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the site

Post by adam » Mar 13th 2000, 10:19 pm

did the people that made this site take some of the posts off because i was looking for an old one i posted and i couldn't find it can anyone help me out with this post thing

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Re: the site

Post by mia » Mar 14th 2000, 10:14 am

Just a thought...
At the bottom of the main page for each forum, you'll see a list of numbers. These are page numbers of posts contained in the forum. Did you check all of the different pages?

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Re: the site

Post by worldsapart » Mar 14th 2000, 1:05 pm

Or could it possibly have been on the revival board section? We've carried on quite a few conversations over there too.


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Re: the site

Post by mglenn » Mar 16th 2000, 9:37 pm

I expired a few very old and uninformative messages back when we moved to the new server but thats all.

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