"Desert Island" music lists...

Want to share your enthusiasm for an artist or a band with other "My So-Called Life" fans? Post here. (Note: Please discuss the MSCL soundtrack in the "Show" forum)
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Post by StrawberryGirl » Sep 27th 2002, 12:37 pm

Okay- here is my very short list of favorite tracks off the top of my head- all I had time for at work. :)

Tori Amos- China
Counting Crows- Anna Begins
Stevie Nicks- Landslide
Simon and Garfunkel- For Emily, Whenever I May Find Her
Tracy Chapman- The Promise
Toad the Wet Sprocket- Windmills
The Psychedelic Furs- The Ghost in You
American Girl- Tom Petty
Yaz- Too Pieces
Joni Mitchell- Both Sides Now
Jane's Addiction- Jane Says
Madonna- Like a Prayer
Lightening Seeds- Pure
Bowie and Queen- Under Pressure
INXS- Beautiful Girl
Cake- I Will Survive
Elton John- Tiny Dancer
The Jackson Five- ABC-123
Five Stairsteps- Ooh Ooh Child
The Violent Femmes- Blister in the Sun
Kate Bush- This Woman's Work
Dave Matthew's Band- Satellite
The Smiths- Girlfriend in a Coma

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Post by dTheater » Sep 27th 2002, 6:04 pm

starbug wrote:ARRGH! I forgot one of the best bands ever in my list. I can't believe I did that... so, allow me to add just one more:

Billy Pilgrim - all good stuff but best album = 'in the time machine'. Beautiful. best lyrics in first album in song 'get me out of here'.
I have that album. Is it really called "In the Time Machine?" Because my copy just says Billy Pilgrim, so I thought it was self-titled. "Try" is a great song (the one from MSCL for those who don't know), but there are some other very fine songs on it.

Anyway, many of my favorites have already been mentioned - Tori, Sarah McLachlan, Radiohead (The Bends; OKC does nothing for me), Queensryche, Beatles, Counting Crows, etc.

I share a lot of the same tastes displayed here so far, but a lot of my other tastes haven't been shared by anyone, so there's probably a lot of names here people have never heard of. Anyway, barring compilations and repeats, here goes nothing...

Dream Theater: Images and Words
The Beatles: Abbey Road
Spock's Beard: The Light
Neal Morse: Neal Morse
Transatlantic: Bridge Across Forever
Counting Crows: August and Everything After
Pineapple Thief: 137
Radiohead: The Bends
Seal: Seal (1994)
Toy Matinee: Toy Matinee
Tori Amos: From the Choirgirl Hotel (I love Little Earthquakes equally, but if I had to choose...)

Okay, I know that was 11, but it was mentally impossible to remove one.

And here's the obligatory "honorable mentions." (God, these lists are difficult...)

Kaytee Bodle: Songer-Singwriter
Dream Theater: Scenes From a Memory
Fates Warning: A Pleasant Shade of Gray
The Beatles: Magical Mystery Tour
Conception: Flow
Galactic Cowboys: Space In Your Face
Billy Joel: Turnstiles
Queensryche: Operation Mindcrime
Queensryche: Promised Land
Spock's Beard: The Kindness of Strangers
Tori Amos: Little Earthquakes
Symphony X: The Divine Wings of Tragedy
- Jim

Kaytee Bodle: Girl With Guitar
http://girlwithguitar.0catch.com (audio, video, tabs, lyrics, etc.)

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Post by starbug » Sep 30th 2002, 5:08 am

dTheater - well, Billy Pilgrim have 3 albums; the first one, with 'Try' on it, and 'Get me out of Here' (best lyrics ever) is, I think, untitled; certainly my CD has nothing but 'billy pilgrim' on it.
the second album is a bit more rocky but still with some great songs and is called 'Bloom'.
In the Time Machine is their third, and in my opinion best, album.


