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Re: Discussion for Episode 14: On the Wagon

Post by Kbranagh » Oct 24th 2020, 4:08 pm

Maybe the most relaxed episodes so far, not in terms of subjects(that they are very heavy) but in terms of pace! Very slow episode but strangely very good and a very strong one.
In a way i consider this episode a sequel of "Other's People Mothers", a centric Rayanne hour that i liked more than 1.10! I liked that they brought back the drinking problem and with that all the interations of the cast with the Rayanne carachter and this specific problem! more than Angela/Rickie and Rayanne scenes i liked more all the dinamics with Patty and Rayanne....strangely they become a very good duo, :P the car scenes was amazing and sweet. The most impressive moments of the episodes is defenitly the ending! It was so good to incapsulate in one minute the essence of Rayanne! You can try to change her or understand her but remains always unpredictable.

- Good to see again Winnie Holzman not for a cameo but with a very long scene, weird but good - -

-they keep mention this guy named Tino! Who is it? It's some of kind of joke of the writers? :roll:

- very good all the moments with Jordan and the singing stuff...i sense that the writers want to change a little bit his carachter, he never talked so much like in this past couple of episodes. :lol: -

-Angela said(and conferm) that Jordan is Italian.....yes!!

Grade: B+
"Or something'

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