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by allie
May 2nd 2004, 12:58 am
Forum: ARCHIVE: AnotherUniverse 2002 DVD Customer Forum
Topic: Unshipped merchandise confirmed at (**OFFICIAL**)
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As much as it sucks, I would be willing to pay S&H for the bonus disk and lunchbox that I ordered in Feb 2002 and paid for in full but never received. I kept meaning to send an email to AU, and two weeks ago even found my original order number, but I'm a huge procrastinator and now it seems like it'...
by allie
Nov 11th 2002, 4:40 pm
Forum: 2002 DVD release (BMG)
Topic: Post in this thread if you got your DVDs and want to share.
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I just got mine early this afternoon and I live outside of Allentown, PA. I almost kissed the UPS guy! I was SO glad that they came on a previously scheduled vacation day (I took the day off to do my final paper for my class that is due tonite) and now I can celebrate by watching the DVD's this week...
by allie
Nov 9th 2002, 6:09 pm
Forum: ARCHIVE: AnotherUniverse 2002 DVD Customer Forum
Topic: UPS billing information received?
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UPS Shipping

I was worried, too, when I checked (almost) every day and it didn't move from CA since Nov 5, but when I checked today the package was received and departed from Harrisburg, PA last night (I live just outside of Allentown, PA). I'm hoping it comes Monday because I have off from work Monday and will ...