Any Underworld Fans?

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Any Underworld Fans?

Post by andrewgd » May 29th 2003, 6:20 pm

Ever since I got hooked on techno (it started with Halcyon On and On) my favorite group has been Underworld. I just eat their albums up (although I haven't gotten their newest yet.)

Them and their design group Tomato are some of the most interesting 'artwork' thats happened in a while. Just yesterday I made an amazing find. They have TONS of their live performances up on the web here:

I guess they figure 4 more live albums wouldn't sell, so why not give the stuff away. What I've downloaded so far doesn't have any crowd noise (which I tend to like in live performances) but since it is all electronica, its easy to capture the music right from the source. Thats pretty interesting that you can hear a live performance just as clearly as a studio album, but I guess thats an advantage of working all digital. :)

Hope some of you find this as great a find as I do. :)
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