More Alien Goodness!!

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More Alien Goodness!!

Post by andrewgd » May 27th 2003, 5:00 pm


Alien/Aliens Re-Release: FilmJerk has great news for fans of these two absolute gems of cinema - the first of which is making a big screen comeback when it gets re-released this Halloween: "Through contacts within Fox Films we've learned that the film [Alien] will be getting most, if not all, of the cut footage restored back into the narrative. Final details are still being worked out, but our source tells us the film's soundtrack will also be remastered to take advantage of today's digital cinema sound formats, and will be positioned as a major fall release, to play on over 2,000 screens. Should this rerelease become successful, like the "Star Wars" trilogy and "Exorcist" rereleases, tentative plans have already been set to release James Cameron's restored cut of "Aliens" into theatres next spring".
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Post by fnordboy » May 27th 2003, 5:53 pm

Very cool news! Thanks Andrew! :D

Can't wait.

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Post by Nothingman » May 27th 2003, 6:24 pm

The little kid in me says: “Yeah, Aliens on the big screen again”. The first two movies in this series were great. The original was groundbreaking in the way it was shot, and some of the ideas used in bringing the story to life. For instance the asymmetrical alien ship or the fact that the aliens have no eyes. Genius! Sci-Fi thrillers copy it to this day, but there is nothing like being the first one.

With that said about the movies themselves, I have to wonder what the movie companies are thinking. Everything these days is a sequel or a re-release, are they that scared to make something new or they just lacking on good ideas for new movies? Remember in Spaceballs where they have the spoof on a sequel called Spaceballs 2: The Search for More Money, now days you don’t even have to make a sequel, you just re-release it twenty years later to make more money. At this rate by the year 2168 there will only one movie company and only one story line. There will be no need for a title, each episode will only be know by it’s number. Then, shortly after completing production on episode HK-5364, the CEO has an epiphany: “What if I release Aliens again?” He goes on to make zillions of credits, then buys a small moon, renames it after himself, and relocates the LA/Brooklyn Dodgers to its BioDome.
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Post by lance » May 27th 2003, 10:07 pm


Great news! Thanks for the info.


Lance Man

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