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Last update: 19 October, 1998.

As time goes on, and more and more people get into their computers and hack out their own web pages, there gets to be an overabundance of information out there. The following list of links has been taken from Ryan Clack's list of links, as well as from Amy Dott's MSCL Web Ring links. This will be divided into two sections, so you can see what's what: MSCL Pages with TONS of info and pictures; and personal pages developed by fans that also have some other interests in life (you mean there are other interests in life?).

THE Claire Danes Page

Pete's Unofficial MSCL Page

Erin's MSCL Page

Chris Black's Claire Danes Page

Yahoo's Claire Danes Page

Greg PD's "We Had A Time" Page

The AJ Langer Page

Sven's MSCL Page

AJ Langer: The Homepage Page

The FTP/Web Site

Kristin's MSCL List Tribute Page

My So-Called Gothic Life

Chris Ernest Hall's Scripts

Lark's MSCL Writings Page

Tracee's Script

My So-Called Times

The So-Called FanFic Page

And some of the fans of MSCL have web pages (duh squared), with some MSCL stuff on there, as well as some other stuff:

Alfredo's Homepage

Anna's So-Called Life Homepage

Arthur's My So-Called Life Homepage

Jay Atkins Homepage

Adam Atkinson's Homepage

Sarah Bunting's Homepage

Shuen Carol Chow's Homepage

Ryan Clack's Homepage

Dan's Homepage

Disco's MSCL Page

Derrick's MSCL Page

Andi Wolf Dolphin's Homepage

Amy Dott's Homepage (the MSCL Ring's Homepage)

Alison Dyke's Homepage

Elvina's Homepage

Phil Glanville's Homepage

Eric Harshbarger's Homepage

Jay Hinkelman's Homepage

Sara Hoeck's New Homepage

Sara Hoeck's Old Homepage

Ken Dearman's Page

Kati's Homepage

Lark's Homepage

Virany's Homepage

Llyod's Homepage

Merlin Mann's Homepage

Paulo's Homepage

Tai Palmgren's Homepage

Francis Park's Homepage

Nicolas Pellettier's Homepage

Peter's Homepage

Eric Podolsky's Homepage

The Randino's Homepage

Shimelle's Romeo+Juliet Site

Fredrik Sjögren's Claire Danes Page

Solvi Sneen's My So-Called Life Page

Sunshine's Homepage

Matthew Tomich's Homepage

Gary Tutin's Homepage

Jeff Wrench's Homepage

Iian Weaver's Homepage

My So-Called Life Symbolism Page

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