Anyone out there?

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Anyone out there?

Post by Luciana » Oct 7th 2002, 4:12 am

Even now, seven years after it first appeared on our screens, My So-Called Life means so much to me. When I first saw Angela Chase I was sixteen years old. I felt like in a way, I *was* her. I had experienced her pain. I understood what it was like to feel a stranger in your own family. I had felt what it was like to be irresistibly, illogically attracted to someone who maybe didn't even recognise my existence. I knew the sensation of longing to involve myself in another person's life, to make myself known to them, in a way that no one else knew me. And it wasn't just Angela that struck me. I recognised the painful reality of Rickie's lonliness and confusion. I felt so deeply Brian's ostracization. And Rayanne: well, I think we all wanted to be her, in a way. Even though her life was no smoother than any other. She had a bravado about her, a strength that hid her insecurities and I always felt it would be easier, somehow, to be like that.

I'm writing this because even now My So-Called Life holds a kind of power over me. At certain times in my life, difficult times, I always find myself coming back to it. Watching Claire Danes go through those experiences, learn those lessons, gives me some kind of strength, that I've yet to witness anywhere else. Watching those old episodes, I reaassess everything that is important to me. If anyone else has felt similarly touched by the series, I would really like to hear from you. I haven't met anyone who really understands the depth of emotion that MSCL presented and if there is someone out there reading this, maybe you can confirm to me that there does exist another soul on this planet who was as moved by the honesty, the integrity of this show as I was. I'd love for you to get in touch. Hey, who knows maybe we could have a MSCL London convention, or something ;)

Sincerely, Luciana x
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Post by emmie » Oct 7th 2002, 8:40 pm

welcome to our posting board Luciana. I think you have found the right place. there are many of us who still hang around and discuss how much we love MSCL. just look at all of the posts and how much we analyze each show and every character. we've all been touched by the show in some way, or we wouldn't be here otherwise.


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