I first heard them on MSCL, and then randomly my cousin sent me a tape with some samples of other artists and BP, and I had to track down the albums (this was hard, before Cdbaby.com existed)... That same tape is also where I first heard the Indigo Girls (Argh, another album I left off the list... best song 'Ghost') so I think I have alot to thank her for...



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Post by socalledfan » Sep 30th 2002, 12:13 pm

Okay, I am sooo excited about everyone posting back! We all have great taste in music!!!

Debs, I am working on my song list for your question about the soundtrack to our lives. Work is busy right now but I'll try to post that later.

Keep this thread going everyone. :D
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Post by socalledfan » Sep 30th 2002, 2:31 pm

Debs wrote:Ok. I'd like to thank So-Called Fan for totally destroying my concentration today! ALL I CAN THINK OF IS MUSIC!!!

Alanis Morissette - So Unsexy
Tori Amos - Cornflake Girl
Nina Simone - Feelin' Good

What can I say, doll? My specialty is ruining others' concentration. :lol: :wink:

I can't believe you put the above three songs on your list. Do you LIVE in my brain???? All three of these are some of my favorites. I am a Nina Simone freak!!! She has such an amazing voice.
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Post by socalledfan » Sep 30th 2002, 3:11 pm

Okay, here is my LOOOOOOONG list of favorite songs of all time... 8) 8) 8) ...the soundtrack of my so-called life. For some artists I couldn't pick just one song...admittedly, this is a very random/eclectic list!!!

Led Zeppelin- That's the Way
Led Zeppelin- Travelling Riverside Blues
The Beatles- Blackbird
The Beatles- While My Guitar Gently Weeps
Eric Clapton- Layla (the end piano part only!)
Stevie Wonder- Sir Duke
Stevie Wonder- I Wish
Otis Redding- Try a Little Tenderness
Otis Redding- These Arms of Mine
Otis Redding- Can't Turn You Loose
Indigo Girls- Ghost
Portishead- Glory Box
India.Arie- Video
Madonna- Frozen
Simon & Garfunkel- Scarborough Fair
Paul Simon- Kodachrome
Neil Diamond- Sweet Caroline
Radiohead- No Surprises
Radiohead- Nice Dream
Radiohead- You and Whose Army?
Crosby Stills & Nash- Southern Cross
CSN & Young- Our House
Prince- Under the Cherry Moon
Prince- The Beautiful Ones
Sarah McLachlan- Ice Cream
Sarah McLachlan- Fear
Sarah McLachlan- I Will Not Forget You
Tori Amos- Winter
Tori Amos- Precious Things
Donovan- Season of the Witch
Mazzy Star- Fade Into You
Crowded House/Neil Finn- Don't Dream It's Over
Depeche Mode- Blue Dress
Depeche Mode- Personal Jesus
Joni Mitchell- The Circle Game
Bob Dylan- Hurricane
Alanis Morrisette- Thank U
Alanis Morisette- So Unsexy
Nina Simone- Feelin' Good
Glenn Miller- Moonlight Serenade
Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong- Summertime (from Porgy and Bess)
Billie Holiday- I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm
Elton John- Someone Saved My Life Tonight
Billy Joel- Scenes From an Italian Restaurant
The Mamas and The Papas- Dedicated to the One I Love
The Beach Boys- Wouldn't it Be Nice
Weezer- Undone (The Sweater Song)
The Smiths- Stretch Out and Wait
The Cure- Pictures of You
Mary J. Blige- I Love You
Coldplay- Trouble
Beck- Odelay
Nirvana- Pennyroyal Tea
Pearl Jam- Jeremy
Pearl Jam- Black
The Verve- Bittersweet Symphony
Beastie Boys- Paul Revere
Violent Femmes- Kiss Off
The Doors- Waiting for the Sun
Foo Fighters- Walking After You

Ummm....that's all I can think of for now! There's only about a million more...sheesh. I really am obsessed with music. :P Are you guys sick of me yet?? 8)
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Post by Natasha (candygirl) » Sep 30th 2002, 7:39 pm

No, I am not sick of you! Those are some great song choices.


