If you want to share some events in your life or thoughts about life in general with other MSCL fans or if you just want post a rant to let some steam off - this is the place.
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Post by Natasha (candygirl) » Nov 2nd 2004, 12:55 am

Hee, Kristin - I thought the same thing when I saw FMaj's name!
Natasha aka candygirl ::

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Post by Guest » Nov 2nd 2004, 3:58 am

Candygirl & Kristin: I'm sorry to disappoint you but no, I'm not a musician at all. I wish I were though.
No actually my usual login name on other boards is FrenchMajandra but as it wouldn't mean anything here and... oh okay I admit the real reason (lol), I'm a bit lazy (er well, a lot maybe), I just shortened my screen name :wink: ...

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Post by FMaj » Nov 2nd 2004, 4:01 am

How clever of me! I just posted without loging in :roll: Didn't know it was possible to post as 'guest'...

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Post by TooCool4Skool » Nov 7th 2004, 11:04 pm

Okay- I'm new... obviously. I love the show... obviously again. Not only because Jared Leto was in it (That *was* a plus though) but because it helped me threw some times- and I, being a teenager could/can relate.

I want in the action!

My greatest accomplishment in life so far: I would say... surviving the past year- It was a tough one.

My shoe size: 6-7

Favorite fruit: Pineapple

Most guilty pleasure: Swooning over Jared Leto (esp. in Requeum For A Dream- I love the skinny half dead- looking guys!) like a typical teenage girl- I hate when I fall under a sterotype!

Best sugary cereal: I'm not a ceral type- nor am I a Breakfast type. So... Rice Krispy Treats Cereal?! Yeah, that will work.

Favorite cartoon character (not including the simpsons): HONG-KONG FUIE! (I think I spelled that right)- He doesn't get enough credit. I mean... he was a Puppy-Talking-Janitor? Def. deserves more credit!

Best disco song: Ring My Bell? (Sorry, that's basiclally the only disco song I can think of- besides Stay Alive)
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Post by Guest » Nov 15th 2004, 3:24 am

hi. i'm Dork, and i'm a n00b...and i like MSCL :D

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Post by Dork » Nov 15th 2004, 3:25 am

oops, forgot to log in. sorry for the double post :P

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Post by Bolt » Nov 24th 2004, 1:11 am

Why hello.
I'm a junior in high school, and a friend of mine (Crescendo on this board, actually) sort of re-introduced me to MSCL. I've seen it before, years ago, and I guess I didn't get it, or thought it was girly, or something, but now I'm pretty much obsessed.
Not pretty much, actually, I am obsessed.

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Post by SanDeE* » Nov 28th 2004, 5:47 pm

Welcome Bolt & Dork! :D
Um, in my room, one seam is a little off and I stare at it constantly. It's, like, destroying me.


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Post by zerosconcubine » Jan 2nd 2005, 4:08 pm

Hiyah! Aeries here. I am somewhat of a newbie, but I was into MSCL ever since I was 10 years of age. I used to watch the show when it was on ABC, and recently became engulfed in it again when THE-N started airing a couple episodes. Sadly, that is the only way to get my MSCL fix. Right now I am on a quest to find the DVD boxsets, which seems to be extreamly rare :cry: My favorite characters are Angela, Ricky, & Bryan, and I enjoy the parings of BryanxAngela, AngelaxJordan, Deliax Rikki, and Angela x Rikky. I am pretty much open minded to anything, and enjoy meeting new people. Hopefully, I will can make a posstive contribution to this great forum community. :oops:
"We all enjoy the madness, because we will eventually fade away"

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Post by fnordboy » Jan 3rd 2005, 11:00 pm

Welcome zerosconcubine. :D

Teacher's Lunch
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Post by Teacher's Lunch » Jan 7th 2005, 1:17 pm

Hi there! :D

I watched MSCL on ABC, taped episodes 3-19 (which was a PITA considering all of the schedule changes) and then completed the collection when it hit Mtv. I was a participant in OLS, and sent the dollar to Whale place (still can't remember the name of it), as well as writing the Ted personally with my own personal tirade about his incompetence. *deep breath* but... I've gotten past that, now. really.

no. really!

Anyway, this site has been something of a fun blast from the past for me, as I hadn't really watched the show (my musty-dusty tapes are in a box in the basement since my move to a new house last year) nor kept up with the goings-on of the MSCL community.

What a great site you've got here, and so many active participants! :D

Just wanted to "officially" say "Hello" and Thank You to everyone that has put effort into making this such an amazing website and forum. Nice job!

Teacher's Lunch
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oh, and...

Post by Teacher's Lunch » Jan 7th 2005, 1:26 pm

Just for a sense of completion:

my greatest accomplishment in life so far: Being my two sons' favorite playmate as well as a (I really hope) good dad.
my shoe size: 16
favorite fruit: Pineapple (fresh cut, preferred)
most guilty pleasure: visiting forums during the day when I'm supposed to be working, well, either that or the fact that I'm a closet Everquest geek.
best sugary cereal: Reeses Puffs
favorite cartoon character: Jessica Rabbit :P
best disco song: hrm. If club tunes were the disco of the 90s, I'd say "Speed Racer (XXX Remix)". But if I have to go with 70s disco, um... "Does your mother know?" by Abba, just because it's so rediculous and so...well... wrong. :lol:

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Post by emmie » Jan 7th 2005, 3:20 pm

welcome teacher's lunch! I love the name btw. it would be cool if you could get a small screen shot of the teacher's lunch as your avatar. haha.

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Post by wicked » Jan 7th 2005, 3:43 pm

shoe size 16???? wow big feet rolfmao.
Hey I've got 2 kids too.:) A boy 8 and a girl 6.
Welcome have fun it's a great bunch here!
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Post by Teacher's Lunch » Jan 7th 2005, 6:36 pm

yeah, my wife got me a new pair of Dr. Martin's for christmas. <3 Shoes for me, like anything one finds difficult to obtain easily, have special meaning. :wink:

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