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Post by sid_barrett » Nov 26th 2002, 8:41 pm

So-Called Loon wrote:
fnordboy wrote: I would have to agree on that. I never was a Bret Easton Ellis fan. I much prefer Dennis Cooper over him.

I have never been able to get too far into one of his books, they bore me to tears.
Almost nothing happened in American Psycho. It was nothing but unending lists of every brand and description of every article of clothing everybody wore, what they ate, and where, who they saw there, what they thought of who they saw there (which made for boring dialog) what brand of every article of clothing everybody they saw wore.

The way i remember it was pages and pages of tedious lists of articles and brand names with a sprinkle of dialog, and then every few chapters a graphic description of the main doofus killing someone and dismembering them, or whatever. :roll:

But in a film where people can take in what a scene looks like in an instant, what's left? And the book had no ending.
wow, you and fnordboy were harsh on this. i loved the book, thought it was realy entertaing. the describing what every one is wearing did get a little boring, but it realy showed what Pat cared about. and ill agree that the book had no real ending. im no expert of books, but the style of the writing was great. the movie was good, but the book was better.
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