So let's say that you and I are stranded on the same desert island so I can pick 20 totally different songs and share!


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Post by Nostradamus » Oct 25th 2002, 8:18 am

From this week's horoscope in The Onion:
Scorpio: (Oct. 24--Nov. 21)
Your desiccated remains will be found on a desert island along with an empty water bottle, three emergency ration packages, and the exact right CD for the occasion.
:shock: :lol:
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Post by Nostradamus » Nov 16th 2002, 3:47 am

I would've posted my track list earlier but I knew it'd be quite bulky so I had to wait for some free time... so here it is, in no particular order:
  • Pachelbel: Canon
    The Smashing Pumpkins: Tonight, Tonight
    John Barry: From Russia With Love (instrumental version)
    Orbital: Halcyon & On & On
    Jamiroquai: Virtual Insanity
    Sneaker Pimps: 6 Underground (Nellee Hooper Edit)
    Dreadzone: A Dream Within A Dream
    The Vince Guaraldi Trio: Linus And Lucy
    Haddaway: What Is Love; Life
    James Horner: The Car Chase
    Moby: First Cool Hive; Bodyrock
    Booker T. & The MG's: Green Onions
    Mono: Silicone
    Nerf Herder: BTVS Theme
    Velvet Chain: Strong
    K's Choice: Virgin State Of Mind
    Face To Face: The Devil You Know
    Kim Ferron: Nothing But You
    Four Star Mary: Pain (Slayer Mix)
    Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds: Red Right Hand
    Julee Cruise With The Flow: Artificial World (Interdimensional Mix)
    Mark Snow: Mitis Lumen; Fides Fragilis; Theme From Deep Throat
    Enigma: Principles Of Lust; Mea Culpa; Knocking On Forbidden Doors; Back To The Rivers Of Belief; The Eyes Of Truth; Beyond The Invisible
    John Broomhall: X-COM Original Music
    Frank Klepacki: Command And Conquer Original Soundtrack
    Nobuo Uematsu: Final Fantasy VII Original Music
Also, whoever did the music for the SNES editions of Wing Commander and King Arthur's World, they rock. Top that for obscurity! :P
I have never killed a man, but I have read many obituaries with great pleasure.
-- Clarence Darrow

I didn't attend the funeral, but I sent a nice letter saying I approved of it.
-- Mark Twain

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Post by Rickie Love » Nov 16th 2002, 4:30 pm

Hey, I LIKE these little lists! And I will try and keep mine little, but I don't think I'll be able to - gonna have to have 20 cds, I'll pack strategically...This ain't gonna be easy and like everyone else, I had to leave off quite a lot but here goes. Oh and I may repeat a few, but that just goes to show we are all sorta like-minded, very cool. Also, had to include compilations, which MAY be cheating, but unavoidable. I mean, we're talking STRANDED here!

1. Jamiroquai - Funk Odyessy (oddly, I just mentioned this the other day, been listening to it the last few nights!)
2. Tom Petty - Greatest Hits, they're all in there
3. Twin Peaks Soundtrack - VERY cool
4. Jeff Buckley - Grace
5. Stevie Ray Vaughan - Couldn't Stand the Weather (add in the song Pride +Joy)
6. Seal, 1994 release
7. Afro-Latin Groove '!Sabroso!' - really great compilation
8. Rolling stones - Emotional Rescue
9. Rolling Stones - Tatoo You
10. Valley Girl Soundtrack - gotta have the cool 80s tunes!
11. Propellerheads - Decksanddrumsandrockandroll
12. INXS - Shabooh Shoobah
13. The Last Days of Disco Soundtrack - ya, baby!
14. Cranberrys - Bury the Hatchet
15. Sheryl Crowe - Globe Sessions
16. Third Eye Blind, 1997 realease
17. The Police - Regatta de Blanc
18. The Police - Outlandos d' Amour
19. Michael Jackson - Off the Wall, imho the only good one
20. Stevie Wonder - Songs in the Key of Life

Honorable mentions: No Doubt - Rock Steady + Chris Isaak- Silvertone. (Oh ya! Pixies - Trompe le Monde, Surfer Rosa, and Garbage 2.0. There, done.)

