The So-Called Acknowledgments

I [Virany] would have to shoot myself in the foot if I forgot to mention the following...

This text would not be possible without the input and suggestions of the subscribers to the Internet MSCL mailing list. These people are everyday saints who put up with mail delay, error messages, and incredibly huge traffic in their mailboxes, all in the blessed name of MSCL. I owe them all my gratitude in this life and two or three of my next ones.


And for various reasons (not just because they're neat):

(I know I'm missing names here, not because I've forgotten, but because it's 4 in the morning and I'm out of cappuccino, damn it!) If I've forgotten your name, please e-mail me and flame me for forgetting to mention you. Maybe I've worked in this Alzheimer's lab too long. Remember to take a look in the So-Called Links section (1.12) for fans web pages.

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