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AOL My So-Called Life Chat

November 10, 1994

"MY SO-CALLED LIFE" Auditorium

Chat with Wilson Cruz, Jared Leto and Devon Gummersall

OnlineHost: Welcome everyone. Live from the set of "My So-Called Life" we are happy to present Wilson Cruz, Jared Leto and Devon Gummersall.

OnlineHost: DEVON GUMMERSALL plays Angela Chase's neighbor and schoolmate, Brian Krakow. Devon has lately been in great demand. He's played roles in two recent feature films, "My Girl II" and "Beethoven's 2nd." He made his debut as an actor in a food products commercial at the age of 10. His series television credits include guest-starring roles on "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman," ABC's "Step By Step," "Peaceable Kingdom" and "Dream On." His favorite actor is Al Pacino. Born in Durango, Colorado, Devon spent part of his developing years in northern California and Florida before eventually settling with his family in the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles. Currently a tenth-grader, Devon is an outstanding student. He likes to write, especially poetry, and wants to try his hand at composing lyrics as soon as he learns to play the guitar. He is proficient in several sports, among them basketball, baseball and rollerblading.

JARED LETO, plays Jordan Catalano, an enigmatic older boy at school whom Angela obsesses over... Jared Leto moved to Los Angeles from New York in March, 1992, leaving behind his filmmaking studies at the School of Visual Arts to pursue a career in acting. Born on a Louisiana bayou, Jared traveled extensively with his family, living in such places as Haiti and on a commune in Colorado. "My mom's father was in the Air Force," Leto explains, "so moving around a lot was a normal way of life." Leto plays a leading role in cable's upcoming "The Cool & The Crazy," directed by Ralph Bakshi, which dramatizes the troubles of a young couple in America in the 1950s. Regarding his experience on "My So-Called Life," Jared comments: "The biggest challenge has been learning not to make the moment a huge deal, to sometimes just live and breathe and talk as the character. And the most rewarding thing is to be a part of something that's good, honest, and has quality."

WILSON CRUZ, plays "Rickie Vasquez," constant companion to the Angela's new best friend, Rayanne Graff on the show. Wilson Cruz, whose heritage is Puerto Rican, was born in New York City, the eldest of three brothers. At age seven, Wilson began appearing in plays, among them "Cradle of Fire," "Supporting Cast," "Becoming Memories," and "The Roar of the Greasepaint...," as well as in a number of Shakespearean productions on both coasts. Blessed with a beautiful singing voice, Wilson has been featured in shows seen at Disneyland, Walt Disney World, & Sea World/Orlando In his rare free time, Wilson finds relaxation in playing the saxophone. He likes to collect vintage black-and-white photos of actors, and admires the work of Tom Hanks and Robert De Niro. Does the handsome young actor think of himself as an Hispanic role model? "I don't know if I believe in role models," Wilson reflects. "We're all so different; we're all individuals. In the long run, that's what matters."

OnlineHost: On stage with us tonight, the men of "My So-Called Life," live from the set of their hot new show!

ABCPrimeSC: Hi everyone. I'll be one of your hosts tonight. Wilson Cruz is joining us first. Welcome Wilson!

MSCL LIVE: Wilson: Hi! I'm honored to be here tonight!

ABCPrimeSC: Our first question for you tonight is...

Question: Why do you think so many fans are dedicated to your show?

MSCL LIVE: Wilson: I think mainly because people can relate to what's going on, on the screen... It's an honest portrayal of life!

ABCPrimeSC: Our next question comes from Gelsey100

Question: Do/Did either of you go to a real high school? Or did you have tutors? If you did, do you think "My So-Called Life" portrays teenagers and a regular high school well?

MSCL LIVE: Wilson: Yes, I went to a regular highschool, an urban highschool, very much like Liberty High... From what I can remember, "MSCL" portrays teenagers honestly...

ABCPrimeSC: Our next question is from concerned viewer Shaft10...

Question: I heard rumors the show might be canceled. Is this true? :<

MSCL LIVE: Wilson: NO! That's not true, Stay tuned, there is MUCH more "My So-Called Life"! And, it gets better as it goes along!

ABCPrimeSC: :) Great to hear, Wilson. JIMBATTLE would like to ask you for your insights on "Angela"..

Question: Why is Angela so unhappy so much of the time?

MSCL LIVE: Wilson: Well, when you're 15, life seems to be darker than normal. And, so you seem to react to it as if every problem you have is the end of the world... At least, that's how it was for me!

ABCPrimeSC: DNeves has a question about your musical skills...

Question: Wilson, do you play the saxophone well?

MSCL LIVE: Wilson: Yes! I've played it for 9 years.... It's my favorite possession!

ABCPrimeSC: One more question for Wilson before we move on to Devon and Jared...

Question: Here goes nothin'. Wilson, what's it like to play your character? I mean, is it difficult?

MSCL LIVE: Wilson: Yeah, it gets continue to be honest and true to life. But, it's fun and I'm enjoying every minute of it...

ABCPrimeSC: And now a question for Jared from EAB99. Welcome Jared!