MAN, I'm worn out!! Gonna go listen to some of these.
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Post by pinkchimney » Dec 4th 2002, 5:16 pm

It is impossible to just read this thread and go with out leaving a little 'dessert island' list of my own.

1. Jimmy Eat World - Clarity
Before the hype and before their presence on MTV these guys released an emotionally charged album and clearly out did themselves at the tender age of 23.

2.Smashing Pumpkins - Mellon Collie & The Infinite Sadness
Shot themselves in the foot by doing this record so early in their career.

3.TripleFast Action - Cattlemen Don't
Indie Alt-rock. Everything I like in a band.

4.Nirvana - Unplugged

5.The Juliana Theory - Emotion Is Dead
Before you hear them all over the radio in about 2 months, get their last cd. It's frickin amazing. Rock/Punk/Alt/Trance. Lotsa goodies.

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Post by fnordboy » Dec 4th 2002, 6:44 pm

goddamnit sucked me in....

I dont think i posted a list before in this thread...if so too bad lol, I will try to keep it small.

List of albums in no particular order:

Joy Division - Disc 1 of the Heart and Soul box set
Pixies - Surfer Rosa
Pixies - Come On Pilgrim
Cure - Staring at the Sea
Bright Eyes - Fevers & Mirrors
Bright Eyes - Lifted or the Story is in the Soil, Keep Your Ear to the Ground
Hum - You'd Prefer an Astronaut
My Bloody Valentine - Loveless
Small Brown Bike - Dead Reckoning
Stiffs Inc. - Nix Nought Nothing
planesmistakenforstars - f*** With Fire
Death Cab For Cutie - The Photo Album
Rainer Maria - A Better Version of Me
Rainer Maria - Past Worn Searching
The Shins - Oh, Inverted World
Poster Children - Flower Plower
Poster Children - Junior Citizen
Skinny Puppy - Too Dark Park
Nurse With Wound / Stereolab - Crumb Duck
Nurse With Wound - Chance Meeting On A Dissecting Table Of A Sewing Machine And An Umbrella
David Bowie - Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars
Simon & Garfunkle - Sounds of Silence


Ok enough for now, i am sure i missed a ton of albums....i will probably add to the list.

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Post by Bubba » Dec 5th 2002, 3:19 am

EDIT: Just noticed the "favorite song" question. I'm adding at the bottom.

I'm biting the bullet and limiting myself to five albums. For added difficulty, I'm excluded "Best Of" and "Greatest Hits" collections, so there goes The Monkees, The Temptations, Creedence, Barry White, George Thorogood, James, and Matthew Sweet.

Nope, I'm keeping myself to actual albums. So, in the order I chose them:

1. Coldplay - A Rush of Blood to the Head
2. David Gray - A Century Ends
3. Jewel - This Way
4. U2 - All That You Can't Leave Behind
5. U2 - Achtung Baby

The Coldplay album is a no-brainer: it's quite possibly the greatest album in ten years.

A Century Ends was a tough call: I have three DG albums (this one and his most recent two albums - I'll hunt down the others when I can), and it was tough to pick only one. While White Ladder and A New Day at Midnight are also great - and more sonically interesting - David Gray's debut album has the most heart-wrenching songs: "Shine," "Let the Truth Sting," and "Birds Without Wings."

I'm also a big Jewel fan, owning her three albums, but This Way was an easier decision to make. While the first two have some of her most beautiful, vulnerable songs ("Near You Always" and "Absence of Fear", respectively), they also have songs I usually skip over ("Pieces of You" and "Fat Boy"). This Way is the strongest album overall.

Above all other bands, U2 is by far my favorite. I still wanted to limit myself to only one of their albums, and three stick out as immediate contenders: The Joshua Tree, Achtung Baby, and All That You Can't Leave Behind. While ATYCLB has the least original sound of the three, its meditation on life, death, and grace make it more poignant for me. That said, it was another very close call.

