Lack of bonus material: Law enforcement complaints.

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Lack of bonus material: Law enforcement complaints.

Post by lizardcub » May 14th 2003, 4:29 am

I made this section so we can have a poll of who has complained to law enforcement or similar (such as the BBB, which is not law enforcement) about AU. This way we can see the results without having to scroll through pages of one-line responses.

If you have other information to offer here about complaining, that would be good too. My IFCC number, in case anyone wants it, is I03051404022361

If you have not yet complained to the IFCC (about the lack of bonus material and, if applicable, any outstanding multiple charges), please do so at and be sure to reference complaint I02101510303033 - that's Jason's original complaint, and that way all complaints are linked. I believe they are much more likely to take action if it is clear that this is one fraud against many victims rather than many isolated incidents.

Edited to add: sorry I screwed up the poll! I suck.


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