Question: This is for Jared, why hasn't your character played a bigger role in the story, because we would all like to explore Jordan.

MSCL LIVE: Jared: Ask the writers!

ABCPrimeSC: Good answer! AmyA97696 has a personal question for whoever wants to answer...

Question: Do either of you have a girlfriend?


MSCL LIVE: Jared: uhhh,

MSCL LIVE: Devon: What Jared said...

ABCPrimeSC: Sorry to hear that guys! Now a question from EMTP CPR...

Question: How long does it take to prepare and film an episode of that show?

MSCL LIVE: Devon/Wilson: Eight days to film...Weeks and sometime months to prepare stories.

ABCPrimeSC: Now a question for Devon from GO MSCL...

Question: Devon: I understand that you are actually a very outgoing person, yet you play the "insecure, sensitive" Brian so well. How do you prepare for the role? How do you make that transition?

MSCL LIVE: Devon: I don't know... The character has always been a part of me.

Question: Where in NY are ya from Jared?

MSCL LIVE: Jared: I used to live in Manhattan...

ABCPrimeSC: Another question for Devon from RuvnsBro...

Question: Devon, what's the most difficult thing about playing Brian? And do you want to keep acting, or do you have other career plans?

MSCL LIVE: Devon: The most difficult thing about Brian is... the clothes! : ) Yes, I want to keep acting-- But, I may like to write or do other things in film...

ABCPrimeSC: DOOFIE would like to ask...

Question: Jared, why did you leave school to become an actor? Do you model at all?

MSCL LIVE: Jared: I didn't leave school to become an actor. No, I've never modeled...

ABCPrimeSC: Back to Wilson for a moment. DNeves would like to ask...

Question: Wilson, don't you think many of your situations are not realistic?

MSCL LIVE: Wilson: No, I don't. As a matter of fact, I've lived alot of the situations that I've played.

ABCPrimeSC: DNeves has another more serious question for any of you...

Question: Since the star of the show has an idealistic home life, do you really believe that most teenagers, many from broken homes, can relate to that?

MSCL LIVE: Devon: I think there's a lot of different situations that each character deals with, and some of the characters have better home lives than others.

MSCL LIVE: Wilson: And, we're hoping that there is something that everyone can relate to. It's important to us.

ABCPrimeSC: And now for a more provactive query...

Question: Is there any "real" romance between the cast members

MSCL LIVE: All: No there isn't! But we are very, very close...

ABCPrimeSC: That's nice to hear :) MIGNON22 has a personal question for Wilson...

Question: Are you really gay?

MSCL LIVE: Wilson: Yes, ABSOLUTELY, fabulously gay!

AOL BoxOfc: I'd like to ask the folks: If you were a salad dressing, what flavor would you be...and...what kind of salad would you like to be poured on?

MSCL LIVE: Wilson: 1,000 Island. And, because of me, a fruit salad!

MSCL LIVE: Devon: What the hell?


MSCL LIVE: Jared: Vinegar.

MSCL LIVE: Devon: Poured on Girl Salad! :D

ABCPrimeSC: YFanda would like to get back to Wilson for a moment...

Question: Describe how Rickie feels as a bisexual growing up

MSCL LIVE: Wilson: Rickie feels confused, he's dealing with alot of emotions. He's just discovering his feelings and he's trying to figure out where he fits in the world.

ABCPrimeSC: RowdyRowd wants to make some trouble...

Question: I think this show lacks a realism integral to success, frankly, when I first watched the show I expected more.

ABCPrimeSC: Any comments from the guys?

MSCL LIVE: Devon: Thanks.

MSCL LIVE: Wilson: How real do you want it? Do you want us to take the cameras into our bathrooms??????

MSCL LIVE: Jared: You want realism watch "The Real World." You want "My So-Called Life"!!!!

ABCPrimeSC: Bwarble wants to ask Jared...

Question: Hey Jared, what's your favorite thing about doing the show?

MSCL LIVE: Jared: The creation of the work...the whole creative process...seeing it done...

ABCPrimeSC: YFanda has another question for Jared...

Question: How are you reacting to suddenly becoming a major girl magnet? There are about half a dozen pictures of you in BOP.

MSCL LIVE: Jared: I don't get involved with that side of it... And, I don't have anything to do with any of the pictures in teen magazines.

ABCPrimeSC: McCarthy1 wants to know....

Question: Can the acting on this show get any BETTER?! Seriously, are you all still studying acting formally?

MSCL LIVE: Devon: Everyday, it's called "My So-Called Life!" Seriously, that's been something that I love about doing this show. Is that I've learned so much in such a short, intense period of time.

MSCL LIVE: Wilson: And, I feel like I've grown. With every episode, I've feel like I've grown with the work.

ABCPrimeSC: HAPPYGOOS wants to ask each of you...

Question: What are your hobbies?

MSCL LIVE: Wilson: I play the sax!

MSCL LIVE: Devon: Photography, I've been doing it for a couple of years.

AOL BoxOfc: Jennie1B asks...

