Which Lie Bothers You More?

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Post by JPP13 » Jul 24th 2003, 6:52 pm

Two Interesting tidbits today....

First, written proof that Condeleeza Rice (spelling?) was given a memo last year stating the Iraq/Niger/Nuclear claim was false. Yet just 3 weeks ago she denied knowing anything about it, blaming the CIA.

So, for those who are following at home. First to be blamed was the CIA. Then Hadley at NSC. Now Rice. When do we get the special prosecutor to look into Bush?

The other big item was the 911 report. Conspicuous in its absence is the role of the Saudis, whcih was deleted out. To summarize - we LIED about Irag being a threat, and then we LIED about Saudi NOT being a threat. Why is that? The key is the Cheney and Bush family. They have extensive and lucrative business ties with the Saudi royal family.

Draw your own conclusions.

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