RELEASE: Natasha Young (aka candygirl) To Join

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RELEASE: Natasha Young (aka candygirl) To Join

Post by » May 24th 2007, 1:59 pm


Natasha Young (aka candygirl) Tapped to Fortify's Efforts to Remain the World's Premier Life Site.

THREE RIVERS, PA., May 24, 2007 -- today announced that Natasha Young (aka candygirl) has been named a principal member and operator of, leading its initiative to "keep Life alive" by engaging with new and existing My So-Called Life viewers and enthusiasts.

" is renown for treating its visitors as welcomed guests, and for the past six years, Natasha has solidified our reputation," said Steve C. Joyner,'s director. "We are committed to supporting and sustaining new and existing interest in My So-Called Life. We all work hard to help viewers find deeper meaning and importance in My So-Called Life, and I am delighted to have Natasha on board to continue with her work in our virtual communities -- and beyond."

Sascha Beck,'s chief system administrator and engineer observes, "One measure of Natasha's prolific work is in the numbers -- over 5,000 posts to the forum! She's always on top of things -- even posting birthday wishes to members."

A forum moderator since 2002, Natasha, 32, has been watching My So-Called Life since the beginning (August 25, 1994). "Life is about connecting, and has given me the opportunity to connect with so many wonderful people who share my love for the show."

About (TINODAQ: MSCL) operates the world's largest web site about the television drama, My So-Called Life. Founded in 1997, is dedicated to sustaining and supporting new and existing viewer-enthusiasts of My So-Called Life. The site's seven principal members and operators reside in Austria, Germany, and the United States. Announcements and other information about can be found at the organization's web site at and

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Post by emmie » Jun 29th 2007, 11:50 am

I just saw this post. yay to Candygirl/Natasha! I noticed the last time I was on here that you surpassed the 5k number in posts. absolutely amazing! just proves that there's a lot to be said about MSCL.

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Post by Rainey's_Mischief » Jul 5th 2007, 1:30 am

Great article! Congrats! I'm very happy I found this site with so much info on the show not to mention the great forum to keep in touch with other fans.
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Post by ltomsett » Jul 5th 2007, 2:06 am

Totally agree with Rainey's Mischief. I have recently watched MSCL again on the internet, thinking that it would be naff the second time around (as things are never how you remember) but I can honestly say that it was evry little bit I remember. I have bought the box set and watched it all over again. ( twice in four weeks!!

I don't really know anyone who watched it back in the time I did which is why I too am so happy that I have found this site.

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Re: RELEASE: Natasha Young (aka candgirl) Tapped to Fortify...

Post by K-man » Nov 28th 2007, 5:01 pm

Congatulations Candygirl!!!!! It's people like you that make this such a great place!
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