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Claire Danes

Post by crumblecake » Oct 14th 2003, 12:49 pm

just wanted to say this:

I think claire danes is THE actress of her generation. which is my generation too. i am her age and for some reason she was always there in my life with all the things i had to got through.

when i was in school, there was my so-called life.
when i was in love for the first time, there was romeo & juliet
when i felt like rebelling and trying to cool, there was the mod squad
when i went to college, she went to college
when i got into a not so healthy relationship, there was igby goes down
when i was down and watched "the hours", who was the only positive character?
and then there was "it's all about love", that i saw during my work at a movie theater and no one else was there.......

i think she has covered so many different things as an actress and has done everthing so well. and if you watch her interview and talkshow appereances you'll see a completely different side of her. in her movies she never played herself.

to me, she has portrayed the things that matter to people of her generation. at least she always appeared with something that helped me when i needed it.
that's what i think.

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Post by Hunee » Oct 22nd 2003, 9:26 am

she really is such a great actress!!! and a great person!!!
so make the best of this test, and dont ask why
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Post by RodH » Oct 22nd 2003, 10:41 am

Actors are always themselves........ well, great ones anyway.

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