. My heart goes out to the American people - you are in the thoughts of my nation, the UK, and we will support you in whatever you choose to do in retaliation to these sickening and world changing attacks on ALL of our people. You are not alone in this and the terror in which we have all experienced in this last week will never be forgotten by the generations that have lived to see it.

God bless America and its allies - Good will prevail!

Joanna -x-

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