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Post by TomSpeed » Nov 24th 2003, 1:29 am

Just when you thought it was safe to read the forum, here's another scene. This scene doesn't so much bring the story closer to a conclusion as muddy the waters. But the images seemed so strong, I had to write them.


Part Thirty – Lost and Found

Location: Auditorium at the university, Chase house, the campus grounds, early morning. Angela is finishing teaching a class. Danielle, who spent the night at her parents’ house, is making coffee.


Angela – Okay, that’s all for today. Remember that your term papers are due next week. There are no excuses for late papers.

Angela VO* -- I feel sort of creepy when I speak like a teacher. No excuses for late papers -- give me a break.

(Angela walks up the steps towards the exit. Students gather their belongings. An older man emerges from the crowd. Angela stops walking. All of the students exit.)

Angela – Why, it’s Shelby Preston Garrett – I’m not sure if I should curtsy or not.

(Shelby bows.)

Shelby – A curtsy isn’t necessary.

Angela – What brings you to this side of the campus? Slumming?

Shelby – I came to speak to you. I obviously don’t need a refresher on Nathaniel Hawthorne. You are wasting your time teaching freshman survey courses. You should be writing full time.

Angela – Let’s talk while walking, shall we? I have to get back to my apartment and finish packing.

[Chase house]

[Someone knocks on the front door.]

Danielle – I’ll get it!

(Danielle leaves the kitchen and walks to the living room.)

Patty (walking downstairs) – Ask who it is first.

Danielle – Mom, I’m not eleven.

Patty – Humor me.

(Danielle rolls her eyes and stops at the door.)

Danielle – Who is it?

Peter [from outside] – Peter Ellis.

(Danielle looks at Patty, who shrugs. Danielle opens the door.)

Peter – Hi.

Danielle – Hi.

Peter – Is this the Chase house?

Patty – Yes, it is.

Peter – Well, of course it is. What a silly question to ask. You are Mrs. Patricia Chase. And you are Miss Danielle Chase.

(Danielle looks at Patty.)

Danielle – Mom?

[The campus grounds]

(Shelby, who is behind Angela by several paces, starts to run. He runs past Angela and sits on a bench. Angela laughs. She stops at the bench.)

Shelby – I could never keep up with you when you have to be somewhere. Please have a seat. I’ll tell you why I’m here.

(Angela sits on the bench. She turns toward Shelby.)

Angela – Okay, why are you here?

Shelby – I need to get the ring back.

Angela – The ring?

Shelby – Come on. The engagement ring I gave you, my grandmother’s ring.

Angela – I’m not wearing it.

Shelby – Of course not. But can you give it back to me?

Angela VO* -- It’s at this moment when I realize that I don’t have any idea where the ring could be.

[Chase house, kitchen]

(Peter finishes his orange juice. He puts the glass on the table.)

Peter – Angela had your pictures on her desk in her dorm room. You guys haven’t changed hardly at all.

Patty (blushing) – More juice, Peter?

Peter – Sure. [to Danielle] Well, that’s not totally true. You’ve changed a little bit.

Danielle – I have?

Peter – Oh, yes. You’ve changed just enough to notice.

Danielle – Notice what?

Peter – Umm…Now that I’m pinned down. You’ve grown up.

(Danielle blushes. Patty hands Peter a glass of juice.)

Peter – Thanks.

[The bench]

(Angela stands.)

Angela – So, I’ll get the ring back to you just as soon as I get back from home.

(Shelby stands.)

Shelby – That sounds good to me.

Angela – You know, this is kind of an ironic situation.

Shelby – Is it?

Angela – Yes, it is. It’s ironic that the woman who you were seeing while you were dating me will be wearing my ring.

Shelby – Well, you can keep it if you want. I just thought it might be good to keep it in the family.

Angela – No, I don’t want it. I’ll get it back to you first thing.

Shelby – See you Monday.

Angela – See you Monday.

(Angela starts to walk away.)

Shelby – Angela! (Angela stops and turns to face him.) The hammer was a nice touch in your story. I guess I deserved it.

Angela – You deserved it.

Patty: If Rayanne's not seeing you, and we're not seeing you, who is seeing you?
Graham: And how much of you?
Angela: Dad!
Graham: Oh, I'm sorry! I asked a question about your life, didn't I? Woah, what came over me?

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