Finally, after looking at the other albums I owned, I realized there were no others that I would prefer over another U2 album, and I chose Achtung Baby over The Joshua Tree, if only because it serves as a better counterpoint to ATYCLB and my other three choices: irony instead of sincerity, murkiness instead of clarity. It's a dark, sexy album; to use Bono's term, it has "hips."

Reviewing my list, I see two trends: first, 4 of the 5 albums come from the British Isles: U2 (Ireland), Coldplay (England), and David Gray (Wales). I'm originally from Birmingham, Alabama, so I dunno how this happened.

Second, 3 of the 5 albums were released in the last three years, which gives me hope that great music will continue to be made, despite the music industry's best efforts to drown us in crap.

EDIT: The "best-songs-in-an-album" question is also a toughie, particularly because one has to worry about things like song length, track order, etc. On first glance, too many of the songs come from the albums listed above, so I gave myself the following rule:

Only one song per artist.

I make a single exception for U2, but the exception is completely understandable. I also exclude instrumental music (Beethoven, Chopin, Glenn Miller) and limit myself to pop, country, and R&B.

So, in order, the ultimate CD:

1. "Bad to the Bone" - George Thorogood & the Destroyers
2. "Mary Jane's Last Dance" - Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers
3. "Girlfriend" - Matthew Sweet
4. "I Can't Get Next to You" - The Temptations
5. "Can't Get Enough of Your Love, Babe" - Barry White
6. "Here With Me" - Dido
7. "The Scientist" - Coldplay
8. "Near You Always" - Jewel
9. "Shine" - David Gray
10. "Out to Get You" - James
11. "Perfect Day" - Lou Reed
12. "Flesh and Blood" - Johnny Cash
13. "Can't Help Falling in Love" -Elvis Presley
14. "With or Without You" - U2
15. "One" - U2
16. "The Maker" - Daniel Lanois
17. "Lookin' Out My Back Door" - Creedence Clearwater Revival
18. "Uncloudy Day" - Willie Nelson

A CD holds about 74 minutes of music, and I think I clock in at 72:24.
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Post by SanDeE* » Dec 7th 2002, 1:46 am

SO HARD! How am I going to narrow it down? Screw it... I've got more than 10 on my list. Here they are in no particular order:

Four Charms - Flatland Boogie
Joel Paterson - Down at the Depot
Ani DiFranco - Little Plastic Castle
Od Tapo Imi - LIVE
Wes Montgomery - Movin' Wes
Grant Green - Born to be Blue
Miles Davis - Porgy and Bess
Sarah Vaughn - The Jazz Sides
B.B. King - Greatest Hits
Oscar Peterson Trio - Stratford Shakespearean Festival
Weezer - Weezer
Buddy Holly - From the Original Master Tapes
Smashing Pumpkins - Siamese Dream
Keb' Mo' - Keb' Mo'
Billie Holiday - Love Songs
The High Street Quartet - The High Street Quartet

The High St. Quartet was a jazz combo I played guitar in a couple years ago. We made a CD my senior year of high school. I'd probably also want to bring the CD I made my junior year of my first five compositions. I'll have to think more about songs for an ideal mix CD.

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Post by TomSpeed » Feb 13th 2003, 4:53 pm

Good topic. I'm giving myself 2 minutes to name the top 10 CDs I want on that desert isle. Starting now!

1. Fleetwood Mac, Rumours
2. Almost Famous Soundtrack
3. Fleetwood Mac, Fleetwood Mac (The OTHER White Album)
4. Apocalypse Now Soundtrack
5. U2, Rattle and Hum
6. Kate Bush, Sensual World
7. IXS, X
8. Bruce Springsteen, Born to Run
9. Bruce Springsteen, Born in the USA
10. Enya, Enya

Doing this actually took more than 2 minutes. But, I had to work while I was making the list. I tried not to use greatest hits albums. Soundtrack albums are kind of a cheat, too, but what can you do?

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