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by Anthony
Apr 29th 2004, 7:46 am
Forum: 2002 DVD release (BMG)
Topic: Fans compiling their own bonus DVD
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Fans compiling their own bonus DVD

Seeing as it is now certain bonus footage from the Museum of Television and Radio in L.A. is never going to materialise, wouldn’t it be possible for to get hold of it and make it available? How about the M.T.V. footage as well? Unfortunately I do not live in the States, otherwise I would ha...
by Anthony
Apr 2nd 2004, 4:44 pm
Forum: The Show
Topic: hard to express
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Similar Experience

I know exactly what you mean, Toll. I had a similar experience a couple of weeks ago when I rediscovered the show for the first time in seven years. I could say a lot about what I was feeling after seeing it again, but it is probably best summarized as simply feeling overwhelmed. In actual fact it s...
by Anthony
Mar 16th 2004, 4:49 pm
Forum: The Show
Topic: Did your life change because of MSCL?
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Hi, I'm new here, just discovered the site yesterday. Yes, the show definitely affected my life. First of all it made me wish I was an American, secondly it made me wish I had intelligent caring parents unlike the battle-axe and barbarian I did have, and thirdly it made me attempt to stop being path...