Question: Devon--do you sometimes get embarrassed by your character-- the way he's too in love with Angela?

MSCL LIVE: Devon: I never know if its a plus or a minus, if girls have seen the show. I think Brian's got a lot of qualities that are not something to be embarassed about.

AOL BoxOfc: Rbouch194 asks about viewing habits:

Question: How much time each day do each of you spend watching TV, and how do you think your show effects kids in America?

MSCL LIVE: Devon: We work alot so we don't watch TV much... We hope that kids see something that they can relate to and...

MSCL LIVE: Wilson: and, we hope they see themselves and know that their feelings and emotions are normal.

MSCL LIVE: Devon: I think a lot of people find it refreshing to see something that doesn't talk down to them. I would, even I wasn't on the show.

ABCPrimeSC: Erika5670 has a question that's struck many a viewer of MSCL...

Question: Wilson: Why were is Rickie always in the girls bathroom on "My So-Called Life?

MSCL LIVE: Wilson: Because that's where his friends are. And, I'm NOT always in the girl's bathroom.

ABCPrimeSC: Crystalin has a question about A.J. Langer...

Question: What is the Ray-Anne character (A.J. Langer?) like in real life? I'm sure she is who she plays. NO ONE can fake being that bubbly. Is she for real?

MSCL LIVE: Wilson: No actually, she's very different from who she is on screen.

MSCL LIVE: Devon: She loves country music, and football. And, her boyfriend is an athlete.

MSCL LIVE: Jared: She's an athlete herself.

MSCL LIVE: Wilson: She's going to be on "Circus of the Stars."

ABCPrimeSC: DevDoggie has a probing question for DEVON...

Question: DEVON, how old are you really?

MSCL LIVE: Devon: Just turned 16. I just got my first car. It's a 1969 Camaro, blue and white.

AOL BoxOfc: GO MSCL (great name) asks:

Question: ALL: Do any of you ever watch yourselves on TV? Will you watch MSCL tonight?

MSCL LIVE: Wilson: YES! A lot of us watch it here at the production office while we're working.

MSCL LIVE: Devon: But, none of us have seen the episode that's on tonight. So, we're excited. There's something special about tonight's episode, but we're not going to say what it is. You'll have to watch and see!

AOL BoxOfc: Erika5670 has an inquiring mind...

Question: Does the show get in the way of your personal lives?

MSCL LIVE: Devon: Well, it is hard not to get totally immersed in this world. But, having friends who don't act and don't care that you're an actor helps.

MSCL LIVE: Wilson: What personal life?

MSCL LIVE: Jared: No.

ABCPrimeSC: BCD629 wants to go out on a limb and ask...

Question: Jared, has Wilson ever tried to kiss you?

MSCL LIVE: Jared: yes.

ABCPrimeSC: :) :) :)

AOL BoxOfc: Let's hope his breath is minty fresh when he does.

AOL BoxOfc: ElissaB99 asks the classic question...

Question: All of you - boxers or briefs?

MSCL LIVE: Wilson: Briefs

MSCL LIVE: Devon: Boxers

MSCL LIVE: Jared: Neither.

AOL BoxOfc: RuPaul608 asks...

Question: Wilson, what's it like to be an openly gay actor? How do people react to that? How is your life different from the way it would be if you were in the closet?

MSCL LIVE: Wilson: So far, no problem. I wouldn't want to live my life any other way. I'm very happy, and I think this is the only way I could be. Is it really my hero RuPaul? I'm such a fan!

ABCPrimeSC: McCarthy1 wants to know...

Question: So when do you guys expect to get your first Emmys?!

MSCL LIVE: Devon: Sometime in June!

AOL BoxOfc: The truth is out there and Celeblive wants to know...

Question: Do you guys believe in ALIENS? Have any of you been ABDUCTED???

MSCL LIVE: Jared: Yes, several probings, and skin samples. Bad nightmares and annoying low sperm count. ; )

ABCPrimeSC: Orangemen has a serious question that's troubling a lot of us...

Question: What's the reason between the ratings of the show and the critical apprasial?

MSCL LIVE: Devon/Wilson/Jared: THE TIME SLOT!

AOL BoxOfc: Location, location, location, as they say

ABCPrimeSC: We've got time for just a few more questions before we say goodbye. F is 4 Do asks...

Question: How many episodes have you filmed?

MSCL LIVE: Devon: 16, and counting!

ABCPrimeSC: Another probing question about relationships...

Question: Do any of you have "crushes" on any other cast member?

MSCL LIVE: No comment...

ABCPrimeSC: Thanks for joining us everyone! Be sure to watch My So-Called Life tonight... Any final comments from the men?


MSCL LIVE: Devon: Write to ABC in support of the show! Please!

ABCPrimeSC: Thanks Jared, Wilson and Devon, and thanks to everyone for joining us tonight! Keep watching the ABC Online Forum for more events!

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“Lately, I can't even look at my mother without wanting to stab her repeatedly.”

Angela Chase, Episode 1: "My So-Called Life (Pilot)"