American Soldier Blogging from Iraq

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American Soldier Blogging from Iraq

Post by andrewgd » Sep 1st 2003, 12:02 am

I've been following this the last few weeks, its been pretty interesting. But today he made a really good point, that I'd never heard before:
i've had quite a few people point out to me their beliefs in why the religion of islam is experiencing so much turmoil...they say they are still in the middle of their dark ages...islam is about 600 years behind christianity...chronologically...which in the expanse of everything is nothing...but with the time period of a could be the majority factor...where were we 600 years ago..or even 300...christians were still burning people at the stake...witch craft was still a very real problem...the inquisitions...the crusades...and don't even get me started on 'excommunication'...holy crap balls...

now look at a religion that is ancient in comparison to mainstream christianity...or funda 'mental' ist shinto...or tibetian buddhism...religions that are at peace with all and everything...i'm not preaching here...but these are things that i've noticed...i'm sure that my view is quite different from yours...but then again i won't attack you with a poisonous snake because of it...
He's been attacked for his views about the war, especially when he's in the armed forces. You should read through his archives...its a good log of what the daily life is like for "one of us" over there.

And if you're looking for another perspective, I'd been following [url=]Salam Pax[/url]before the war, until electric went out in Bagdad and he wasn't able to update for a month or so. He's back, and giving one of the many Iraqi perspectives.
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