Email from Another !!!!

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Email from Another !!!!

Post by MartinPierre » Sep 22nd 2003, 7:10 pm

Dear, MSCL Customer!

We are getting ready to ship out the MSCL Lunch Boxes and Bonus Discs within the next two weeks. Please take time to review the address we have on file for you and email us back at this address ( with any changes that need to be made. Be sure to include your order number in all emails.



Please send all address changes to this email address: and be sure to include your order number in all emails.

Best regards,

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Post by tridentdps » Sep 22nd 2003, 7:31 pm

I got mine (email that is, not the lunchbox).

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Post by Jason R » Sep 22nd 2003, 7:36 pm


(hope it's true).

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Post by Natasha (candygirl) » Sep 22nd 2003, 7:52 pm

As Gary explained in a previous post, we are trying to organize this section of the forum so that there aren't a million different threads about the same thing. Discussion about AU MSCL bonus materials can be found here.
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