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by FuzzyFreaky
Dec 9th 2003, 11:57 am
Forum: Music
Topic: Annoying Holiday Songs
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Feliz Navidad irritates the crap out of me.
by FuzzyFreaky
Oct 23rd 2003, 2:56 am
Forum: Music
Topic: Wedding Songs
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Smashing Pumpkins - My Blue Heaven
by FuzzyFreaky
Aug 28th 2003, 3:57 am
Forum: Other TV Shows
Topic: Will & Grace Season 1 DVD set
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I got the boxed set for my birthday and I can't stop watching it! The audio and video quality are great... The only thing that I found that's wrong with it is that some of the captions are wrong.. but other than that it's great.
by FuzzyFreaky
Aug 22nd 2003, 8:00 am
Forum: Your So-Called Life
Topic: Newbies!
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Re: Hellooo

Emeralduk wrote:
Caroline in the City
I can't believe there are others who watch this show!
Yes I think you and I will get along Emerald
Welcome to the board! :)
by FuzzyFreaky
Aug 15th 2003, 8:23 am
Forum: Other TV Shows
Topic: Nip/Tuck
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This show is just like any other drama out there except they utilize the 'S' word. It's not that bad a show, the stories are interesting (well at least I think they are) and the acting is good. The last one about the obese woman who wanted surgery so she could look good for her High School reunion m...
by FuzzyFreaky
Aug 14th 2003, 1:11 am
Forum: Everything Else
Topic: Username backstories
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FuzzyFreaky is a song from David Byrne. My avatar is from the Talking Heads' video for Road To Nowhere. My sig comes from the song 'Lazy' by X-press 2 featuring David Byrne. I listen to too much David Byrne. :wink:
by FuzzyFreaky
Aug 10th 2003, 7:55 pm
Forum: Political Discussion
Topic: sign me
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by FuzzyFreaky
Jul 27th 2003, 11:23 am
Forum: Music
Topic: I need new music too....
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I need new music too....

I need newer music. I've currently been listening to Peter Gabriel ( Who I wasn't a fan of but I now am working on getting his entire catalog after listening to Up) Anyone have any suggestions? I'm open to everything
by FuzzyFreaky
Jul 27th 2003, 11:11 am
Forum: Books and Stories
Topic: I need a funny book...
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I need a funny book...

Did that question sound completely ignorant of me? Anyway I need a book that's comedic, light, upbeat........ I lack a proper word but you get the idea. I've heard some good things of the book "How to Lose Friends and Alienate People" by Toby Young, I've been meaning to get that-- Anyone read it? An...
by FuzzyFreaky
Jul 27th 2003, 10:50 am
Forum: Music
Topic: Best cover song EVER
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just a few cause I can't think of any other's right now: Everything But The Girl-Back to the Old House (orig. The Smiths) Erasure- Solsbury Hill 37B Mix (orig. Peter Gabriel(don't laugh at that it's a good dance track!)) Smashing Pumpkins - Destination Unknown (orig. Missing Persons) Fudge- Psycho K...
by FuzzyFreaky
Jul 25th 2003, 3:18 am
Forum: Movies and Movie Stars
Topic: 28 Days Later
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I saw this movie and I was not at all impressed with it. I was expecting to be scared but sadly I was not. The plot took a nose dive once the second half hit and I found myself becoming bored. The movie shot all well and good and all but the story and the soundtrack could've been way better. Sorry.
by FuzzyFreaky
Jun 18th 2003, 2:37 am
Forum: Music
Topic: M A D O N N A
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Madonna doing that was one of the funniest things I've heard of ever. What's funnier is that a bunch of musicians remixed the track and hosted a competition for the best remix. Ohhh... Madonna when will you learn you can't stop P2P users.
by FuzzyFreaky
Jun 18th 2003, 1:54 am
Forum: Your So-Called Life
Topic: Who want's to hear my thoughts on love?
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I don't understand what it is that you don't believe. Some places you say you don't believe in love at all ("I'm not sure if I can accept the theory or concept of 'love'. ") And in almost the same bearth admit that you have been in love in the past. I have been in 'love' in the past but like you sa...
by FuzzyFreaky
Jun 17th 2003, 10:48 am
Forum: The Show
Topic: Everybody's best scene?
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My favourite scene is in Resolutions when Rickie shows up at Mr. Katimski's doorstep and delivers that heart wrenching line "it just got so hard to be alone" the acting coupled with that line makes me sob a little and then I watch Halloween and my happiness returns. :)
by FuzzyFreaky
Jun 17th 2003, 10:33 am
Forum: Your So-Called Life
Topic: Who want's to hear my thoughts on love?
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In effect, true love is not a magical feeling, but a daily continuous effort. If true love isn't some magical feeling and inexplicable and blah blah blah would it be safe to assume that the term love in and of itself is made up? I mean if love is just an effort then that's all it'll ever be. and Ma...