the contradiction that we call Rayanne

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Re: the contradiction that we call Rayanne

Post by Cami A. » Aug 10th 2008, 4:22 am

Natasha (candygirl) wrote:Well we know that Rayanne's birthday is definitely in October because in Guns & Gossip, the calendar in Brian's kitchen is on the October page and Other People's Mothers takes place before Halloween, so she is either a Libra or a Scorpio. Based upon her behavior, I would definitely go with Scorpio rather than Libra.
Definitely a Scorpio. My best friend is exactly like Rayanne in many ways, and she's a Scorpio. She's a little mysterious. She's extremely smart, but likes to dumb herself down so that people won't think she's shrewd. She likes to party, and she's highly sexualized, but at the same time she's emotionally complex underneath it all and needs some time to herself (which I assume Rayanne gets plenty of--being home alone without Amber all the time).
Natasha (candygirl) wrote:In "Dancing in the Dark," her questions about Brian's volumeter ("So what's it called again?") are marginally less stupid than Rickie's questions ("Accupressure?").
I think the point of Rickie and Rayanne playing dumb and calling out stupid names for Brian's volumeter was meant to make fun of and taunt Krakow for his dorkiness RATHER than to dumb themselves down. I think the reason why Rayanne often acts dumb is because it's "cool" to be above school and traditional smarts and knowledge--to be more "street" smart. She's always bragging about her experience and her knowledge about boys and life--like when she tells Angela in the PIlot that she needs to look tough so no one will mess with her at Let's Bolt.


And there was a mention of Rayanne's knowledge of what a haiku is in "The Substitute". She's definitely the only one who seems to know in the class. And I think that's the only class she attends (although she's not even enrolled in it) because it's the only one she finds interesting or worthy. She knows she's too smart for conventional in-the-box learning.

I've been writing a fanfic from Rayanne's perspective for months now, and I also do fake Rayanne Diary entries to compliment the story. Here's what I imagined her take on school/teachers would be like:



You know what I hate about teachers? They think that if they just preach to us about semicolons, emdashes, and Pi all day long that we will suddenly be prepared for the "real world". 'Scuse me, but last time I checked the world us teenagers live in is quite real. It might be lopsided and blown out of proportion, but it's as real as Pamela Anderson's jugs. Oh Crap. I just contradicted myself.

Well. Just take my word for it.

This is why I don't waste my time going to class. I mean, how can we take Social Studies while sitting in a stuffy classroom? A classroom that smells of Athlete's Foot and athlete's feet (the fungus and the actual boys' feet). You can learn so much more about social-stuff outside of class. For example, in the girls' bathroom last period, I learned that Cynthia Hargrove put out for the captain of the football team, which is weird since she usually screws the tormented-dark-soul stoner type.

An interesting "social study" would be to chart the dating patterns of high school girls as well as their break up patterns. Then we could know what type of men to avoid in the future. That's the stuff that a teacher CANT teach ya! But it's the stuff that will help you keep out of a s**t-load-a trouble when you grow up.

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Post by estrid » Mar 3rd 2012, 11:03 am

Natasha (candygirl) wrote:At least she's a girl scorpio, which isn't too bad. Boy scorpios - eeek! Run girls, run!

I find myself and Rayanne quite similar. I'm a Scorpio too. (I also dress a little like her, but that's not the point.) I can see myself in Rayanne and Rayanne in me. maybe the similarities are because we're both scorpios? like, you have certain characteristics etc.

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